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Hello I have contacted you on Facebook more than 3 times now, and I’m still having discrepancy between the displayed price and the one I’ve set within admin. Can you get back to me how to fix this, I’m sure it is just a setting or anyone else could help me please?

Pricing issue example. I would like to have displayed £49 (no VAT) just £49, but anything I do the front end is displaying £32.02 (even when is set to £49) . Any help or suggestions would be much appreciated! And what a shame that Harnish Design is not responsive and supporting their own product

Hi, I have support provide via email & this comment page. & also, You need to contact from www.opencart.com for this topics. if you any other query so please send me email. Thanks.

Hi, we have purchase bigshop theme,I have a problem with the left category accordion menu. When i’m in a sub category the category menu collapses. I want it should stay expanded and the current category highlighted. We are using 1.5.4 version .Also issue with top menu.Its not work like Responsive for some resolution.

Hi, please send me email & Send me your issue screenshot & send me your site URL. so I can proper judge. what is issue? & also please send me below details so I will check.

Site URL = ? Site FTP details = ? Site admin username/password = ?

Hi There , My Twitter widget is not working can you please check what is happening , do i need to update theme or need to make any changes in code.



Hi, Some times ago change changes api by twitter. I was already it issue solved & update. you can use latest source. otherwise, please send me email & send me your site FTP details & admin username/password. so I will fixed. Thanks

I install your template in opencart, and I hace same problem in the return page. Is impossible to make a return because there are no button to accept the conditions.

Pleas check http://www.bricomusicos.com/index.php?route=account/return/insert

Hi, This page functionality is by default OpenCart. so I think, you need to contact from http://www.opencart.com for this topics. if you any other query so please send me email. Thanks.

hello! i have a little issue with the theme. i like it a lot, the only problem is that the information column from the footer dissapeared. I checked footer.tpl and footer.php and everything seems allright. can you help me with this please? thank you, and again.. a very good job.

Hi, When you are add Information page from admin side. so automatically add it page link in information column from footer. So, I think, Here You have not add any information page in your site. so it is dissapeared.

I think, You need to add new information page from admin side. & then after check it. if you any other query so please send me email. Thanks.

Hi, i have five information pages already created, but the column information in the footer still not appears. Also the checkbox show in footer is checked. can you help me please?

Hi, Ok, Please send me Email & send me below details so I will check.

Site URL = ? | Site FTP details = ? | Site admin username/password = ?

Hello, can I get the demo/sample data? Thanks

Hi, Sorry, I can not provide. if you any other query so please send me email. Thanks.

Hi, my logo is bigger and longer than the current logo, so when i upload it everything misaligns and shifts to the right. is there any way to fix it? the logo can’t be too small. thanks!

Hi, Upload your big logo. & then after please send me email & send me below details so I will check.

Site URL = ? | Site FTP details = ? | Site admin username/password = ?

Great Theme ! i asked for support and in some hours everything was like i want to be Deserve all the money for support!!

Thank You.

Hi Harnish,

Is there anyway to show the (0) next to the shopping cart in the Account drop down in the header? The Wishlist has this, so I was wondering if the same could be done for the shopping cart as well.


Hi, Sorry, I think, Customization after it is possible. if you any other query so please send me email. Thanks.

Hi Harnish,

Why is it that on the features page and special page that the add to cart button is higher or lower that some of the other products? It seems it is pushing the add to cart button down if there is too many characters in the product name?


Hi, please send me email & send me your site URL & your query with screenshot. so I can proper judge. Thanks.

How do I get the information pages to show up on the menu bar without having them appear in the categories side bar?

Hi, want you to add information pages link in top main menu? & also please send me email. so I will do further clarification. Thanks.

Yes, I would like to add other pages that are not product category pages to the top of the banner. My email is clinton.anderson@fuelcellsetc.com

Hi, I have sending you email. Thanks.

Hi, on the demo I have to click product categories on the left sidebar in order to expand them. Is there any way to display the subcategories when you simply hover over categories? (same way as you do on the top site menu)?

Hi, Sorry, Many customization changes after it is possible. if you any other query so please send me email. Thanks.

Sorry, I didnt get it – is it possible or not?

