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hi there, i am trying to include twitter into a footer or sidebar, but the ‘brankic twitter’ widget which the documentation mentions seems not to exist – i can’t find it online either. which widget are you using on the demo site? please share where to find it. thanks

It’s not online. Check the ZIP you’ve downloaded and folder “plugins”

I’m super lost on trying to edit this theme for a portfolio site. Is there any instructional guide on how to customize and set one up using Big Bang WP theme?

Scratch that. I got the footer working. The portfolio and recent works is still giving me trouble though.

@hanhaoran – I just figured this out. The plugin is actually included in the plugins folder of the BigBangWP_Main_File_v1.7.7

It’s the bra_twitter_widget.zip

Good luck!

Thanks – that’s it…

Would you happen to know why it says “Sorry there was a problem loading the video.” when I put the url code into the video url box in Branki custom field for a portfolio item? Thanks

If you’re using YouTube video you must use full URL (not shorten youtu.be…)

If you’re using Vimeo, you msut use http (not https)

hi there, I’ve tried to setup with the demo content, but got lost when the documentation says customize menus. I can update my Home page sliders, but cannot access any other pages or blogs. Always get error 404 Page Not Found.

If you can help me get the demo content working, I can get much further. (also emailed you some days ago with my password)


Hope we will have you back soon. I realize there are lots of comments piling up. Looking forward to your help. Thanks.


That’s weird, because there is no such a 404 template in our theme :(

Check your server settings (bit I don’t have a clue why this happen…)

While Brankic is away I would really appreciate any input from you all on how to get the images to show up on the homepage beneath Recent Work. I’ve got everything else working there just not the images.

I’m not sure what the code is for this. Thanks!

It’s a portfolio shortcode http://themeforest.net/theme_previews/2826493-bigbang-responsive-wordpress-template?index=9

You must have posts with featured images and you have to choose category where these posts are…


any chance for me to integrate this slider in your template? http://codecanyon.net/item/slider-revolution-responsive-wordpress-plugin/2751380

There is no reason why this plugin won’t work with our theme…

Of course you’ll ahve to buy both the plugin and our theme…


Something weird going on with the theme? I seem to have the exact same problem as you do on your demo page: http://demo.brankic.net/bigbangwp/

I think some css is missing or broken. It’s left aligned and stuck on the full width, the drop down menus also don’t work properly.

I’m on a Mac and tested this in FF, Safari and Chrome.

Great theme though!

Thanks Tim

Hi Tim,

some users reported this left aligned issue, but not sure why this happen.

Try to download the theme again and to update theme files on your server…

Sorry, ignore the above… something appears to be wrong with all 3 of my browsers on my iMac as it all seems fine on my laptop and have had others look as well.

Very strange, but just to say ignore the previous issue!

Hi timo,

yes it’s strange, but I’m glad it’s related to browser, not to theme…

I know, it’s so odd.. I’ve checked other users sites as well, such as http://www.cabera.se , http://rockriverkennelsia.com/ and http://www.barrymccalvey.co.uk/ – all are the same, they load ok then on the last load they left align. What’s weird is that it’s fine on my MacBook Pro but not the iMac, this is the same for FF, Chrome and Safari. I’ve restarted, cleared cache, all the usual tricks but still the same!

A true mystery!! Thx, Tim

Hi Tim,

If you figure this out, please let me know…


I purchased your Big Bang for Wordpress theme. I am wondering if I can move the 4 sub-posts above the main slider on the homepage. The website is below – if you look at it, you will know what I mean.

Is there a way I can bring those four headings above the main slider? Please let me know.


Thanks in advance!


sorry, but slider is always on the top :(

Bummer. Thank you for the response though. Appreciate it!!


For any freelancer it should be 1hr job to move slider below content on specific page

if ($page_id = XY) {
} else {

Of course, this is not the right code, but anyone with basic PHP knowledge can change this in page.php

Hi how do I download the new update of this theme? I have read the instructions: Go to Downloads section of your ThemeForest account and download BigBang Wordpress theme.

I have uploaded and overwritten the theme via Filezilla but the fullwidth contact page on my mobile is still not working? Can you please let me know what I can do because at the minute nobody can get in touch via my mobile site?

P.s my site is www.barrymccalvey.co.uk


Barry Mccalvey


We’re aware of iPhone issue on full width contact page and we’ll try to fix it next update…

Hi. Firstly I just want to say that I love the theme. Thank you very much. I just have one question regarding the theme colors. I have looked at the predefined colors in the style panel but wondering if it is possible to have a custom color? Any way I can update this in the code?
Thanks in advance for your help.

Hi Rachel,

color styles are in css/colors. It’s easy to edit these schemes (there are only color codes)

Have found it. Thank you. I greatly appreciate the response.

still waiting on the css code so that the links will appear blue instead of the default light purple…......

Add this to Extra CSS in Brankic Panel
a {
  color: #F96E5B;

Big shootout to @barrymccalveydesign for helping me out.

Hello again,

Sorry for my double question but perhaps you forget to answer. How can I remove Portrait images from Frontpage? Like enitrely. cabera.se

Ohhh, this part look at this image http://www.cabera.se/Den/image0001.jpg

Can we please solve it? I waited for two weeks for silly answer.


the problem is that these images are landscape, not portrait – this is why I couldn’t give you proper answer.

Answer is very simple. Don’t you see shortcode on that page? This shortcode is below Icon box shortcode and it starts with [bra_portfolio…

Hello, I was wondering, how do you switch the pretty pop-up to display photos inside the individual portfolio instead of the featured image of all the portfolios on that page?

Not sure if I understand. May I see the URL?

yes. http://markpadgettweddingdesign.com/ when you click on the magnifying glass on one of those images at the bottom, pretty pop up shows only those four photos. I want it where if you click the magnifying glass, you can see all the photos in the portfolio before you click on the link.


Now I understand, but I must disappoint you – you can’t do that :(

Hello, I Was wondering how to go about changing what page the “ALL” portfolio button is linked to when browsing through the portfolio page? (Please see attached image) https://dl.dropbox.com/u/73089127/Screen-Shot-2013-01-25-at-2.18.15-PM.jpg



For each portfolio custom type post you have Brankic Custom Field – “Select parent page for this item” where you have to choose parent page…

Hello Brankic Team,

Could you tell me please which file controls the ‘Articles’ pages?

Ex.: http://quebecarcade.com/?p=325

I want to modify the header of these pages so the Title goes in the ‘Section-title’ like in all other pages of your template. Can you help me with this please?



There are 6 different layouts for this kind of page (single post). Go to Brankic Panel -> Blog and customize it…

I just bought this template, great work! I have a question though.

1.) How can I make the portfolio image controls be text instead of arrow boxes. I want it to say, Previous and Next


Thanks for buying and sorry for late reply (home renovation…)

Only solution for changing arrows to text is to open images/sprite.png and replace arrows with some text (however, I’m not sure is there enough place for whole word Previous…)

I hope this makes sense…