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Hello, I bought your theme and using it on my site but I will like to have the footer modified. The modifications that I want are:

1) Show accepted payment logos with options to remove/add logos. 2) The hyperlinks on the phone number, email and fax are making the numbers and email invisible to see. 3) The Address field is insufficient. It overflows and messes up the field below it.

For the Product Display: Is there a way to make GRID VIEW the Default view for displaying products?

I will be expecting your response.

Hi, I will tray implement according to your requirement in our next update. I have already add GRID VIEW the Default view for displaying products in our last update so download latest source & put in your source. if you any other question so send me email. Thanks

hello, ps i would need: 1. the theme to add 14 categories with about 7 to 9 subcategories for each, is this possible?

2. i would like to change the format for the price display. i would like it the price border to be a regular square shape.

is this possible?

Hi, (1)possible add 10 to 11 categories in top menu navigation. but unlimited categories possible for left side bar categories part. (2) are you talking about product page price display? Thanks


Autocomplete is not working. How do I fix?

How can I set category to grid view ?

Thx, Jon

Hi, please send me email & send me your website & FTP username/password so I will check. Thanks


I bought and installed this team, but I get this error: ?? Notice: Undefined variable: stores in /home4/temelbil/public_html/musterihizmetleri/catalog/view/theme/bigshop/template/common/header.tpl on line 168

the address is: www.musterihizmetleri.info

can you tell me how to fix this?

I did and it’s fixed. thank you. i have a small problem though, in the live demo, there’s a ”+” next to every category, that has a subcategory, which expands the selection. i don’t have it in my store. do you have an idea why?

Also I want the subcategories to appear when a root category is rolled over, it happens when you click the X right now, is this hard to implement?

I also just noticed the “add to cart” buttons doesn’t work under thumbnails, it works on product pages but not on thumbnail areas such as “featured” “new items” etc

Hi, please read documentation & follow category accordion module details. & Send me Email and your FTP details & admin username/password. so I will check your add to cart issue. Thanks

Wonderful theme. I have been having an issue with the search results not having the correct offset. Doesn’t display in the correct location on my browser. Only time I had it working was when I upgraded to but had the theme at 1.5.4. Now that I upgraded the theme to it is not the correct offset again.

Also with the upgrade to theme the header.tpl has an undefined $path_image variable. I have adjusted this

Browser: Chromium Version 24.0.1312.56 Ubuntu 12.10 (24.0.1312.56-0ubuntu0.12.10.3)

opencart: , theme: 1.5.5.x ... still having issue with the offset of the response to the autocomplete and the $path_image undefined in header

Hi, I have check your site now. it is working fine. Thanks

thank you very much … as long as it is just me and my browser i am fine with it.

Hi, how can I enable category accordion menu memory ? When I click on category, the category tree will close and I need to open tree again. Is there any posibility to add category memory ?

Hi, I was already it changes. so please download latest source & put in your source. if you any other question please send me email. Thanks

When are you rolling out the update that have my suggestions implemented? I am seriously waiting for the update so that I can open my eCommerce site live to the public.

Hi, working on it parts so when it is completed & other some fixed after update as soon as possible. Thanks

Ok that is alright. I’ll be waiting for the update then otherwise I was considering getting “iCustomFooter” extension. Maybe you take a look at “iCustomFooter” at (http://www.opencart.com/index.php?route=extension/extension/info&extension_id=6496&filter_search=Footer) to get idea.

Will it be possible for you to include video (youtude or others) description of products on “product pages” along side with the product pictures in the next update?

Thank you for your work.

How do I enable that top menu bar? I have the left one turned on and enabled, but top one does not show up…



Oops… I found the answer… I thought I had looked through all the messages…


It does look like the getdata.php file is not concatenating on the database prefix… I manually added the oc_ to the query for the product and product_description tables…

I also added a % to the front of the search criteria as well as the end… This produces results where the search criteria is anywhere in the description of the product. (Not just at the beginning)



How to make “search” showing greek characters, as my products are in greek languange? Instead of them it shows “?

Hi, not working your auto complete in search bar? Thanks

It is working but it doesn’t shows correct the greek characters! Instead it shows ”????” You can check it at www.katoikiashop.gr write in the search bar ” AXION ” , it will show some products but every word that is with greek characters after the word AXION it is shown with ”????”

Hi, please contact via email so i will send some fixed file. Thanks

Can i purchase it? will u get me some custom changes? I’m ready to pay extra.

Hi, I sending you email. Thanks

Hi there Great theme. Just one question, i noticed in a previous comment from a user that you mentioned you had set the default view for products to be “GRID” in your latest version. This is what i’d like todo. I have downloaded your theme again today, carefully uploaded all the files for OC version: OpenCart 1.5.4.X However, i can see no change or the ability to set. Can you help advise how to get grid view by default?

Heres my site:




Hi, I’m updated now. It might take a day for the reviewers to approve it. Thanks

Hi Harnish. I have updated my site with latest files for my version of OC. I can see the new CSS option. However, the products still view as a list by default. How do i setup so the default is GRID? http://www.bushpigshop.co.uk/index.php?route=product/category&path=18

Thanks Rich

Hi, please contact via email. so I will send some changes files. Thanks

Hi, I purchased your theme. I want to know if it’s possible to set the accordion menu for the mobile version, in order to view the categories. The reason is that I’m using the top menu just for the informative pages. Thanks

Hi, it is not possible. because left & right panel are hide in mobile view. Thanks

Please give us step by step instructions on how to change the default from list to grid. Please tell us each file and and each line that needs to be modified.

Thanks! Jon

Hi, I have update theme today & already add default from list to grid. so Download latest source & put in your source. Thanks

Great thanks! So how do I do that exactly? Should I just download the new theme and overwrite all files or just some files specifically?

Hi, am very much interested in this template. I am however very much a novis when it comes to web designs. If you could, tell me how it all works. I want an ecommerce web site that I can together myself. Am a Cisco Network consultant so do have some technical knowledge.

Hi, bigshop is OpenCart theme. so easily setup & handle from admin side. if you don’t know OpenCart & OpenCart features. so see www.opencart.com & also handle bigshop opencart theme related description include our package. if you any other query so send me email & let me know. Thanks

What’s the best way to remove the sidebar ONLY from the home page? is there a way other than editinh home.tpl?

Yes, you are select all module install & setup from admin side. so not select any module Home page in sidebar from admin side.

Thank you for this fantastic template! Everything is just perfect. :sunglasses2:

This looks almost perfect for our needs, but we need a column on the right hand side of the homepage for ads/promos (same width as you have the left column at the moment). Is it possible? Only needed on homepage – not inner pages. Thanks.

Hi, it is possible. our one user site. see example http://www.bushpigshop.co.uk/ I think, want it. if any other query so let me know. Thanks

Hello first, your works great!! I purchase this theme and I have question. there is two Specials Category in Left. I want to fixt it One Specials.How can I fix it? Please let me know. I hope hear you soon. www.makozzang.com thanks.

Hi, that means, are you want change for title word special? Thanks

Hi, I fixed it.never mind.thanks_