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Hey! It would be nice if you could make styles for “Fast Secure Contact Form” which is updated, instead of the “Easy Contact” plugin, which is unsupported and might got security risks due to old code. Recently got hacked on other site i got, because I had some “1200days since last update” plugins added, not good! ;) Just a tip! I would not consider or recommend using any plugins where the author has not updated it for 6 months+.

Hehe. Sorry! I didn’t see that this plugin included a styling section. Anyway, I got a question, what font are you using for headers on preview site? Thanks in advance.

The default cufon font “Vegur Thin” is used. It got a light and a bold style, so since the site title is bold it automatically gets the bold style.

I was trying to install this theme into wordpress but got the following error. Can someone help?

Many thanks,


Installing Theme from uploaded file: bigfeature-wordpress-theme.zip Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme…

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.

Unpack the downloaded file and install the bigfeature.zip file. More info.

I recommend to post support questions in the forum. I answer more frequently there, and you can also search thousands of posts there for help.

I wish we could “search” discussion section, cause I think you’ve got this question before, but do you know what line to edit and file to translate “read more” text? I don’t want to install plugins as it’s a security risk, so I want to manually change this but don’t know what file to change or what line. Hope you can help.

Love the theme!!! One problem though, my featured images were displaying and now they are gone. Not sure where they went. Please help!



I bought the theme and am currently using Bitnami Wordpress stack to build the site before it goes live.

I’m having problems having the feature image display on the homepage or any preview images at all for that matter. I watched the video you provide but it seems to be for an older version of WP and the current version doesn’t have the same way of setting a feature image for a post.

I tried to set a “featured image” but still nothing showed up.

Please let me know some solutions. Thanks.

Hey! Think there’s a bug with the advertise section “below article”. The ad will show below all articles (perfect), problem is, recent post will show the advertise at home/front/main page as well. Seems like a bug to me, because the purpose of this is to only show the advertise below article, when you CLICK article right? =)

Hey, Does this theme comes with a full layered PSD file? Thanks!

Buying another license now… This is by far the best framework theme that I have used. It makes some of the more complicated things simple, but then gets out of your way, and makes it easy to create!

Why another license? Each site (or domain or whatever) you run requires purchasing it again?

Hello, downloaded the new version, but there is no zip file anymore to upload to wordpress.

When extracting the themeforest bigfeature zip only 2 folders appear, no more bigfeature zip to upload directly to wordpress….


I am very, very happy with this theme.

It’s well documented, incredibly easy to setup and well integrated with WP’s backend. And it comes with a lot of nice extras. Also, localization is very easy.

The best all-around premium WP theme I’ve bought so far.

How do I put an image as the background of the site.. I had it working but when I upgraded wordpress to 3.3.1, my image went away..Help! Sterlien

Hi there!

I’m trying to upload a new Cufon font following the steps described in your site. I’ve produced a JS file and uploaded it with a proper name and description (h1, h2 and so on), but it doesn’t show up in the drop-down menu. What am I doing wrong?

Thanks, F.

Hello, I will be needing to add some code after the body tag. but seems that I could not find it anywhere.. can you help please thanks

Would be great if we could get some support…somewhere.

jerret: “We” have very good support – and I’m speaking as one of the 4,000+ active users who are currently using this outstanding theme.

I notice you’ve posted two separate questions over on the support forum, which is where we all go if we need assistance. You only just posted within the last 2 days, which included a weekend day, and there are also time differences.

There is only one developer working on this theme. One, I might add, who has been incredibly dedicated to supporting and improving this theme since it first appeared here – and it is probably the most actively supported and continually enhanced theme on ThemeForest. However, even large companies with technical support staff do not provide weekend support, and many take several days or longer to respond.

With 4,000+ users, there is a good likelihood that your question has been previously answered in one of the thousands of prior posts over on the forum. It’s also quite possible that your issue is unrelated to the theme itself, and may relate to installation, your server, or a third party software conflict. One thing is certain though: this theme is presently up and running for thousands of others right now.

To reiterate what the developer has stated:

“I recommend to post support questions in the forum. I answer more frequently there, and you can also search thousands of posts there for help.”

I just have to say, I found out you can link to external pictures for your featured image. THANK YOU ! Excellent theme, now I just need a some better smugmug integration tools, heh