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Hi Harnish,

Great theme. One bug. When i use the affiliate program, the user (that creats an account) can not get the tracking code becouse the autocomplete for the tracking generator (the one that search into the products) does not work. Any hint? Please help as soon as possible. I can not get it to work.

Please let me know.

Thank you!

Hi, please send me email so I will send fixed file. Thanks.

when i view my cart i get this error: Notice: Undefined variable: google_checkout in /homepages/22/d394750531/htdocs/shopnexneuro/catalog/view/theme/bigshop/template/checkout/cart.tpl on line 193

please help. thanks

Hi, please send me your site & FTP Details so I will check. & please send me email. Thanks.

Hi harnish,

can you tech me to edit the sub-category display? As by default all sub-category is in collapse mode ( user need to press the ”+” then only the sub-category will be displyed)

May i know is that possible to change it become expend more ( which mean the sub-category will be displayed all the time as “expend view”

looking forward for your reply


Hi, please send me your site & FTP details. so I will try (but i am not sure). & please send me email. Thanks.

i have send it to your gmail account at harnishdesign@gmail.com. thanks

Dear Harnish, i have found the solution. thank you very much

In my website when I check it with firebug there are a few errors with the googleapis.com fonts. And this makes the website slower. Can you please check it and tell what is wrong?


Hi, I have check your site. but not face any error for me. if you get error for you so please send screenshot jpg. so I will check. & please send me email. Thanks.

Hi Harnish,

I have sent you an email regarding the error code on the cart:

/customers/a/4/5/domainname.com/httpd.www/catalog/view/theme/bigshop/template/checkout/cart.tpl on line193

Also could you possibly add JCB, Vista Electron, Solo and Cirrus icons to the bottom of the page at all?



Hi, I sending you email. Thanks.

Hi, Is your template suitable to function as a B2B Webshop? Meaning: 1. Prices are only shown when the user logs in 2. 2 types of prices can be added to products, namely: procurement prices and recommended retail prices

Hi, This is OpenCart theme. I think, it facility is not available in OpenCart. though please Read OpenCart features. http://www.opencart.com/index.php?route=feature/feature


According to http://www.opencart.com/index.php?route=feature/feature&path=14 Opencart does have B2B functionality. Does this automatically mean your template facilitate this also?

Hi, Yes, You can do it. All features available according to opencart features in bigshop theme.

hi Harnishdesign. I have purchased your bigshop theme. But I have an error when I click on My Cart.

Notice: Undefined variable: google_checkout in /home/httpdocs/catalog/view/theme/bigshop/template/checkout/cart.tpl on line 193

where the problem? is not im using google checkout

Hi, please send me your site URL & ftp details so I will check. & send me email. Thanks.

Hi There , in Featured products , Auto complete jQuery is not working , how to fix this and is it any problem in theme or in open cart . On other pages auto complete jQuery is working .. Can you please guide me Thanks ..

Hi, I think, it should working. any way, please send me it page URL & send me email. so I will check. Thanks.

I have no problem with opencart 1.5.5 slideshow that displays a side scroll bar. How to solve? I have read the guide and followed all the steps carefully.

Ok thanks I solved!

Hi All, i have Open Cart is this theme compatible with this version.

Hi, Not compatible OpenCart version Thanks

Nice Theme. I’m interested in purchasing. Can you tell me which module i can purchase to integrate a blog and also a one page checkout that would work correctly with this theme.

Hi, I have not check any extension module. many extension available in OpenCart market. Thanks.

delperez 1 minute ago Flag Edit

Hi, New Install, haven’t added any payment method yet and getting this error:

PHP Notice: Undefined variable: google_checkout in /home/wfpenter/public_html/catalog/view/theme/bigshop/template/checkout/cart.tpl on line 193

Hi, please send me email. so I will send fix files. Thanks

Great template, quick response for support, very happy.

hello, i am having trouble with this theme and affiliates. do you know of any current issues? the affiliate CAN sign up, admin can approve the affiliate, but no sales get recorded when i try a test using “cash on delivery”. can you please help me? thanks

The Tracking Link Generator for logged in affiliates to generate links – the javascript is broken – the auto-fill function does not work, any help please?

i also forgot to mention in my last question – i made my affiliate account and used affiliate linking code on the “visit the store” button on this site: http://nexneuro.com so if u can test. thanks

Hi, I have sending you email. Thanks

please can i use this theme for wordpress project…you can email also fairgh@yahoo.com

Hi, this is OpenCart theme. Not available for wordpress. Thanks.

Hello, i tried to minimize my website width from 1170px to 960px so as to gain left & right spaces but i don’t know how things got messed up and it gives me a white space within the template. How can i change the width ? from Css stylesheet or from within the template adminisitration!!

Hi, please send me email & send me your site URL. so I will check. & also not available changes width option from admin side. you can change width from Css. Thanks.

I have 1 question, this is template using $ currency, can i changes to other currency? like a IDR, Europ, or other

i need to clear this question before i decide to buying this template.

Hi, Yes, this is template Multi-Currency.

bigshop is OpenCart Theme. so Read more feature OpenCart Here: http://www.opencart.com/index.php?route=feature/feature


Tracking Link Generator for the affiliate page : This is blank, but even though I type something in there nothing happens. It should auto populate once you have started typing the first few letters but nothing happens even after enter the product name.

Hi, please send me email. so I will send fix file. Thanks.