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Hi Brankic,

I’m not sure how to use shortcode to make the portfolio items appear on the work page?

Thanks, Claire

Create portfolio items, organize them into categories. Add parent category for these cats and choose that category in portfolio pop-up window…

Hi ~

First I love the template! I have come accrose two issues though…I activated the All-In-One Timely Calendar. When activated the shortcodes do not work. Is this because the template is not compatible with WP 3.5? Or can you recommend a calendar plugin similar to the Timely one that is compatible with the Brankic template? When the Timely calendar is activated it freezes the widgets.

Second I am new to WP and confused by the portfolio items and how to display them. Is there a tutorial on them? I was able to have them appear on our exhibition page but am wondering if I could link each circle to a page describing that specific show with more text and images. Here is the page if it helps make sense of my questions :)

Thanks so much!!!! Lauren

Hi Lauren,

We’re not providing support on 3rd party plugins :(

You have to edit posts Danielle DeRoberts & Barbara Gilhooly. Add Extra images and insert some text into editor…

Email server problem Error on Contact Form. Can you provide guidance on what needs to be fixed. Can I disable the entire form from showing up on that page? If i turn off all lines, it still shows form


1st check Brankic Panel -> Contact and check if FROM is defined.

You can disable this template, but you have to change slug of your Contact page. It shouldn’t start with word “contact”...

Can anybody point me to a step-by-step piece of documentation that takes me through the entire process of creating the three column portfolio, including mentioning the need to create 2 images etc.., as seen here:

I see that there are many portfolio questions here and the documentation doesn’t seem to walk through the entire process step by step. If I can just set up 1 or two items that would put me on my way.

This is a beautiful theme and I’d love to put it to good use. I have tried to upload the preview website but that is not working for me.

Thanks in advance:)

Create category Portfolio. Create 2 subcats : Movies and Music. Create posts and assign them to Movies and Music. Each post must have featured image.

Go to new page and click on Brankic Shortcodes button and choose Portfolio. Choose category Portfolio.

That’s all…

Page attributes is ignoring the template type. It’s using Blog 1, but I would like it to use Blog 4. Anyone have any ideas?


If your blog page has same slug as your category – category template is used. On Brankic Panel -> Blog you can define category style…

Ignore my last comment. This was updated by BigBang WP Template Blog Page – Category Page Style

2 More questions:

1) Is there a way to only show a specific board on a pinterest feed?

2) My contact page (url blog/contact) seems to automatically add the contact form from the template. While it’s a nice contact form, I don’t want to use it. Can I get this to stop automatically adding itself to the page? I need to use that exact page name to preserve back links and it seems like the form is tied to the name.

ps. this is my first bought template, so that says a lot. Nice work Team Brankic.


Hi Spencer,

1) Sorry, but you can’t choose specific board. We’re planning to make it possible in one of updates, but not in a next few months :(

2) You have to change slug of your contact page. It mustn’t start with “contact”...

Where are the typography styles outlined in the documentation? It seems there is only one h2 (within brackets)? When I use any other there is no effect. What is the type style, for example, of the captions that appear under images and under pinterest images?

Shortcodes also do not seem to work. I have upgraded the theme.


All headings have the same size. You can change it if you add this to Extra CSS
.section-title h1.title {
  font-size: 22px;
.section-title h2.title {
  font-size: 22px;
.section-title h3.title {
  font-size: 22px;

Shortcodes should work, but you have to empty the cache…

I love your design and I’m on my way to creating something pretty cool with it, but I’m having problems trying to add footer content.

In the widgets section, when I add widgets into ‘footer_1st_box’, ‘footer_second_box’, ‘footer_third_box’, and ‘footer_fourth_box’ respectively the content all stacks on top of each other. I want each footer box to all float left in a row like in your live-preview. I am developing this on a local server, so I can’t give you a URL. What am I missing? any help much appreciated!

This is exactly what i did and it works as it should…

Hello There! How do I get rid of the page title? The big grey text that says “HOME” or “ABOUT” etc…

Below each page editor there is an option “Hide title from the beginning of this page”

Blog page/home page still not loading when I click on image. Other posts work fine. However category associated with post is uneditable in categories section (tick box greyed out!) So cannot delete post and recreate category. Must be conflict somewhere along the line. It’s been like this for over a week! HELP!!! :confused::depressed::impatient::stress:

Try to change your permalink settings.

ATTENTION! Just in case you are not aware the creator of this theme is in the middle of a house renovation so doesn’t have proper internet (saw that posted a few pages back). It’s probably going to be a few days for responses (just in case you didn’t see his message). Hope that’s all accurate enough theme creator?

Hi HenryLea,

You’re right.

Right now we’re answering only to questions posted through this discussion board (not via email form)

Hello – can you tell me how to remove title which always appears when you type sth in the field “text next to page title”? For instance : Home ?(these are titles of the menu probably) And how to center this text in the field “text next to page title”. I don’t want to use your other field “center titled on the top…” cause the font and height there doesn’t suit our site. (I know the font can be changed but it smashes menu apperiance too)

Not sure if I understood properly.

You can hide title from the top and instead of that tile you can use custom field “Centered title at the top of the page”...

I understand, but text under ‘centered title at the top’ doesn’t fit in terms of the font. How can I change the font for this but keep the rest of the site wih the old font?

May I see the URL and tell me exactly what font you want to use there…

Hi, I am looking for a way to make the bra_icon_boxes_container 3 columns instead of 4 columns which is the default. If I firebug the code and change class=”grid row4 services” to class=”grid row3 services” it works, but if there is a short code way to do this, that would be fantastic.


Add this to Extra JavaSctipt in Brankic Panel

jQuery(document).ready(function($){        $("").removeClass("row4").addClass("row3");
        $(" li:last").remove();
        $(" li:last").addClass("last");

Hi – I have just purchased this theme. The demo site shows a fully featured footer. How do I create a similar 1st column footer with the social media icons? Thanks

You have to populate footer sidebar with widgets (Appearance -> Widgets)

Social media widget is included in the ZIP you’ve downloaded in folder “plugins”

Hi thanks – but where are the roll-over icons as per the demo, within the About Us section (

In folder “plugins” in the ZIP you’ve downloaded is Brankic Social Widget…

When you have a portfolio and a photostream on the same page, the photostream layout is thrown out and stops displaying in masonry style. How do you fix this?

This has something with order of calling scripts :(

I can’t figure it out why it happens only in that order :(

Are you working on fixing this?

To be honest, we had some personal problems, so we didn’t have time to find a solution for this :(

I’m noticing this isn’t the first of this issue—please help us as soon as you’re back. And good luck with the home reno (but come back soon)!

Fatal error: Call to undefined function wp_get_theme() in / ... /wp-content/themes/bigbangwp/functions.php on line 3

Love this theme and can hardly wait to make it active! THANK YOU!


You have to update the WordPress to latest version (or to at least 3.4)

Seems I just needed to make some of my own updates… sorry!

Though I may come back with more q’s later…



Great theme! My Brankic Shortcodes don’t work. How can I resolve this problem?

Thank you.

You’ll have to use latest version on our theme and to clear the cache if shortcodes doesn’t work…

Really dig the theme and am looking forward to getting it up and running.

Like others I cannot get the portfolio to work or the Recent Work area on the front page.

Additionally, I cannot for the life of me get my footer to look like the demo page no matter what I try.

If I provide you with my WP login U/P can you make it look exactly like the demo?


Footer is managed with widgets. You can find some of these widgets in folder “plugins” in the ZIP you’ve downloaded…

Portfolio is easy to setup. You must have posts with featured images. You must choose category in portfolio shortcode pop-up window…