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Hey! How can i insert the Contact form into a Page? I Cant find the shortcode :-(

I am using Wordpress-Version 3.5.1



there is no such a shortcode. You have to choose contact page template (on the right hand side) and customize it in Brankic Panel -> Contact

Is there a section where you can insert items into the footer area? I can’t seem to find it on the WP site.

Hi Emily,

On most theme (also in ours) footer area is managed with footer sidebars. (Appearance -> Widgets)

I am having an issue with the contact page. Every time i hit the “send message” button it says “email server problem” do you have any ideas on how i can get this to work properly?

There could be several solutions. First check if Brankic Panel -> Contact is populated as it should.

If this doesn’t help, send me an email with login data (and please let me know via this board)

Email form in on our profile page…

Hi Brankic,

Thanks for help on the last thing… I can’t get any of my images to display, they don’t show up in the media library just as a broken link? Even when I upload new images to the library they show up like this, not sure why? Thanks, Claire

Hi Claire,

This doesn’t look like a theme issue, but a WP related…

I want to use the Grid shortcode (like what’s shown on your clients page) but when I use it it sets the list item to height: 0.09090912342071533px; which is totally bizarre and breaks it. <ul class="grid row4 clients"> <li style="height: 0.09090912342071533px;"><a rel="prettyPhoto[]" href="" target=""><img alt="Google" src="google.png" width="225" style="margin-top: 0px;" /></a> </li></ul>

Other than that, great theme! One of my favourites so far. Clean and Simple.


May I see the URL?

We’ve made some additional script for adjusting height of LI element to be aligned. You can disable this script if you edit javascript/custom.js and delete this line
$(this).find("li").css("height", li_max + "px");

Thanks! It was doing some funny things in chrome when I was not viewing the page at 100%.. Got it working. Thanks for the response!

How do you get a portfolio page to pull from multiple categories and show at the top of a masonry style page like in your demo?

please help…

You must have one parent category with children. These children are filters and you have to choose parent category in portfolio shortcode…

I hope this makes sense…

I would like to add a slider like you have on the demo to the top of this page…how can I go about doing that?


If you have page slug same as category slug, WP will use catgory layout (where you can’t use slider).

To check if this is the case, use default permalink structure (because it doesn’t use slugs…)

I’m sorry. I’m still not following you. I just changed the permalink structure to default and I don’t how to select the slider. I click on extra image and all I see is a option to select an image. How do I get my most recent posts to appear in that slider?

Slider consist of Extra images, not posts.

I think I’m not following you, so please repeat the question…

Hi, I hope your renovations are going well!

I have a question for you regarding blog images:

How should I edit the the blog code to make the images on my blog page a lot smaller? They are showing up as full images, and I would like to have the individual images for each blog to appear as smaller thumbnail type images.



home reno is going fine…

Are you talking about featured image, or images inside the posts.

Featured image is always shown 100% wide. This is why the best practice is to crop these images to something like 700×200.

I hope that makes sense…

Question for you! Wrote once before, thanks again for the quick response. Can you load my webpage in Internet Explorer? Go to and then hover your mouse over the menus up top. They seem to get lost behind the frame. Do you have any solution or pointers that can lead me in the right direction to get this fixed? THANK YOU!


I’m using latest version of IE and it looks fine. In previous version there were these kind of issues.

You’ll have to find a freelancer who can solve this issue for previous IE version…

When I click on an image I keep getting this message “Image cannot be loaded. Make sure the path is correct and image exist.” It seems to happen in the demo too:

I want my images to click through to the links I have set for them in a new window. It seems to work from the blog page but not from individual post pages.


On my website, problem was in wrong URL.

On your website the problem is you’re using external URL. You should disable prettyPhoto on your single blog posts. Appearance -> Editor -> single.php and remove
    $(".post-content img").parent("a").attr("data-rel", "prettyPhoto[]");
I hope this helps…

thank you!

Hi when I write a post on the blog and use the extra images, the images appears in the sliders of the other posts.

Why imagens are repeated in the other post sliders?

Please is important

Are you using latest version of BigBang?

hi. love the theme. is there a way of changing the arrow buttons on sliders size and colour? the hover colour i can work out but the still state is black and i want to make it light grey. also can i reduce these boxes?



