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Any idea as to why my feature image is being scaled?

848px × 446px (scaled to 528px × 446px)

korik: you have to enable the feature image in the theme settings.

gummigretar: this is a fixed width website, but you can set any width.

Hi VFX , Thanks that navigation update would be very helpful! :)

I also have found something going on with my site. Basically, I upload an image, and make it my featured image. I noticed that this image appeared blurry. I checked my settings and made sure things were set to that 848px width, and they are. I tried using an image at 848px and also larger sizes, these all appeared blurry. I upped the quality value on TimThumb from 80 to 100, and this did nothing either. I then noticed that when I checked the image location of the featured image, TimThumb was forcing it to a 846px width, when I changed that to 848px, it looked fine. If I upload a 848px image, and place it inside the post, it looks fine when I click on it to see the full size image. It’s only appearing blurry when in the featured image box. I checked on your demo site, and your images had an 848px width in their address. It seems like images are uploading correctly, but getting displayed at a weird proportion causing blurriness. I don’t have any weird plugins that you didn’t recomend active and can’t find any other settings that might be set wrong…any ideas?

Example – your demo image featured location – vfxdude.com/bigfeature/wp-content/uploads/2009/06/vector-winterblonde2.jpg&w=848&zc=1

mine looks like – esey.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2009/07/BRCOM-big22.jpg&w=846&zc=1

Hope this all made sense…i tend to complicate simple things :)


Ok, I figured it out….it was the theme options to add a line around the default image…it was adjusting the image size when adding the border, and causing a blurred image….turning the line off sharpened the image back. New it had to be something simple…but maybe something you still might want to look at?

Also two other things….one, I have a page (illustration) using the portfolio page template, that shows posts from the category “illustration”. When I am on that page, that page’s nav (illustration) is highlighted. When I click on a post on that page, it goes to that post’s page, but Home on the nav is now highlighted, is this correct?

Two, I added the easy contact plug-in, created an about me page as per your instructions and copied the code provided. I see [easy-contact] where your form is. Should I see the form or do I need to do something else? I believe I have all the info filled in on the easy contact settings page.

Sorry for all the questions, I am more of an illustrator then a programmer and still learning wordpress. Thanks for any help though!


bkeresey: yes you figured it out, when image border is checked then the image will resize to fit. The best is to use the exact image size since it can become a bit blurry if not, since the timthumb resizing is not as good as photoshop. About easy contact plugin, is it enabled?

I have added an update. Some bugfixes and a new settings functionality. The version is now 1.01.

The new functionality is navigation sort, but also the way pages/categories are/added removed. Check out video here for an overview: http://www.vfxdude.com/navigation-sort/

How do we apply this bugfix to an already installed version 1.0?

staylor1: upload the files. Overwriting the files will not change the site, except the navigation, since this is changed.

I’ve uploaded the new version, but have not seen any change… maybe themeforest has not updated the download?

bkeresey : you are right, but they have updated it now (just got a mail about it).

Ho to we get the updated version?

download tab on your profile page

I have purchased this theme and it is wonderful. However, when I put the images on the pages and the main page it started at the right size and now it is small. Help!

Sent you a patch that fixes this issue. Just added version 1.02 to themeforest that fixes this. However you can add a feature image to pages too (upload an image to the page and set it as “default image” (and press “save all changes”) and do not insert it to the post).

Wow I really love the page templates.

Hey just bought the theme and I’m wondering how I can remove the text at the top saying: “The website is undergoing a major update and the final design and look will be up in a couple of days. Stay tuned!”

This sounds strange. Can you email me a link?

I am trying to use a 3rd party page redirect plugin on the site and it is not working. I have used this same plugin for several wordpress themes, but it is not working here. Any suggestions for that. Also, I cannot get a featured image on the homepage w/o doing insterting it into a post. On the screenshots and the demo the featured image is there, but it is not a part of the post. Thanks

which plugin? For default post image (which is the feature image), you have to select yes on “default image” (for that image in the upload dialog) and press “save all changes” (and not insert it into the post).

Hi vfx, thanks for the navigation update, it works great!

I have a couple more small things.

1) I have tried adding an image url for a default image, but they don’t appear to show up. For example, I created a page with the thumbnail template, and added the image url in the text field, but it doesn’t show up as the default image. If I upload an image for the default, it does.

2) Is it possible to add a link to the default image? So if I want to create a new home page with the thumbnail template like you have shown, and have a default image that links to a post? Right now it seems to link back to itself.

3) I created a Blog page using the main template, and created a category blog. The blog page displays all the posts correctly, but if I click on any of the blog posts titles, they go to a 404 page, rather than that posts individual page.

Thanks again for everything, -Brendon

Hi vfx, one other thing. I noticed on your demo, if I click the default image on your homepage, it goes to the “Intro to theme” post…but if I hit the back button on my browser, that default image then disappears.

bkeresey: 1) This is an issue if you are using a localhost webserver, if you upload the site to a server this should work. I think it is the getimagesize/getjpegsize functions that causes this. A security thing in the php implementation I guess.

2) Well you can insert a big image to the post and code the link. There is however a bug that is resizing the image at the current moment, but a fix have been added to themeforest…it just takes some time for them to update the files. The quick fix is to remove line 19 (the line with max-width) from optionstyles.php (under library/css).

3) I can’t seem to recreate that. Maybe I didn’t understand it fully. I created a blog page and a blog category, no 404.

About the image disappearing when hitting the back button, what browser is that?

Since the max-width for posts is removed , I added this to the documentation.

Change the Media Settings (under settings-media), to fit the post width.

  • Large size: Feature Image Width – 320 (ex. 848 – 320 = 528).
  • Medium size: for inline images, set it less than the large size (ex. 300px).
  • Thumbnail size: For the demo site it was set to 150×150px.
  • Full size: this is added by the scissors plugin. The “Feature Image Width” can be set here (leave the height 0), then all the images will automatically be resized to the max width of the website (but maybe not recommended).

It is better to re size the images than having a max-width (and it doesn’t work in IE anyway, with height:auto that is).


The plug in is the (custom field redirect), which can be found at www.nathanrice.net. In addition I want to know if there is a way to use an image rotator on the main page such as wp-cycle, which can also be found at www.nathanrice.net

I tested both plugins. I’m not sure why the custom field redirect did not work for you, but I had no problem. It redirected pages like it should. The wp-cycle plugin can be added to posts and pages with the [wp_cycle] shortcode.