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Love the theme and the new functionality but is there anyway to include alt image tags? Tried all browsers and seems like they don’t show up when you mouse over. Should they?

Only older IE popup the alt tag, and this is should be classified as a bug. It is the title tag that should popup. I have not included title tags.

can you put more details on your page about the new slide feature? The video is great but I think I just need more info on how to implement.

The parameters are described at the bottom of this article http://www.vfxdude.com/bigfeature/2009/07/theme-settings/

I will write a tutorial too…

Is it possible to have your orginal font everywhere expect the Sitename part? I would like the font that comes with the theme to be everwhere, but I have a custom one I would like to use for the sitename, is this possible.

I just implemented the possibility for this, because I thought it was a good idea. Email me if you want to be a beta tester.

I bought the multi-use license and I am really enjoying this theme. The thought and detail that went into this thing is amazing! I really hope we will see more from you.

Version 1.1.1 is now available.

Improved the content slider: new buttons (2 styles), it now slides forever without reversing, made it possible to have more than one slider on a website page (good if it’s in the sidebar).

Improved timthumb. The version available on the net creates only png files (it convertes any type to png), my version returns the same filetype as it is (jpg, gif, png). I also found that timthumb is decreasing the quality of the images that are not resized. Images with exact width (feature image width, or content width) are now skipping timthumb.

Fixed the search and rss feedburner bug. Also the the navigation/slider issue is fixed.

hello vfxdude….i bought your theme last week. its awesome! congrats!

its possible to get an update because of the recently added new features?

greetz from germany


you can download the updated version from the downloads tab on your profile page.

thanks a lot!

Was there any changes made to the style sheets in 1.1.1

I made a ton of CSS changes so I was wondering if I can update everything but the CSS or have you updated any of the style sheets as well?

My Big Feature test site http://wptry.com

no changes in the css.

How can I change the font for the article content? I have already searched the class on the css but did not find it.


I’m pretty sure that font is controlled by the font size specified for the body element in the style.css file

If you want to change only the font of your posts, you could apply a font style, size, color, etc to the .post class in your style sheet.

See next page for example

You could target the paragraph of the .post class with something like this:

.post p { font-size: 14px; font-family: Georgia, ‘Times New Roman’, Times, serif; color: #333; }

nice theme. question: is the background color fixed to be white? i would like a green background to the entire site. how could i achieve this when i buy this template? thanks.

the container is fixed white, but the background can be changed in the css file (body property). Check inventor’s website for an example of changes that can be done with the css http://wptry.com/

Hey Buddy, will the update change any of my settings, made in the admin menu? Cheers – AFH .


I love this theme! Great job on not only design but the support.

I want to limit the Frontpage thumbnails to just 3 of the most recent posts not more. How do i limit the thumbnail post on the front page.

Thanks, Rob

Email me and you will get an update that makes this possible.

Any idea why I can’t roll over the drop down menu items on this site? It worked earlier but I think I might have hit a setting that messed it up. www.aaronnewcombbuilding.com


it is most likely a jquery conflict with a plugin. In the newest release this is fixed. Download it from the downloads tab on you profile page.

ok.. so I just downloaded it and installed the updated theme files.. I still get the same error.. Any more thoughts? Looks like there is some sort of gap between the “BLOG” text and the actual child menu options..

Thanks for your help.. LOVE THE THEME !

Very nice work!!!!

I let u know this template is the best, very clean, very professional and 100% customizable… Congrats!...

How do I choose a template for the home page? I would either like to use “Frontpage” or use the template that you show in the demo (with the wide image and the 2 columns below). When I have “Featured Image” selected the image shows up wide but the right column overlaps the image. Any help would be appreciated.

for the demo I used the thumbnails template (you choose the template on the right when addng a page). check this video for how to create it and set is as the home page. http://www.vfxdude.com/navigation-sort/ if you want the slider there instead of an image then read this: http://www.vfxdude.com/bigfeature/2009/08/the-bf-slider/

im having issues with the drop down menus. Even after removing all plugins im still having problems…

please help!

email me. Include a link to your website..


I just downloaded this theme and it killed my site. Upon further investigation, it seems it’s not compatible with the ‘more fields’ plugin. I deactivated all my plugins and tried to reactivate them one by one to track down the problem, and more fields gives me this:

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare meta() (previously declared in /home/site/public_html/wp-content/themes/bigfeature/library/functions/theme-functions.php:286) in /home/site/public_html/wp-content/plugins/more-fields/more-fields-template-functions.php on line 90

That’s a real shame as I kind of do need the more fields plugin. I can probably get around it by using a different plugin, but it would be great to use the plugin and the theme.

Is this something you think that would be easily fixed?