Arrows are in images/sprite.png, so you should try to edit this file and upload it back to server…


We are having trouble installing your theme on our server. When installed page goes blank.

Do you know why this happens?

Never heard about this issue :(


I just downloaded your theme and started working with it for my site, and for some reason the sliding graph in the ‘team’ page (under skills), won’t work… it shows the text, but no orange sliding graphs.

How can this be fixed?

Thank you, Alon

Hi Alon,

I think it’s because Carousel plugin you’re using. If this is not the right plugin, please try to deactivate all other 3rd party plugins…

Nope, seems to be something else. Deactivated carousel, still doesn’t work. Deactivated all plugins, still won’t work… Any other ideas?? the sliding graph is one of the reasons I chose this template to work with… :)


Try to empty the cache in your browser because I can see it’s working…


I’m probably missing something really simple here, but how to I make to Instagram/Flickr photo streams pull from my account instead of yours? I’m currently using the [bra_photostream social_network=”instagram” limit=9] short code.

[bra_photostream social_network=”instagram” user="yourusername" limit=9]

I love this theme. How do you add the social icons to the team page instead of just the text links under the images. I have tried the shortcode in several places and can only get it to show when it is outside the “member” section. Thanks, Jason.


You can insert social icons instead of text links.

In fact, you can’t insert any image below main team image :(

I can’t seem to display all the portfolio categories at once.

Looking to create the same effect as your sample page:

Also the filter doesn’t show either.

What’s your category hierarchy?

Selected category in portfolio shortcode must have children. These children are filters…

Apologies for all the questions but I am having an issue with my portfolio pieces. I exported my blog and imported it to a sub-domain in order to translate it in another language. The problem is the footer and the portfolio pieces are not showing on the sub-domain. I compared the settings of both sites and everything seems to be the same… including the portfoli0o items… my website is and my second site is


When you export, you have to choose to export all (not only blog posts) (I see you already did it)

Footer widgets are not the content of export file – you’ll have to customize sidebars again (I see you already did it too)

Hi I bought your template. it’s really nice. however there is no documentation on installation, setup, and use, no screenshots, no help !!! could anyone help me to have something similar as the demo ? thx

It’s there “Show sharing options – Facebook, Twitter and Google + sharing buttons. You can add your own sharing code if you edit bigbangwp/”

Add this to Extra CSS in Brankic Panel
.form textarea {
  width: 85%;

Thx for your help !! i appreciate !! But sorry to bother you, i have three last questions :

1- I currently have the socials icons activated in both portfolio and blog pages. How can i have them activated only in the blog (and not in the portfolio) ?

2- How can i put the ” filter words ” in the portfolio in the order i want?

3 – Is there a way to re order the order of silde’s appearance in the slider of the homepage. Without re entering everything each time i want to add a new extra image in first ?

Thanks, have a nice week end !!


1) You’ll have to disable it manually – Appearance -> Editor -> single-portfolio_item.php and delete
include("") ; 

2) Not that easy – in FAQ is explained but you’ll need basic programming knowledge (the way your brain works)

3) Sorry, but not :( (unless you edit and check flexslider options)

Hi. On my portfolio page the sub head order above the portfolio images currently reads: ALL / VIDEO / LOGO & BRAND / WEB / PRINT / EMAIL MARKETING How do I change the order to: ALL / PRINT / LOGO & BRAND / WEB / EMAIL MARKETING / VIDEO Thanks for your help. (great theme)

Add this Extra JavaScript (Brankic Panel)
    $nav = $("#portfolio-nav");
    $nav_1 = $nav.find("li:nth-child(1)"); // ALL
    $nav_2 = $nav.find("li:nth-child(2)");
    $nav_3 = $nav.find("li:nth-child(3)");
    $nav_4 = $nav.find("li:nth-child(4)");
    $nav_5 = $nav.find("li:nth-child(5)");
    $nav_6 = $nav.find("li:nth-child(6)");
    $nav_6.append("<span>/</span>"); // old last item
    $nav_2.find("span").remove(); // new last item