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Any update on the default image issue on some servers?

Yes I just added version 1.1 and there are some fixes regarding this issue there. Also added some troubleshooting in the documentation. http://www.vfxdude.com/bigfeature/2009/07/setting-up-the-theme/

Hello, I’m using BigFeature as a parent theme for a child wordpress theme. Great work overall! Very nice.

I have found these errors/ needed updates so far:

1) If you search a term and the term is not located, you will get an error of function not found for line 36 of search.php. This needs fixing asap.

2) Small grammar edit: the text on search.php should say “Please feel free to try again!”. You may also want to link to the archives and/or add a widget area here.

3) Clearer documentation for using alternate post writing styles (ie captions etc) would be nice. But as it stands, you have provided MUCH more detail in your documentation than then average designer. A++ for effort here.

4) I’d prefer that you styled the lower footer area as a 3 or 4 inline widget area. Look at the footer area of themeforest.net for a clear example.

5) The text footer at the end could use a “back to the top” option

6) The RSS link by the top search form only points to the main site RSS feed. If you add an feedburner RSS feed, the top RSS feed does not redirect to feedburner. Needs a fix asap.

7) RSS widget should include on/off toggles for post/comments/email RSS .

8) For sites with a huge number of tags/categories/pages, your admin navigation selection added in 1.01 is much less usable than the previous check box system. Bloggers shoudln’t have that many items to sort, but you never know…

I’m going through your theme and updating all those issues on my site so I can explain in better detail if needed.

Overall, problems aside this is an EXCELLENT theme. I’ve got mine set up as 960px wide main, which allows me to use a perfect ratio of 960pixel by 480 pixels for the deafult images and 640 by 320 for the subsequent blog posts. I got it up and running in a day. Can’t beat that.

A little rough around the edges but for $25 – and a few hours of code editing – this is a steal of a deal.

(PS: I have 5+ years of web development experience. When I say something is broken. It usually is. When I say something is GOOD , it certainly is.)

thank you for the long feedback.

.........From last Post…...

I got it. Just change “Limit frontpage text” settings to 0.


9) When I check the “related posts” option in the admin panel, nothing happens on the single post pages. Do we need a plugin?

10) The current version of the popular posts plugin causes a php error on the single posts if “popular posts” is checked. Is the current version incompatible?

Thank you!

related posts lists posts with the same tags. I am using version 2.0b2 of the popularity contest and no error.

This plugin worked for the external links: http://txfx.net/code/wordpress/page-links-to/

Still unsure how to make the main page display normal blog style and not the two columns. I am installing this theme on an existing blog.

Awhh..had to watch the video a little closer.. Thumbnail settings offers two columns.

Ehh.. just one more thing. I would like to keep using my static front page which is www.example.com/index.html and use the blog as www.example.com/blog Is there a way to manually enter the link URL for the navigation menu? I have changed the permalinks but there is something with the template that ensures it is the root page.

Thanks for your help.

you can use the custom field redirect plugin.

you can use the custom field redirect plugin.

Can’t see images at the top of every entry (thumbnail)

Can’t see images at the top of every entry (thumbnail)


but some are working? If so it can’t be the timthumb.php script, but if none are working, an update is coming (have been added to themeforest for review). You can also check the timthumb problemshooting at the bottom of this article. http://www.vfxdude.com/bigfeature/2009/07/setting-up-the-theme/

How can I change the font type in the post title? (when is actived the function to convert it to image)

turn off cufon for the post title in the theme settings.

Just added version 1.1 (for review). Here’s a new features video http://www.vfxdude.com/cufon-uploader-and-slider/

this theme is really beautiful and clean, it is the first theme I purchase: I usually hand code everything myself but needed a professional theme for a wordpress site. I have a little support to ask, right from the start… cufon font replacement is not working though enabled. I’m using wp 2.8.3 on dreamhost. Any suggestion?

thanks, Alessandra

sounds strange…can you email me the link to the website? you can use this contact form: http://www.vfxdude.com/about/

How can I translate de theme? making it multilingual?


And i just re-download the theme and upload it to my server replacing the old version but i dont see the font upload boton and how can I make my fonts into js files?

this theme is not localized, however I will look into how much work it would be to change that. So maybe I will implement it…

Version 1.1 vith the cufon uploader is in the themeforest review queue…I will write here when it’s available…

Version 1.1 is now available!!

How to compile and upload a cufon font

  1. Compile the font here http://cufon.shoqolate.com/generate/ (make sure the licensing of the font allows web embedding, best to use free ones). Add a bold and regular typeface (bold is used for the site title). Add the following glyphs: Uppercase, Lowercase, Numerals, Punctuation, WordPress punctuation and Basic Latin.
  2. Upload the compiled js font file with the new cufon uploader in the theme settings.
  3. Write the font name in the title of the uploader and press “save all changes”.

hey there – i might be too stoopid, but on the first site there is no article shown. is there a switch or a button where i can configure which article is showing up on the frontpage / first side? i didn’t find anything about that in the videos and my first site just my sidebar at the very left side of the browser. can you pleeze help a stupid guy :)

cheers, AFH .

ok dude, never mind my last posting – i figured it out -another question: my categorie headlines shows, but although i linked a testpost to all categories, there is not a single category shown. whatup with that?! thanx, AFH .

update: the thing with the page setup doesn’t work with the blog page. i create a blog page and on the read options admin site i link it as article page, but i get a 404 error?!

hmmm…what? Could you email me a link, and describe in steps what you are doing?

Hey there… How do I format the contact page to include two columns like it does in the documentation? I have the [easy_contact] shortcode in there and it works, but I want to place text right next to the contact form. Thanks

you can copy the code from here http://www.vfxdude.com/bigfeature/2009/07/page-templates/ and edit it html view (its the col1 and col2 divs that create the columns)

Great theme! I do have an issue with the dropdown menu. I can’t get to click on the subpage link. Do you know why? http://lendahandcharity.org/ >>see under the “ABOUT” link, drop down dysfunction.

this is caused by the slider. I you’re not using the built in slider, but it’s the same with that one too. Fix is coming…

fixed. Email me if you want a patch.