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Hi! Great template! I have a question about meta tag and description. How do I add meta description and meta tags for each pages? I can download files through FTP and modify codes a little bit..

There are lots of plugins which can do that. Just search for SEO in WP plugins directory…

Quick question! I cannot figure out how to order my navigation/menu items. If I go into Appearance->Menus and create a menu and add my pages to it, I seem to loose Hirearchy and drop down menus but gain the color rolloever I chose in the Brankic panel. When I remove any menus from Appearance—>Menus, I loose the color rolloever and the menu items are out of order.

Thanks so much in advance.


Using WP Menu is correct and easiest way to build a menu. Not sure if you know how to use it (sorry if I’m wrong), but you can drag and drop items in the menu when you add a page…

Is it typical to buy a theme from this site and not get any information how to download it? It’s been 4 hours. I’m sort of stunned that the download is not immediate. No email confirmation, link or anything. Am I missing something?


After you buy a theme (here on Envato marketplaces) there is a note to download item yourself. You can download it as many times as you want, just go to your account -> Downloads and you’ll see all purchased items.

I hope this makes sense…

For some reason the menu item next to HOME gets the current class applied to it. I cant figure out why.


if this item is a parent of current page it’s highlighted. Also if this item is selected for home page…

May I see the URL so I could give you better explanation…

Hi there,

I am having issues with the contact form. I am sending test messages to make sure it works, I have tried several emails with this and Iam not receiving any messages coming through.

I am developing on a local server so I can’t provide a url, but this is what my contact page settings look like:

Who will receive emails Insert your email Email from field Insert email address in case you want to have static email FROM field Insert the number of email field below If you select email field, you’ll be able to directly reply to sender Email subject Insert subject of email Use reCaptcha reCaptcha public key Grab your keys from reCaptha website reCaptcha private key Grab your keys from reCaptha website Heading above contact form Insert heading Location if you’re using full-width layout Insert your location Zoom level (if you’re using full-width layout 15 is good, less is much wider Field 1 Field 1 caption Insert caption for the field 1 Field 1 required Field 2 Field 2 caption Insert caption for the field 2 Field 2 required Field 3 Field 3 caption Insert caption for the field 3 Field 3 required Field 4 Field 5

Also, it looks like up until now you have provided fairly good support. Unfortunately I haven’t seen any recent replies, enquiries are piling up and I hope recent purchasers can enjoy the sane level of support. Either that or posting a tutorial on basic settup for newbies would be good. Thank you for your excellent theme, and beautiful design.. hopefully I can get it working!


If you’re developing on your local server – first thing is to ask you : do you have email server on your local computer? 99% I’m sure you don’t have it. Try it online and it should work…

oops looks like that cut and paste didn’t put in any of my content, I have filled out the following fields:

Who will receive emails (my email)

Not using recaptcha

Heading above contct form (my heading)

fields 1-3 (name (required) email (required) text area)

Help appreciated!

oops looks like that cut and paste didn’t put in any of my content, I have filled out the following fields:

Who will receive emails (my email)

Not using recaptcha

Heading above contct form (my heading)

fields 1-3 (name (required) email (required) text area)

Help appreciated!


thx for this awesome theme! I have a question: How can i put bra_graph into a bra_toggle? (Slider graphs into a Toggle-Accordion Element)

Thanks for feedback!


Not sure if this is possible, but I’ll give a try

It’s working, but width is a problem.

This is HTML of that page (for width you’ll have to figure it out yourself)

[bra_toggle collapsable='no' caption='Toggle Element Caption']Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Ut enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exercitation ullamco laboris nisi ut aliquip ex ea commodo consequat.[/bra_toggle]

[bra_toggle collapsable='no' caption='Toggle Element Caption 2']


[bra_graph Title='Title' Percent='55']

[bra_graph Title='Title 2' Percent='85']




Can you please answer to my question? its been a week since I post it and no reply. Thanks..

Great theme. I am having a few issues though.

If I place text with an h1 designation at the top of a page it picks up the style unless I insert a portfolio into the page, then the h1 style is ignored.

I am using the Mail Chimp plugin in my footer and the submit button type doesnt show up unless I hover over the button.

The page is


It’s working fine on our Live preview – (or maybe i didn’t understood your issue :( )

Add this to Extra CSS in Brankic Panel
#footer .button {
  background-color: #444;

Quick question – I’m looking for the text on the front page (the title) not to be automatically uppercase. How can I make it so it reflects what I write (whether it be uppercase or lowercase)? Thanks!


To disable uppercase in title, add this to Extra CSS in Brankic Panel
.section-title h1.title {
  text-transform: none;

Hello, Love the theme. Where in the CSS code case I change the default Orange to a different orange i would like to use? I have looked but cannot find! Thank you


It’s in bigbangwp/css/colors/

Hi, how can I add items to my portfolio? I’ve just put the shortcode on the correct page but I don’t know how to proceed to add items and to manage them.

Thanks a lot Valerio

Thanks a lot, I’ll try. ;)

I’m sorry brankic, where can I create new posts? From portfolio items section? And how can I add the cat_id to a post?


Still not sure do you understand how portfolio shortcode is working.

Each thumb you see on portfolio page is one post (normal, or portfolio post). These posts are organized in categories (filters).

On the page you want to show this layout, you have to click on Brankic Shortcode button, then click on Portfolio and choose category where your posts are…

I hope that makes sense…

Hi Brankic

Awesome template, easy to use! ... just wondering how i can edit the HTML/CSS for copy on the buttons? (at the moment is has “Send us an email” on my contact page.)

I’m not sure what file i need to change? i can change it using firebug live in my browser, but i couldn’t locate the right CSS file to update.

To change this text, you’ll have to edit .po file, or edit (Appearance -> Editor -> page-contact-2.php
<?php _e('Send us a mail', BRANKIC_THEME_SHORT); ?>

First off thanks for this amazing theme. I’m getting to grips with using it at I am wondering is it possible to add soundcloud and mixcloud icons to the social icons. How would I go about adding a custom icon here? Also I am also wondering if it is possible to ad an advertising banner in the header underneath the menu – but also for it to not appear when in the scrolling menu (is there a code to make it exclude sections?).

Thanks a lot!

Hi Alex,

you can replace one of existing icons with new one. Just don’t change it’s filename.

To add banner to the header – you’ll have to use some kind of plugin…

How to add things to the footer? I am currently trying to add code to the footer.php file and everything appears as text and not the images as shown in the elements page.


No, no, no, nothing to edit in php files.

Appearance -> Widgets and populate footer sidebars…

Hello, is it possible to use the icon boxes as portfolio shapes. Basically what I want to do is have a page full of icon boxes which i have done already, but have catergories so i can sort catergories out.


sorry, but this is not possible out of box. It’s a job for freelancer…


So sorry, I am sure this question has been asked before..

How do I make the blog featured images smaller then they are now?

Thank you so much!


you can’t make is smaller. Images are 100% wide, unless you’re using style 3.

You should crop featured images manually to 700×200 or similar…

Bringing Instagram love to the Socialize Icons list anytime soon?

We’re not planning such an update. Meanwhile you can replace icon you don’t want with new one (just don’t change filename)



Not Found The requested URL /jquery-1.7.1.min.js was not found on this server.

May I see the URL of your website?

Have you fixed this?

As I read, it’s because some plugin incompatibility with latest WP updated…