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Beautiful meaningful work. Sales will be good.

Very nice and clean ! Well done

is there a full width template?

Seems to be packed with awesome features !

Excellent work – love it!!!

wow man!!!! ive been looking for this kind of thing for ages

too bad I have only 15 usd on my account and got my next check in 1 week :(

this is one really elegant, simple while complexly built back end stuff. I really enjoy looking at this theme. Great work man and look forward to more from you.

Simple but attractive, very nice work. great job mate.

good stuff dude! very clean!

Hi VFXdude, very nice theme, I am enjoying playing around with it so far. I was wondering if there was a way to re-order the navigation? Right now it is set up with all pages, and they are ordered by page title (alphabetized). Is there a way to adjust this so I can place them in an order I choose?



Very nice and clean template!


For some reason my post don’t show up on my side bar and the the main posting page. Only the title show up. You only get the full text and images when you click on the post itself. Do you know what setting I may have check by mistake or is my 2.8 version of wordpress compatible with this theme.

Thanks, D.

Just wondering what support you offer after purchase? Great theme :)

Just wondering what support you offer after purchase? Great theme :)

... just purchased … a friend of mine chose this because of the use of space

... thanks for waiting for 2.8 :) I’m looking forward to having fun over the next few days setting it up for her.

... especially like that the admin area is well thought out and I like that you took the time to create .html docs and the long video tutorial was great. I learn more by doing – or seeing others do it – and the video was a great run-through.

... a text file of the docs was not included and would have been welcomed. I will have to create them myself, so my friend doesn’t have to flip between screens to admin the site.

... just a thought … like most, I’m attracted to the use of images and how it plays into the space and design. When selling a template without a single image (or formatted image block) included, it’s like buying a “flat” balloon.

... fine job!

bkeresey: will post an update soon with the possibility to sort the navigation.

dhuet: got your email, will check it out.

godonholiday: If it’s related to this theme, I will check it out, so just email me.

btw, I just discovered a bug when setting a page as homepage, a fix will come very soon.

and thanks for all the positive feedback.

Nice, Do you offer full width template ?

best regards,