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Great Theme, unlike all the others here which are super slow and hard to modify to make it suitable for todays technology.

5 stars from me

You should add the Mega menu like the PoliShop, Please

Hi, Thanks for purchasing our theme. I will some added new feature in big shop. but take time. I will try for completed as soon as possible. Thanks.

I’m still having issues with “Bigshop Theme Custom Options” module not existing and am unable to customize my store. I’ve emailed twice about this and have not gotten an answer about how to fix it. I even included a picture showing the problem. It’s in your demo admin but in my admin it doesn’t exists. It goes straight from “Bestsellers” to “Carousel” in the modules list. Please let me know how to fix this.

Thank You

Hi, I have sending you email reply. Thanks

Thanks for fixing the problem cause I was completely in the dark as my FTP didn’t seem to allow me to follow steps properly. Great looking site and I’m now looking forward to getting to the business end of things.

Thanks again

Hello Harnish, Thanks for your great theme Big Shop as I am using it quite successfully. However there is one thing to be sorted out. The price tag. I am using plug-in for dynamic changeing the price on dropdown menu. However Bigshop price tag stays as it is and only other tag appears on the upper side where the price changed according to dropdown options. Can you you check my website and possibly fix it, so price can be changed on your main tag (not the upper). Please see the page sample http://k-tuning.com/en/maker/kia/k3/i44757.html

I hope you understand what I mean and help me to sort it out.

Thank you so much. P.S. The similar question was asked by pennywilerra just a little earlier. This is very very important for us.

Hi, I have sending you email reply. Thanks.

This is not Opencart side, but BidShop theme side issue, because it works fine in default Opencart theme. This function is absolutely must, because buyer confused when adding option to product with extra cost, but price stays the same. They think the price is like in your big orange box, and the go checkout and see price is bigger and after that they cancel buying product. You get what I mean?. Therefore I highly recommend you to reconsider it and try to make it work in BigShop. I spend i year to select the most appropriate theme for my needs and tried mant themes spent a lot of money, then found your Big Shop, which is absolutely fine for all my needs and really good for 90% of plugins so I like it. Please think it over, since this function seems to be very important for most users. Thank you!

Hi, I have sending you email reply. Thanks.

This theme is really very good and i must say support is exellent than other Authors. Author understands the issue and fix those quickly, because of support only i liked it.I will highly recommend this theme . Thanks Harnish for the great support.

Is it possible to remove the sidebar from the admin, or does it need code modification? Thanks.

Hi, according to opencart functionality, if you are not Enable any module in sidebar so automatically Hide sidebar. if you are Enabled any module in sidebar so automatically show sidebar. & also Doesn’t it need code modification. if you any other query so please send me email via profile. Thanks.

Hello how can i make an option to choose mobile view or normal view because i dont really like the mobile view and when i buy somethig on my theme it appears a green bar but how can i change the text colour and the bar?

Hi, Here not option available for choose mobile or normal view. but you want to remove responsive design so it is possible after some fixed & changes. & also I think, you are talking about you information alert bar. so Here, not option available. but you can change css trough. if you any other query so please send me email. Thanks.

Yes thats what i mean, could you please tell me what i have to do to remove mobile view and where can i find can i find the information alert bar when i buy something on the shop it’s a very smoothly theme but i wish help with this thanks

Hi, Some changes & fixed after possible remove responsive. so please send me email & send me below details so I will remove responsive in your site. Thanks.

Site URL = ? Site FTP details = ? Site admin username/password = ?

I want to thank you first for your great support and theme i get really fast answer and Harnish design fixes really fast things i want to change, first i was thinking about should i give my ftp details for helping but your an professional i trust you completely thank you really much for the work you did to my shop i highly recommend people to buy theme’s made by hardnish design just for the very good and fast support and the very nice theme’s i give you a 5 for rating your work thanks dude.

Amazing theme, just purchased it yesterday. If we can solve the following problems I have, then I will rate it with five stars :)

1. How should I proceed if I want to change the words “Login In”, “Create An Account” to something else? I use an swedish translation, but it is unfortnately not translated correctly :)

2. How to replace “Categories” -> “Kategorier” in left column menu?

3. Is there a way to mass-disable shipping countries? It seems I can just do one by one, and because its alot of countries it will take a long time. I just want my products to be shipped within scandinavian countries.

4. Is there a way to make the mobile-version of the website to the “normal” desktop-look? I like the desktop-look more.

Else than that it is a GREAT template. Thanks alot! You can reach me on robvik@hotmail.com :) I will buy more thing from you in the future!

2. How to replace the name “Categories” with “Kategorier”* //Thanks

Hi, I have sending you email. Thanks.

Great theme Harnish Design. One of the best I have seen for opencart.

I have 2 questions. (1) When I share a product page on facebook it shows one of the side banners on the thumbnail instead of the product picture.

2)How do I get a blog link to be on top categories and a contact us link

Hi, 1. Here count images automatically by own Facebook functionality. 2. Direct link code put in file after it is possible. please send me Email & below details so I will add both link in your site.

Site URL = ? Site FTP details = ? Site admin username/password = ?



How do I change the currency to Turkish Lira? Thanks

Hi, I think, It functionality not available in OpenCart. though You can contact from www.opencart.com if you any other query so please send me email. Thanks.

