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My website have erros. On header: /catalog/view/theme/bigshop/template/common/header.tpl on line 52

On products in home: /catalog/view/theme/bigshop/template/module/featured.tpl on line 1


/catalog/view/theme/bigshop/template/module/featured.tpl on line 1

Hello @groutech,

Are you use which OpenCart version? Please send us Email and send us following details. So, We will investigate.

Site URL = ?
Site FTP Host Name = ?
Site FTP Username = ?
Site FTP Password = ?
Site admin Username = ?
Site admin password = ?

Best Regards, HarnishDesign

how we set header menu in admin option can you help me

Hello, I has be sent your email reply. Thanks.

Hi i already purchase your theme i want need your help i mean technical support first my question how we change the success alert message div position

Hello, Here, I have realized. You have not purchased theme from this themeforest account. So, Please First of all send me email from theme purchased themeforest account. Otherwise, Please send us email & send us Item(theme) Purchase Code for Support. Thanks.


collylad Purchased

Hi. we bought your theme some time ago, and now we want to update it with the latest version. Can we do this without losing our customization? We generally work in WP and updating a theme does not cause any customization to be lost, but not sure about Open Cart. Thank you. (great theme by the way!)

Hello, Thank you for reaching us. if, You have to any customization in theme code. So, It will lose after updating. if, Your customization have changed with extension(vQmod/Ocmod). So, It will not be lost. Feel free get back & send Email. if you have more questions. Thanks.


chinyee Purchased

Hi, do you mind to tell me which file i should edit to display all the sub-category by default? version 2.30.2 tq

Hello, Here, I can not clearly understand your question. Please send me Email & let me know your question in details. are you talking about which categories? top menu? Thanks.


chinyee Purchased

hi i am referring to left column category on skin 1, by default its hide the sub-category, just let me know the file responsible for this ( eg; .tpl) will do thank you

Hello, Here, You need to add following css for that.

Go to admin > Extension > modules > Bigshop Theme Control Panel > Custom Css Tab > & then paste following Css > & then Save module > & then check it.
.box-category > ul > li ul{display: block!important;} .box-category > ul > li .down{display: none!important;}

also, According to the Envato new support policy your support time is expired. So, Please Extend the support pack and send me Email for support/help. Thanks.


chinyee Purchased


thank you harnish for the help, Harnish has always provide a fast and great support… Recommend!! Going to purchase another theme “MarketShop” sooon

Thank you

Thanks, mate :)


chinyee Purchased

hi harnish, i would like to ask if it possible to configure the “Feature Module” or “bigshop product tab-feature” to display product randomly from the shop?.... (Exp. if i set limit is 12, it will randomly display 12 any product , and it will refresh eveytime the page load) ..... please do let me know weather possible or not… i will extent support … thanks

Hello, It will not possible in this module. You will need to find any third party module(extension) for that. Thanks.