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Recently there was a significant WP security exploit for older versions of timthumb.php. Just wanted to make you aware, so that when you put out new releases of Big Feature Theme/Theme Children remember to use Tim Thumb Version 2.0+. Any timthumb.php file below version 1.35, but above version 1.09 is considered vulnerable, unless patched.

Has this been fixed yet in Version 1.4.1? Let me know.

yes it has been fixed.

I was wondering the same thing. Any info about this?

many threads in the forum about this, and yes it has been fixed.

Hello! I just bought your beautiful theme for my blog. I state that I am no expert, but I think I managed to set it.

I still have some doubts.

1) I have seen the site you have made ??available to us with documentation, very well done. There are some very nice page templates. I would like to know if there are other templates for the blog page. They are really convenient for those who do not know HTML . for example i used some template you give us free for two of my pages – http://www.novarchitectura.com/architettura-interiore/http://www.novarchitectura.com/presentazione/

but i need more :D

2) I have seen many blogs that use this theme and i had some questions - How do I get a footer like this: http://artlemon.de/ - How can I have a nav bar like this: http://illusiodesign.com/

there are plugins or widgets that you can recommend? Where can I find it?

3) I would like to know if in the contact page I can insert a google map and how to do.

Thanks for your help

my homepage is: http://www.novarchitectura.com/

this was answered here.

Hello! It has been a while ago, 1.4… so I would like to know if there will be an update of the theme with new features sooner or later…? Thanks in advance :)

There was a major update of the theme on August 12 (version 1.4.1), and even another release on september 9. (version Check here for new releases.


I am using the version 1.41 version of your theme and the column shortcodes are not working. When I enter them, they have no effect on the text and each column of text is found under the previous one.

Have you seen this before?

I have not seen this. It can be a caused by a css conflict. Here’s a column shortcode test page with 1.4.1. Post a topic in the forum if you still need help.

Hi vfxdude,

Just an FYI …BigFeature appears to work without issues on WP 3 .2 yet your description doesn’t mention that. At least I haven’t discovered any issues on an old site I upgraded yesterday.

Two weeks ago I passed on buying this theme again for a new clients website that it would have worked well for because it appeared not to be 3.2 ready…I suggest you update the description.

yes, I have forgotten to update the description. Thank you for reminding me. It is done now.

I’m having trouble with the Theme Setting page loading in full. Only the tabs are coming up at the top.

Thanks for your help.


this is a javascript conflict error, probably with a plugin.

I recommend to post support questions in the forum. I answer more frequently there, and you can also search thousands of posts there for help.

Is the “cooliris” photo gallery plugin included with this theme (like the one shown in the “photo gallery” link on the portfolio page?). It’s awesome!


Also, I noticed that several of the “showcase” sites have widened the theme to 960px. Do you provide any instructions or help files to do that? Maybe it could be standard in a future update….wider is better :-)


Does this template include a slider for the homepage? For example, something similar to featured posts but for the homepage slider.

Great Theme. just got and configured everything. I have a small but painful bug: I can drag and drop widgets but I can NOT drag and drop navigation items in “Add/remove/Sort the Navigation” please help

Something very odd is happening anytime I use the theme options. I’ve removed the info in the footer, hit save and on my site it has been removed. If I go back to the theme options and do something else, the footer information comes back by itself.

Also, I’ve changed the letter spacing on the post titles from -4px to 0px about 10 times but it keeps reverting back to -4px by itself! I’ve tried different browsers and the same thing is happening. Yes, I remember to hit save after I’ve made changes.

Can you think of any reason this is happening?

How do I edit settings on the slider on the main home page when its not a short code? I want to stop it from automatically rotating, or at least slow it down…

I have just purchased this theme, but the zip file contains no folder or files. Can you advise.

Belinda White

Is it possible to copy or repeat the layout of the homepage in every single page. With a slider and the same number of areas or sections (don’t know how to call ‘em) The same distribution, same everything in every single page. Of course with different content. I want 8 pages, same layout, with unique content, on all aereas and on the slider.

Can I, on the homepage, instead of the slider, embed a large size youtube or Vimeo video?

There is no limit, to the number of content areas I can have on any single page, correct?

Thank You!!!

When someone tries to leave a “comment” on any article on my page they get an error message that asks them to go back and put in a password. However, I don’t require people to be pre-registered nor do I ask for a password.

I recommend to post support questions in the forum. I answer more frequently there, and you can also search thousands of posts there for help.

Fro some reason i can no longer change the background image or colour with Wordpress Background tools? Is this a conflict to the recent wordpress update?

yes, upgrade the theme to the latest version ( and it will work again.

dude you rule..its been what? 3 years since this came out? You keep supporting and updating and I for one can not thank you enough..Thank you for keeping this theme fresh and working and better each time.. :) Dan

Hello there, I am actually running version and my hosting provider has just upgraded their PHP from v 5.2 to 5.3. and it turns out that the site is not compatible with 5.3.

Is there any particular script that is used in the theme that doesn’t support PHP 5 .3?

Now if I simply update your theme to V 1 .4.1 will this be compatible to PHP 5 .3

Many Thanks

This theme should work fine on php 5.3, since it’s developed on version 5.3.5. Could be a good idea to upgrade the theme, since it also fixes some issues with newer versions of wordpress. Here’s how to upgrade.