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Hi, I have another question by the way, I love your Icon boxes. But it is always set for 4 boxes, I would like to aline only 3, is it possible? Thank you very much!

Delete last icon box and add this to Extra JavaScript in Brankic Panel
jQuery(document).ready(function($){        $("").removeClass("row4").addClass("row3");
        $(" li:last").remove();
        $(" li:last").addClass("last");

Hi Brankic,

Right click is re-enabled please kindly suggest what I can do with my images. Preview images slightly squashed is at: or

Please advise.

Thanks, Martin

@stigbratvold…. Thank you very much. It worked.

Any idea how to remove the short code from page summery on pages like facebook, etc? also, will this screw up SEO?

It looks like the shortcode is being dumped into the head section ”<meta property=’og:description’ content=’” you can see it here: on all pages. How can I ditch all of the ”<meta property=” stuff? I have other add-ons that I’m using for seo and things.

So, it appears that the “sharing is caring” plugin I use is the culprit, don’t worry about this question anymore… Thanks!


Yes, some plugins can make problems…

@melzar Could you tell me how to get rid of the magnifying class from the image links.

Thanks in advance.

It’s easy.

Add this to Extra CSS in Brankic Panel
.preview {display:none;}

Thank you very much.

Hi there… I’m about to purchase this theme, and just wondering if an MREC Adv plug in exists?



there are no plugins included into theme. You can try to add any plugin you want and if it’s correct – it’ll work…

hi Guys

Most of the shortcodes not working – i can add columns & social media icons…everything else doesnt work – nothing happens when i click on shortcode


I guess you’ve updated WordPress. You should also update the theme. If shortcodes doesn’t work then, empty the cache…

Hi, I see in the includes that there is ambrosite-post-link-plus.php. How do I enable previous and next posts in the single blog page? I do not see them in the demo either.

Thanks in advanced, Martin

Hi Martin,

there is no such code in single.php.

However, you can add it yourself. You can copy UL element with class item-nav from single-portfolio_item.php and insert it somewhere in single.php

Thanks very much, worked a charm!

Sorry, me again. Is it possible to disable the rollover on the portfolio items and go straight into slideshow?

Thanks, Martin

You have to choose hover=”no” in portfolio shortcode.

Now, you have to edit includes/bra_shortcodes.php and in the block of code
if ($hover == "no") 
$html .= ...

replace $permalink with $featured_image and add data-rel=”prettyPhoto[’ . $slug_list_ . ‘]” like few lines below…

Thanks very much!


If I want to use the theme on two of our sites do we need to buy another copy or can we sue the original download?

Thanks Aaron.

Hi Aaron,

in that case you have to buy as many copies as many domains you have…

Hi where can I change the embed code for videos? I need to change the width from 400 to 100%. This is a bug as on the iphone youtube video is very long in height and in width is strecthces correctly.

Also I asked this before but no answer yet. Another bug found is if you open a link with prettyphoto eg a picture close the picture and navigate to a different page if you hit the back button flickr-photostream/#!prettyPhoto[]/1/ the code opens the picture again automatically. Not happy with that.

And there are a few other bugs so please get back as I tried to email support and no answer.


Width is already 100% and height is 400. This is set in single.php.

I don’t quite understand this bug…

Hi please look at a youtube video on on a iphone / ipad. you will see that the width is corect but the height is very long and is not responsive. also is very much not correct to have 100% and 400 pixels because I get black bars on all the videos so how do I corect this on both prettyphoto lightbox and single prtfolio items?

Also I mentioned before that if I click a prettyphoto link I get this:!prettyPhoto[pretty_photo_gallery]/0/ If I than navigate to a different page and hit the back button on the web browser the website goes back to:!prettyPhoto[pretty_photo_gallery]/0/ because of that the lighbox pop up.

How can I correct this please?

You’re right about 100% 400px issue, and will try to find better solution in next update.

To be honest, I don’t know how to correct this issue with hitting back button :(


There seem to be problems with the brankic shortcodes, I don’t see any window opening when I am on a page and click on portfolio or Icon box for example… So I can’t use your great features.

Thank you!

Ok, but I spent a lot of time working on this theme once installed and had code changed a little bit. Is there a palce I can find the html codes for the shortcodes? Especially the round portfolio… Thank you!


You can check our Live preview for all HTML


Love the theme!

Can I manually select the order items appear in the portfolio? Or at least give some of the items priority so they are seen first?

Sorry if this is a silly question, this is my first site :)

Cheers, Howard


not a silly question. Portfolio items are ordered by it’s date. So, just change the dates of your item (it’s showing in DESC order)

Hi there! Still cannot figure out how to make my portfolio display like yours (ie multiple portfolio categories together with the filter at the top). Currently, I have to just put each portfolio separately to display everything. The parent category is social and I have them separated between weddings and parties, but I can’t get all of social to display together. Nothing shows up when I put this shortcode in: [bra_portfolio title=’Recent Work’ cat_id=’28’ no=’all’ show_filters=’yes’ columns=’3’ shape=’’ height=’’ hover=’yes’] 28 is the id of the “social” category.

Also, when I click to view a blog post it says “No posts found”. Any clue on this one? Thank you.

If Social category has children and your posts are in these children and if 28 is ID of Social category – IT MUST WORK.

Also, try to use default permalink structure – sometimes there is permalink structure conflict with WP.

For short pages on my website, which uses the BigBang Responsive Wordpress theme, there’s a large white gap under the footer. The footer doesn’t stick to the bottom of the browser viewport. Is there a way to enable a sticky footer?

You’re right – this is what happens on short pages. We’ve tried some scripts, but couldn’t stick footer to the bottom in all browsers…


I have another ?

I have a logo as my tagline, so I don’t have nor necessarily need anything in the general setting tagline or site tittle section.

HOWEVER. As a result, all of my pages have this > | < randomly there. How do I get rid of it??

Thank you!


You’ll have to open (Appearance -> Editor) bra_theme_functions.php and delete |
function brankic_titles()


Im freaking out i deleted that part and now i cant log in to my wordpress or anything???

You had to delete only | not whole code…


How can I add class ‘title’ to the headings in Posts?

I know there is a way to do it for Pages in your panel but it doesn’t give the option to do it for Posts.



You can do it manually if you use Text editor instead of Visual one.

Or you can try to use this Extra JavaScript (in Brankic Panel)
jQuery(document).ready(function($) { 
$(".post-content h1, .post-content h2, .post-content h3 ").addClass("title");

Thanks so much, this works!

suddenly dark lines are appearing in a square shape around the circle cropped images for the portfolio items.

i’ve reuploaded your CSS document, styles.css, so i know it’s not that. i’ve changed it to color choices that i didnt edit, and that didnt work either.

i emailed you a screenshot of my issue. anything you can do would be really appreciated!

i just checked in safari. it appears to be a firefox bug.

also checked in google chrome, works fine. i dont have a windows based computer to check anything else. so as far as i can tell, it’s a firefox issue with theme, nothing i did.


That’s weird because nothing is wrong with our live preview in Firefox. Only if this is related to Firefox on Mac (what we can’t test :( )

Hi! How can I have only 4 portfolio thumbnails displayed on my homepage? Actually, all my portfolio thumbnail are displayed.


You have to limit number of items with no=’4’ in the shortcode…

Hi I was just wondering where you guys sourced your icons from? I would love to a couple similar ones for my site. Also the cool images? Any database for this type of thing?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!


there is our icon set at