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Hey vfxdude, I came to the BigFeature comment section specifically to ask if we can expect a Big Feature Responsive WP Theme. Coincidentally – I see that the latest comment by automaticgenius was also about a responsive theme.

Not saying it just to say it but – I’ve purchased many themes here and could honestly say that your BigFeature theme is one of, if not my absolute favorite theme purchases in the past few years. Clean, great structure and easy to customize.

Please let me know if there is a responsive version in the works. It’s been one of the more popular themes for sometime – a good idea ($) to keep it relevant (ie., mobile device friendly, filtered image gallery, wp-commerce or any e-commerce plugin ready).

Great work – keep it up.

Yes, there will come a responsive version. Here’s more info on that. Right now I’m working on version 1.5 of BigFeature, and I have added some awesome new features there. It will be out at the end of September.

Hi there. I am getting H2 headings in the sidebar which I really don’t want, and the suggested fix (editing h2 to h3/h4 in widgets.php) is not working. Do you have any info on how I might do this? It seems it is something about your theme that is preventing this fix.

Thanks in advance.

Managed to fix my problem, there was a deeper widgets.php file within the /themes/bigfeature directory (somewhere).

I’ve removed the ability to comment, and removed the comment section altogether from style.css, but it still keeps saying COMMENTS OFF in the header of every post (Date | Categories | COMMENTS OFF )

How do I get rid of that? Thank you

Uncheck the Comments option under “Post Meta Information” In the theme settings. btw, I recommend to use the forum instead of posting here.

When launch the new version with mobile support? Ty

Just finished version 1.5 of the theme. Lot’s lot’s of work, here’s the release log. The responsive/mobile version will come. Here’s more info on that.

I’ve tried to figure out this problem for about two hours now and am completely stuck.


This is my site.

If you go to my site, you’ll see that every post I’ve made (11 total) remain on my home page.. I was thinking after installing the wp-pagenavi widget, additional pages would be created as I make more and more posts, but nothing happens. Any idea how to fix this?


Howdy – I have an older version of Big Feature (1.3.2) working fine on a site using WP 3 .0.4. I am aiming to upgrade WP to the newest version. Do you have any pointers re: best process to upgrade? Should I upgrade the theme files to the newest version first? Or – upgrade the WP system first, then upgrade the theme files? Or – some other file-by-file adjustments I should do instead? Just aiming to prevent downtime as much as possible and avoid snafus. Thanks for your help!

Oh – forgot to mention – I do have a sandbox dev install of the site I can test – just want to make sure I’ve got all processes nailed down in advance. Thanks.

Hello, I was very impressed at your work, good job. I saw theme have RTL support, is supported Hebrew language?

Just upgraded to WP 3.5 and the Appearance section seems to be messed up. When you click on the tabs, nothing happens. Any chance the theme will be upgraded or is there a fix to get the menu in the main navigation? Thanks!

Upgrade the theme. A solution for this problem was given in the forum for a month ago, so in other words, use the forum instead of posting here.

HI, similarly to @spookus, I upgraded to WP 3.5 four days ago and agree nothing happens in the Appearance tabs. Now I can’t see the visuals in the post. Everything is text only. When are you likely to upgrade to WP 3.5 or should we revert back to WP 3.4? Thanks very much.

See answer given to spookus.

Hey vfxdude, First off, thanks for the awesome theme-one of my developer purchased it from you a while back and it’s been awesome! I just added a search bar to my site and for some reason the search has limitations with Big Feature.

Here is a link to the page: http://www.courtrightdesign.com/logo-store/ (using WooCommerce). The search bar on that page isn’t working when I search categories. I have tags and category names set-up for the products, but the only search that works is for the individual product names like “rocket logo” for instance.

Your expertise is much appreciated. You do great work.

Thanks! Kyle

Please use the forum.

WordPress 3.5 – language-file:

Are you other language files for download ? specially for german ?

Look this: Special character in german ö | ö dosn’t see in headline, but in lastest post in the sidebar is correct.

rename the language file in bigfeature-de_DE.mo and copy into wp-content/language/themes/ ? or in the theme directory under de_DE.mo ?

Link: http://www.deutsche-branchennachrichten.de

Please use the forum.

Hi! Thank you for a great theme! Really appreciate the possibilities. I am trying to remove the part above the posts in the blogg that talk about “comments”. I have been looking for quite som time whitout finding the code. I manage to remove the part on the singel posts though… Can you maybe help me here…? All the best! /Karin

Please use the forum.

I have with other plugins of themeforest this error:

Warning: Illegal string offset ‘sid’ in /usr/www/users/deutpj/wp-content/themes/bigfeature/library/admin/editor-shortcodes.php on line 240

in the webseite


I had this error after the choose of an other shortcode, http://codecanyon.net/item/shortcode-domination-css3-graphics-for-wordpress/2992389?ref=wpgoods&ref=-1&clickthrough_id=&redirect_back=true.

I used this and than i have this error message. Have you an idea ?

Please use the forum.

Hi there,

I am wanting to purchase your theme as I really like the example website you have listed: http://mitchellpoyau.com. I was wondering how it was styled as you don’t have any similar pages on your website demo?

Thanks in Advance.


Is it possible to use the blog & portfolio shortcode with multiple categories in the following way:

To show posts in category A AND category B …. not category A OR category B? I guess you would call this multiple filtering.

Or …. show posts with category A AND tag X?

I need this to avoid a mile long list of category names.

If it’s not possible with the template please can you suggest a plugin that might do the same thing that I can use with the template?

Thanks for your help, Nick

Very good work, I have looked at a few of your themes and am quite impressed. Will soon be a purchaser if all goes as planned.

Hello, sir. I’m using this theme with cache plugin WP Super Cache. But I have big load from file: wp-content/themes/bigfeature/library/css/optionstyles.php

Can you help me? My hosting provider closed my account for big load. Maybe you can fix this problem?


Enable this theme setting to write this to a css file: “Cache the settings stylesheet (use css file instead of php)”. I recommend to use the forum. There you can search for an answer to your question.