Hi, Sorry, Here, it is not easily possible. Thanks.

I have just purchased this theme, Do I install it via


or Public_html/Stop1/

Hi, Here, I can not properly understand. You are which part talking. top toolbar that means? please send me email & try again explain your query. Thanks.

Hi, If you browse over amozen you will see a dropdown, if you want to go to a specific category you will notice you can scroll across then to the subcategory for example…

Shop by department – Kindle – Kindle E-Readers

I am just wondering If this could be made available at all. Not including all the design like amozen but just been able to scroll across to select a subcategory would be extremely helpful


Hi, please send me email & send me below details. & Send me a screenshot, you want to. if it is possible for my hand so I will fixed there.

Site URL = ? | Site FTP details = ? | Site admin username/password = ?


Why do the images have to be so small?

Like category image size: 80×80

Thats tiny, I want to use bigger images, could I set it to 160×160 or will this cause problems?


Hi, that meas, are you talking about category page? are you set image size according our documentation. if not solved your issue. so, please send me email. & send me below detail so I will check. Thanks.

Site URL = ? | Site admin username/password = ?

No I’m asking a simple question:

Why does the category image size have to be set at 80×80?

That is a very small image size. Will there be any problems if I set it to 160×160?

Hi, You can set category image size 160×160. Will not there be any problems. Thanks.

Hi Harnish Just purchased this theme, was stuck at one point where i am trying to remove the “Powered by opencart” footer text. In footer.php there is a line 46, however when i remove this line its removing the whole footer text. Can you please help. Thanks much

Hi, Go to your source > catalog > view > theme > bigshop > template > common > & then open “footer.tpl” file > & then Find below code > & then You can Edit & remove it code. if you any other query so please send me email. Thanks.

<?php echo $powered; ?>  |  Theme By <a target="_blank" href="http://harnishdesign.net">Harnish Design</a>

Dear Harnish..Thanks for your response. As i am new on this forum so don’t know your email, hence writing my reply here. I can reply to your email once you provide it.

I had tested removing this line, however it removes the whole footer text, i just need to remove “Powered by Opencart” and “Theme by Harnish Design”. I have successfully removed the second text, however “Powered by opencart” is still showing up and its because “echo $powered” is controlling it.Removal of “echo $powered” completely removes the whole footer text. Is it possible to still display my store name along with copyright?

Awaiting your reply thanks

Hi, You can send me email via our profile. – http://themeforest.net/user/harnishdesign#contact

& also, You can remove it code & add your own text there. Thanks.

Hi Harnish. Hope you’re good.

I am considering to add a text message to the buyer where he will see a message for him when he sees the Payment method of Paypal express checkout. I have found this file ‘pp_express.php’.

Which line i will be changing to add a text of my own and replace the following line:

“Please select the preferred payment method to use on this order.”

If i am wrong in finding this file, please point me to the right file.

Thank you.

Hi, Go to your source > catalog > language > english > checkout > & then Find checkout.php file > & then Find it text > You can Replace your text. if you any other query so please send me email. Thanks.

Found it, great. Thank you very much !

Hi Harnish On main web page, when I try adding products via “Add to Cart” in the featured section, it does not work at all. When i click the product taking detailed view, “Add to cart” works from there.

Appreciate if this can be fixed asap.



Hi, According to OpenCart functionality. if any option require in any product so it is go to it product page after click in Add to Cart button. & also, if not any option require in it product. so it product direct add in shopping cart after click Add to cart button. if you any other query so please send me email. Thanks.

Hi Harnish I am sending you my website address over email. Strange problem, i am stuck in a checkout loop if register a user for checking out purposes. Kindly check your email and reply.


this has solved so far, did not appear again. thanks

Hi Harnish Sent you a msg over profile email, probably you overlooked so writing it here. I am trying to work out the logo on my site, what size in pixels i shall be using? Appreciate your help. Thanks.

Hi, I have sending you email Reply. Thanks.

Hi Harnish

I am trying to add an extra tab ‘Delivery Time’ for each product that appears in the theme. Currently the tabs are ‘General’, ‘Specification’ and ‘Reviews’. kindly assist.

Regards Muhammad

Hi, I have sending you email. Thanks.