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last half monthes IO’s devises start to generate errors

tried to access non-existent page http:/site.com/apple-touch-icon-57×57.png Browser: Safari version 5.1 running on iOS

and tons of similar : apple-touch-icon-76×76.png apple-touch-icon-114×114.png apple-touch-icon-120×120.png apple-touch-icon-144×144.png pple-touch-icon-152×152.png and so on.

what apple devises trying to find? is it possible to fix in your new theme?

I would like to implement it http://mehmetalimersin.com.tr which is a personal blog. Do you suggest me? Would it be useful for me?

Would you please recommend a hosting service that I can use your theme without a problem? Im from Turkey. My site will be international.

Hey Ddoranmarel,

Try Varihost.net in UK – they host several international WordPress sites (incl. Turkey, Australia and USA) and we trust them everyday. We host 200+ with them.

Hey there. Downloaded. says:

style.css stylesheet. is missing

DL failed.

What do I do?

nvm – solved it.

DL’d the Favicon plugin. Works on my dashboard, but everytime I visit the site – it won’t show up….what’s happening man?

Yo man, more importantly, I can’t get rid of the “ReadMore” button. I just want the thumnail to display the whole writing – as I don’t write much. How can I fix this??

I want to buy it for http://archnew.com and i would like to know if this theme is responsive?

I liked your theme, but before buying it I’d like to see which child themes it supports are responsive. Are you coming up with a responsive version of your main theme soon?

Hello friend,

Quick question:

Is there a way to change header height through admin panel? If not, how could I do that? Thanks!

i would like to know if this theme is responsive?


It’s not responsive out of the box, but there is a responsive child theme that can be downloaded here that makes it responsive.

The support forum new user registration is now open. A BigFeature Purchase code is now neccessary to register.

Hello, How can i setup my theme … I have a problem with the featured image of the post…. I need to be the first image not the last http://interiordsgn.org/2014/07/22/sustainable-house-volumes-overlooking-sea-lima-peru/

I know this design :). I prefer to do support in the forum rather than here. As far as I can see the featured image is at the top.

For some of the posts…. But i have 939 posts and is very difficult for me to set for each of them the featured image :(

hi I have a client who has previously purchased your theme. They have asked me to look at their site and advise them on making it responsive… Is your theme responsive? If not are about to offer a responsive version, or is there a plugin that you know will give this functionality?


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Hello I need support , there is a tutorial ?

Wegre is the blog?

Hi, Isearch the blog in the Theme, look here http://www.vfxdude.com/testblog/blog/

Hey dude

You had a video way back setting up the theme – it was great – is it possible to see it anywere?

Best regards

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its nice blog theme maybe use for my blog. http://kopekmamasimarkalari.blogspot.com.tr/