Thanks. I figured it out that one. As you can say I am a newbie. Can you help me out with changing it into Turkish.

Much appreciated.

Hello Harnish :)

I was wondering if its possible to add an image under ‘Latest’ and divide the make the slideshow shorter in width and add two images to the right?

You can see example here: http://i44.tinypic.com/2cp8ig7.png

Image 1: Would be the slideshow Image 2: An image, could say free shipping Image 3: An image, could say safe e-shopping Image 4: An image, linking to an ‘Live Chat’ extension.

Is it possible? Thanks :)

Hi, Here Image 2 & 3 banner images is not possible. but You can add Image 4. Use banner module for image 4. if you any other query so please send me email. Thanks.

Could you please write me how can i add Related Products on tab and also show like a list ?

it is very important .

Thank you

Hi, Some changes/fixed in code after possible add Related Product on tab.

& also I am not clearly understand. show like a list? so please more any clarification.

please Send me email & send me below details so I will add Related Product on tab..

Site URL = ? Site FTP details = ?

Hi! I’m having a problim with the Flex Slider: When i add a link to the image the its resized to a smaller size in Chrome, you can check it here: (in the banner that says “Sacale Jugo”)

I changed the design but that’s not the problem and neither the JS files…

i don’t know, ONLY the images that have link (in the admin) have that problem!

Pls help me!

Hi, Please Send me Email & Send me below details so I will check.

Site URL = ? Site FTP details = ? Site admin username/password = ?

Hello, I’m looking for some help with bigshop. I am running open cart 1.5.5 at the moment and after I installed the template I am getting a header error

“Notice: Undefined variable: filter_name in /homepages/33/d294740041/htdocs/tb/catalog/view/theme/bigshop/template/common/header.tpl on line 202”

I am not sure how to fix this, and I would really like to use this theme to its full potential. Any help would be very much appreciated.

Thank you!

Sorry for the double post but I think I fixed it. Just took a little digging. Thank you!

hi harnishdesign, have gone through your site and from my research many people made mention of your theme that is for e-shop. 1. what order plugins would i need if am to build e-shop for my mum. 2. in the currency settings of your theme is Nigeria currency (Naira ?)included because other theme that i used my country currency wasnt included. 3. am new to web design hope there is full support on your product for dummie like me?

And i believe your theme in wordpress compatible.

thank you.

Hi, First of all Bigshop theme is not wordpress theme. Bigshop is OpenCart theme. So I think, You need to read for OpenCart and OpenCart functionality. You can see OpenCart functionality Details Here http://www.opencart.com & also, if you any other query for theme related so let me know. & after bought any query our theme related so I will help you. & The product images are for demonstration purposes only and are not included in the package. Thanks.

hi harnishdesign, am using goddady as a hosting server, would bigshop theme work fine on goddady.com without any issues? Am sorry for bothering you i just want to know before i ventured into it.

Thank you

Hi, Bigshop theme is OpenCart theme. so Go to http://www.opencart.com/index.php?route=download/download & You can Read Server Requirements.

SO Here. First of all Download Default OpenCart source & install your server & completely install default OpenCart theme after use bigshop theme source and Read & follow Our documentation. if after any issue create for theme related so I will help you. Thanks.

Hello, I installed Russian language pack to Bigshop theme. Most of words were translated correctly, but some footer items were not translated. Let me know please where I can translate “About Us” “Delivery Information” “Privacy Policy” “Terms and Conditions”? Serg

Go to admin > catalog > Information > & then Edit your page > & put your page details in Russian language. if you any other query so please send me email. Thanks.

Thanks for your reply! Other question. How can I add “add to cart” button to Featured, Latest and Specials products when modules installed in left/right columns? Serg

Hi, It is possible after some fixed. so please send me email & send me below details so I will fixed.

Site URL = ? Site FTP details = ?

Hi. I’ve created some custom responsive content for the homepage for a shop using this theme but the header of the theme is giving all sorts of problems and doesn’t seem to be responsive in any kind of way at all. After resizing the page down below a certain amount the entire page just disappears. Any idea what could be causing this? Trying to work with the css to get the theme to work properly is difficult to say the least. My shop is at www.giftemporium.ie. I’d appreciate if you could look at it and say why you think the theme doesn’t work.

Hi, please send me email & send me Site FTP details = ? details so I will check & solved. Thanks.

I appear to have solved it. Thanks for your offer of help anyway.

For people’s information, if you use a vqmod or some other code to program a body class it will interfere with the working of the template and make it disappear below a certain size. Use a body id tag instead if you have to. Otherwise the template is great.


I am using OC 1.5.4 i dnt want to upgrade OC version. but can i upgrade the theme. i see there some new features that you have added.

How do i upgrade the theme. will it break anything.

any update…

Hi, after update, will not create any major issue.

Thanks for the help…the update went smooth…

Hello, I found the options on the rotating banner from home an option to extend the time between one image and another is possible in the theme options?

If it is not possible through the options, which file should I change?


Hi, Sorry for late reply. Here it is not option available in theme option.

For Nivo Slider: catalog > view > javascript > jquery > nivo-slider > & then open jquery.nivo.slider.pack.js & you can modify.

For Flex slider: catalog > view > theme > bigshop > js > & then open jquery.flexslider-min.js & you can modify.

if you any other query so please send me email. Thanks.