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hi there. Excellent job. I’m using this template as my portfolio for my last year of Pharmacy degree. Just one question. Is it possible to use another typeface as the cufon replacement?

It’s possible. You need to compile the new typeface at the cufon website, and do a minor change in a php file. Email me if you want the recipy.

well, when i put the redirect plugin in there and saved it, it did not save. also, i tried to use the shortcode on the static page from the instructions you gave, but it did not work. what shoudl i do from there? thanks

Have you enabled the plugins? “The redirect plugin did not save”? Not sure what you mean…the only thing you need to do is to add to the custom field of a page.

The colorpicker stopped working after the last update. Email me if you want a patch. New version is added to themeforest.

Okay, I will try to get that redirect done again. However, how do I make the [wp-cycle] shortcode work with how that static page set up? Thanks?

You are right the short code did not work on the static frontpage, I fixed it, email me if you want the patch.

is there a way to use lightbox for the gallery? How easy would it be for someone with very little website/ wp knowledge to implement it? Also is it possible to implement a slider( content slider or image slider) for the homepage top image? I wouldn’t mind paying a bit more the changes.

If you can’t or don’t have time, could you recommend someone who could?

For the slider I was referring to the big “featured image” below the title/logo. Ideally I would like to implement this on the homepage (blog type page) , as suppose to the Front page1 or Front Page 2. To be more specific about the slider function, I did not need a content slider in the sense that there would be content such as text combined with videos, images, and links. I only wanted an Image Slider.

I’m not sure if the large featured IMAGE is permanently glued to a featured POST , I”m not a programmer, but hopefully thats not a problem.

The big image on the blog is a article image for the first post. If you click read more you will see the same image there. So replacing it with a fixed slider is not an option, however posts don’t need feature images, if an smaller image is added then it will conform to the content area, and then a slider can be above the posts on the frontpage. So…it’s possible, and I thought about it when creating the design, but decided not to implement it, because this blog is about big article images. However I’m now considering adding it as a new feature for the 1.1 version. If you buy the theme, updates are free.

: ) Sounds good. I’m just about sold

When you say content, are you referring to within the blog post for adding the small image? I still want all the preceding post to have a big feature image. Would adding a “sticky” to the top post be a fix for this? Or is that not even necessasry? Thanks for the speedy reply. I think I will purchase this because of the support your provide.

Version 1.02 is now added to themeforest. Fixes the max-width issue and the colorpicker.

Hi I was wondering how you got the categories into 2 rows?

with the css float:left property

I can’t get the default image to show? I get teh message default image for <?php echo $post->title; ?> when trying to set default images for the About page. On the normal blog page it also does not show when uploading the image and setting it as defuault and saving the changes. What am I doing wrong?

do you have google talk or aim? I created a cache folder under timthumbs and set it to writable but no luck still

email me. Use the themeforest contact form or this one http://www.vfxdude.com/about/

How hard would it be to add the apache font?


If I wanted to add this myself how would I go about doing so.

Also when I want to create a new post and add an image to it, something is causing my image to not show up in the wp image uploader, and since it doesnt show up there, it never gets added to the post or page.

Any idea why?

Im not sure I follow what you are saying here Large size: Feature Image Width – 320 (ex. 848 – 320 = 528). How about a screen shot of that from your settings.

Email me and I will send you the details about changing the font.

About the image upload not working, it could be some security on your host that is blocks hte flash uploader, try the Browser uploader instead (a link below the default uploader).

The default width of the site/feature image is 848. If ths is unchanged set the large size to 528 width (leave max height 0). This is the width of the blog content area, so if you want to add a max sized image to the content you choose size:large and alignment:center when inserting the image.

How do you keep one featured image at the top of the frontpage regardless of new articles being published?


Quick edit the post and choose “Make this post sticky”.

No not the whole post, but just the featured image. i.e. I want the one image at the top of all posts.

This is not a featured image, like a featured image slider, this is just a post image. Every post can have such a big image, even if it’s resized on the frontpage it’s still big on the article page (when pressing read more)....but I see your point, you want a featured image, not a featured article. Version 1.1 will have a image slider at the top, then you can insert one image or several…so it’s coming….

What a great work!!! This is the most comprehensive piece of art, ever sold on the envato networks. Thanx so much for this wonderful theme – worth every €! Totally love it. Keep up the great work buddy!

Cheers, AFH .

I tried it using the basic image uploader and the same thing is happening, its not showing the picture. I now have 2 images in this post that do not show up. See image http://www.seizethepage.com/junk/doesnotshowup.jpg

I am using godaddy and have not had this problem before.

I am wondering if something is amiss somewhere, should I scrub this entire dir and start all the way over?

something strange with that image name. “timthumb.php1.jpg”. Have gotten other reports with problems with timthumb, but I don’t understand why timthumb is involved here. Try to upload images with the default theme, and email me if this is working.

send me an email, and we can take it there instead. This seems like a wordpress problem to me.

Hello All who are thinking on purchasing files and those who sells. – Attention! Theme Forest has become very faulty when it comes to support and communication lately. I recently uploaded TWICE a file for sell, after an frustrating email sent to Kayloon, one of the reviewers of the site, this is the answer I get from him:

“Hi Wendell, I am sure there is correct files, because I need to test it and approve. OK, can you please re-upload the files? for the main files. I guess there is problem with the system :) . Regards, Kai Loon”

I would like you all to know that Theme Forest has become faulty in this regards, it’s a frustration, a real pain in the butt. I am sorry to put this here but if people spend their time uploading things, why TF makes all the money and why do WE have to get all this frustrations. Specially after the reviewer smiles after says that the system has a problem? Is this all a joke? People he says that there is a problem in the system, what does that mean? That we should trust and entrust them with our files?

Buyers – Know what you are buying Sellers – Pay very close attention to what you upload

Honestly and sincerely, Dellustrations

This reviewing system is kind of a drag, takes long time to add updates, but I see no point to issue a warning. The seller can download their own files to confirm the right ones are added. I also uploaded twice, and they added the last one, no problem for me. I also added in the comment field to add this one instead of the other one. Themeforest could have implemented a versioning system, so it would be easier to see the version history and the dates added.

hey there, how do i exclude pages from the upper navigation? thx!

I just want to use as normal blog template. The default has a two column layout below the most recent post. How can I change the default layout without making new pages? Also, how can I add link to other URL ´s on the navigation menu?

I emailed you the solution for the first question. The second, you can use the “Custom Field Redirect Plugin” to link to other url’s in the navigation.

hmm maybe it was not you I emailed. This is the default look. http://www.vfxdude.com/wp-content/gallery/bigfeature/02-homepage-default.jpg

If you have this look http://www.vfxdude.com/wp-content/gallery/bigfeature/03-homepage-alternate.jpg then you turn off the thumbnails in the settings to get back the default one.

If this was not what you meant, then email me.


How do you show full posts on homepage?

it’s like that by default, but if you have changed the “Limit frontpage text”, you can set it back to 0 to show the full post (and then you can limit the post with readmore or an excerpt)