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Hi! Great theme! My client wants her logo and menu to be fixed to the center. Can you please tell me how to do this without compromising the responsive nature of the theme.



Hi Gareth,

it’s not that easy :(

I’ve tried easy fix (removing float and adding auto for margin-left, right) but it doesn’t work.

You’ll have to change more declarations and it’s beyond our support…

Nice theme :) I am wondering if its a way i can get the posts to be showed in full on the front page. I use it for my blog and have blog as front page. Now I just get summary.. My blog is Hope to hear back from you .. all the best


you should try to change the_excerpt() with the_content() in bigbangwp/index.php

Hello again. is there a way to turn a portfolio image in the portfolio grid into a link to the portfolio item itself as well as the link icon and the name?

You can’t have both – I would use some kind of redirection plugin (search the WP plugins directory)

how about just turning the hover image into the link instead of the title and the magnifying glass? I do know some php so if can tell me where to edit that, that would help too. If not, i understand.

Hi Jake,

Use hover=”no” in portfolio shortcode

You can’t make whole hover area clickable…

MAybe I didn’t understand right your demand, so if this is not what you meant, don’t hesitate to reply to this post…

I purchased this theme – and I think I’m missing something obvious, but the Portfolio page will not work for me. This is the code I have entered on the Page “Work”, I’m unsure of what to put in for the cat_id as nothing I’ve tried is working (I’ve tried – cat_id=”video”, cat_id=”portfolio”. I know it explains it somewhat in the Help Document, but I’m not totally sure what’s wrong:

[bra_portfolio title="Recent work" cat_id="video" no="12" show_filters="yes" columns="4" shape="circle" hover="yes" height="200"]

Can you tell me what I should put in to get it to show? Thanks very much – looking forward to you speedy reply.


are you using Brankic Shortcode button in the editor. There is Portfolio button and there you have to choose category from the drop down menu. If you don’t want to use that button, in the help file is explained how to obtain right ID.

Why is the footer on my home page not full width like it is on the other pages? Website:

It looks fine – I guess you’ve figure this out…

Dear Brankic, thank you for a nice theme.

My issue has been adressed before by a previous customer and I followed your advice but it’s still an issue I’m afriad.

On my blog page I wish to get rid of the “continue reading” and rather have all posts “pile up”. This was however adressed and the solution was to replace the code the_excerpt(); with the_content(); in the blogx.php. The other option you gave was to rid <a href="<?php the_permalink(); ?>" class="more-link"><?php _e('Continue reading ?', BRANKIC_THEME_SHORT); ?></a> all together. So I did but it’s still there.

Is there something I’m overlooking or another approach on this matter.

Thank you. Johan

You should try to replace the_excerpt with the_content in index.php

Thank you kindly!

Hey, I purchased your Big Bang for Wordpress theme. I am wondering if I can shrink the pictures in the main page home slider so that I can see the 4 sub-posts below the main slider on the homepage, without scrolling down to see it. The website is below – if you look at it, you will know what I mean.

Hey, Sorry for the late response. Yes, I could be happy to send a quick sketch. Do you have an email or something that I can attached the sketch to to send to you? Please let me know.

Thanks, Zach


You’ll have to contact me via email form on our profile page – but we’re busy these days, so I’ll can’t answer it in next 10 days…


I just sent you an email from your profile page. There wasn’t a way to attach my sketch to the email. Please respond to my email and I will send the attachment with the sketch of what I am trying to do.

I am confident that it’s not a hard problem for you to fix, I just can’t seem to diagnose it myself.

Let me know, please. I really appreciate it!!


Thank you for this theme. For some reason the slider on the homepage doesn’t work for me. I have loaded three extra images on that page. Isn’t it supposed to rotate as a slider? Can you give some pointers as to how to get it to work? Thanks. Julie

Hi Julie,

Adding Extra images should be enough. Maybe there is some kind od plugin conflict. Try to disable all 3rd party plugins and check if slider is working…

Does this theme work effectively with iPad and iPhone? The Theme Forest Demo does not seem to.


Hi Julian,

It should work fine – We’ve tested it on both iPad and iPhone. Just remove header frame when testing…

Oh wonderfull theme ! but…

Actually I got a little issue with the contact page. When I try to send a message it answers “email server problem”. I see on the FAQ that you were able to fix it if I send you my wp-admin URL. Am I authorized to do so by mail ?

Thanks, Regards, S.A


use contact form on our profile page and please let me know via this discussion board (because these days we’re not providing support via email)


Just a quick simple question im sure but do you or anyone else know how to make the item shaped as triangle and hexagon 4 rows across..

I change the short code to 4 columns but it still only shows 3 when in the demo it shows 4 lol – weird.

Can someone please be a gent and suprise me with your amazing knowledge..

ah thank you :)


you can’t change number of columns if you’re using shapes, sorry…

Dear Brankic, thank you for a nice theme. I purchased your Big Bang for Wordpress theme. i edit page and add some code [bra_portfolio title=”” cat_id=”14” no=”-1” show_filters=”yes” columns=”4” shape=”” height=”“].

But I want like this

Now showing Title & Description only.

Please help.


I don’t see PURCHASED tag next to your name.

However, even if I see it, we’re not providing this kind of support…

Please disregard my question. I found out the problem. Thanks. This is a wonderful theme. Julie

How can I customize the footer?

Like in most themes, it’s managed with sidebars – Appearance -> Widgets…

Sorry I was logged in to the wrong account when I asked that question.. Nevermind saphigon…

In masonry style view: How can I remove the text under the photo so that I can only see the photos?


You can try to add this Extra CSS in Brankic Panel
.item-info {

Perfect! :)


Would it be possible to have the color code of your orange you use on your theme please? Thank you very much!

It’s #F96E5B

Hi there.

Well, we almost finished on the site and have just a couple of niggles…

The instagram photostream sometimes works, sometimes doesn’t and renders in a strange way on my client’s browser. We are both using Mac OS and Safari.

Basically, when we view our page the stream sometimes displays and other times it doesn’t at all – no page hang or incomplete load, just no stream. It never displays in Chrome, only Safari and Firefox. I just can’t figure out why this is.

Then the rendering issue on my client’s MacBook Pro. Just can’t work that one out either.

Any ideas?

Shortcode: [bra_photostream user=’*’ limit=’12’ social_network=’instagram’ layout=’4’ shape=’none’]

Great theme!

Cheers, Rees.

Hi Rees,

I’m using PC and your feed is visible on all major browsers I’m using.

The feed worked again after about 14 hours. Your feed has stopped working though.

Thanks for looking.

Cheers, Rees.

Update… The instagram feed is sporadic on your demo site as well.

Cheers, Rees.

Hi How do i add items to the footer?


Appearance -> Widgets (footer sidebars)

Hello! Hello!

I was just wondering if there was a way to make the 4 column portfolio scroll through 4 items at a time. So if I have 25 items but I only want the page to show 4 of them at a time and scroll across the rest, is there a way I can do that?

Thank you for your help! Your theme is amazing!

:/ is there some sort of documentation / paperwork / forum that I can look at that would help me with that modification? Is it even possible? You can say no, lol. What about randomizing the items so that every time the page is refreshed it shows different items?? would that be easier?! sorry to be a pain!

Ahh, i see you answered my question with your reply to “elpisworks” comment. I will do that. Thank you so very much for you help!

You’re welcome…