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Is it possible to change the color of the footer?

Thank you.


Try this Extra CSS (in Brankic Panel)
#footer {
  background-color: #567894;
#footer-content {
  background-color: #123456;
#footer-bottom {
  background-color: #fff;

Hi, Love the theme!!! Upgraded to WP 3.51 and Shortcode for centered title doesn’t work. The main title just says “Title”. Is there a fix?


It’s working just fine for me

Check the bottom of the page for default Centered title value…

How much modification does it take if I want to add some margin between the portfolio items in the masonry style? And which files do I have to modify in that case?

Yes, I though it would be something like this. You’ll have to decrease LI width. Please use Inspect Element feature of Firefox/Chrome. With this option you can try different CSS rules so you can find the best value…

Sweet. I tried changing the .portfolio-grid ul li.col3 in the CSS files and it worked perfectly :) Actually it didn’t work when I used Inspect Element. Even though I decreased the width the third column still did not want to go back up to the side again…

You’re right,

It can’t work through Inspect element because script is loaded after CSS so you can’t revert it back. Adding Extra CSS or changing it directly in CSS files did the trick…

I am helping someone with this theme. The index page shows the blog as the home page and the home page I created. What can I do to fix this problem?

I don’t see anywhere in the theme to set the home page.

We really need your help.

Thank you.


setting any page for front page is default WP option.

Without PURCHASED tag next to your name, I can’t give you detailed answer…

@dneath You can change this in the Wordpress settings. If you go do the Wordpress Dashboard>Settings>Reading>Front page displays and then you pick “A static page” and choose what page you want that to be… Hope this helps… Good luck ;)

Thanks for answering, but our policy is to not give answers to users without PURCHASED tag.

Your answer is 100% true!

Sorry about that

Never mind. I’m glad because there are people who’re helping other guys…

Anyone knows how to insert the slider on the home page? I can’t find any shortcode for this.

There is no shortcode for slider. Just use Extra Images (below Featured image) and select this page as front page in Settings -> Reading…

hello, theme “Not Found The requested URL / jquery-1.7.1.min.js was not found on this server.” I get the error. How to fix it?

May I see the URL?

where the documentation

In the ZIP you’ve downloaded folder HELP…

Hi Brankic,

Our website is 99% done and it’s been great working with your theme, thank you! Can you help me with this final questions so I can wrap things up? Website is:

1. Can Brankic Twitter widget be changed to open the tweet and time/date links in a new window? If so, is there a way to do it so that it won’t be overwritten when performing future theme upgrades?

2. Is there a way to set an alt tag for the header logo? For the home page slider images?

3. On our home page, if you hover over the icons in the 4-column section below the slideshow, such as the magnifying glass in the “Need Assessment” section for example, they keep showing up with the alt tags “Daytona Police Headquarters” on all four. This is incorrect, but when I look at the shortcode used on that page for these icons I don’t see where to add the correct ones. The captions used in the shortcode are correct and none say “Daytona Police Headquarters” so I have no idea where it’s pulling that from?

4. On our portfolio page, I can’t figure out why they aren’t going on order when using the arrows. They are almost in order, but the top row is off. I’ve adjusted publish dates manually so they’d be in the correct order, and have tried a plugin that helps you order post, to no avail. If you click on the first one, Clayton Police Headquarters, then from in there use the right arrow to navigate to the next item, it skips the next two portfolio items. Then the rest are fine. When I try removing Clayton altogether, it works fine. It’s like Pearland and Ankeny think they are first, but they are not (Pearland used to be first but then we added Clayton as our most recent project).


If some post is in multiple categories, next/prev works weird and I can’t figure why this happens :(

OK thanks, if you figure it out will you post it here?

Sure, will do…

Most likely a plugin conflict with theme – check here Remove the offending jQuery call. These jQuery calls appear more than one in code, so it won’t break anything. It will fix the error you see. The issue is to do with the jQuery library URL address being unavailable, for whatever reason.

Thank you very much.

I think it’s because plugin author calls specific version of jQuery instead of using default (latest) one…


I am wondering if it is possible to put a widget in the header section in a friendly way.

Thank you!


Hi Raquel,

you can’t do it in a friendly way :(

You should try to edit header.php and hard code it (you or a freelancer)

hello, theme ?Not Found The requested URL / jquery-1.7.1.min.js was not found on this server.? I get the error. How to fix

Try to disable your plugins one by one – 99% it’s a plugin issue…

Is there a way to have the 4 latest blog posts list on my home page similar to the demo? I have many different categories and would like to pull from all categories. It appears that the short code only allows for one category.


yes, you’re right, only one category can be selected. You can do the trick by adding one “master” category and make this category parent of others.

You have to choose “master” category and you’ll have posts from all categories showed…

how do you insert a masonry style portfolio listing on a page?

Leave the height parameter empty and check if featured images have different dimensions (proportionally)

Hi there

Really love this theme and pretty much finished my site. Thanks!

I have made a portfolio category, added several items and inserted the portfolio shortcode into one of my pages. When I open the portfolio page, click on the first item (top left of the columns), it only gives me a left arrow to go back to the last portfolio item, rather than forward to the next consecutive item. How can I include the right arrow and delete the middle grid button please?


Many thanks


this is something what is default behaviour in WordPress (prev and next posts)

You can play it yourself if you edit single-portfolio_item.php . Find UL element with class item-nav.

To remove middle icon (whose URL you can define for each portfolio item -last option below the editor) add this to Extra CSS in Brankic Panel
li.all {display:none;}

Thanks for getting back to me. I was able to use the “contact” page as I wanted by modifying the template. I have a couple more questions;

1) On the slider images, is there a way to remove the option to click the image to lauch the imageviewer (prettyviewer/lightbox deal) I have a slider on my home page with portfolio images, I don’t want people to be able to click on them, just slide them.

2) Under the portfolio images; I would love to either remove the hover overlay but make it clickable to launch the images into the image viewer window (prettyviewer/lightbox viewer) or change the URL of the overlay title to the image viewer and not the page. I don’t want to direct people to a stand alone page for a single image.

I love this template. It suites our branding! I’ve been able to modify it to our needs for most things, It’s just a matter of getting the gallery to do what I want. Page is getting close to releasing to the public, preview it here Thanks again! :D

I would like to either point the title to the image viewer or remove it. Either are fine.


To remove title, add this to Extra CSS
.item-info {

Thank you!

SUCKS you do not have a PSD. Would be nice of you to do so….

This is because we don’t design our theme from PSD files…


Hi I have yet another question :). is there a way to put the sidebar in something like the Panel that slides out in the preview? I would like to hide the sidebar but beable to have it slide out when i need it. Thanks!

Not sure if I understand completely. On most pages you can have sidebar (you can’t have sidebar on the page with portfolio shortcode).

Also, blog pages and single blog pages can have sidebar and you have to customize it in Brankic Panel -> Blog.

I hope that makes sense…

Hi there,

I recently set-up a wordpress website using a wordpress theme and noticed that the back-end loads much quicker than my site (which currently uses this theme.) Did I set up my website wrong or is it typical for this theme to make Wordpress load slower?


to be honest I haven’t noticed such a thing. You’re right that back-end loads quicker, but it’s because of many script we’re using on some pages…


I purchased your theme but I have problems: I can’t get the slider to appear even if I have pictures set as extra images. And the background image I set on the Brankic panel don’t appear either… I need your help! Thank you!

That’s weird.

May I see the URL?