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hello, I followed the guide in order to have the template set up as in your demo, however it seems that the blocks in HomePage are not set up properly, as you can see here:


Can you please check what is wrong?


Hello, I sent login details by email, thanks

solved, thanks :)

Dear Sir,
Please vote for me 5 stars instead of 4.
Thanks so much and really appreciate your vote.
Kind regards!

I vote 1 star because Im having only problems with this theme =( The menu never appears.. dnt know what to do anymore =/

Hello there,
What problem with your ???
Some months ago we installed free for you and you said you happy : https://goo.gl/tbZFEJ
Why you do not vote 5 stars on this time.
Now problem come from you then you blame us and vote 1 star for us.
That is so terrible. and really unfair .
Please understand we have more than 500 customers are using our theme on real business site.
Kind regards!

Now is all ok. Thanks.


Thinking of buying this theme, Does it support a Sticky header menu? The menu in the demo is not sticky,


Dear Sir,
After purchase and install our theme.
Please let me know your admin and FTP information. We will create sticky menu free for you.
Kind regards!

Hello does bigshop work on wp 4.5

Because my widgets and footer doesn’t work

Dear Sir/Madam
Thanks so much for using our theme.
Please take a photo screenshot with description about your problem.
Then send with admin + ftp information to : help@wpopal.com or ticket system: http://bit.ly/opaltkt
Our technical team will try their best to help.

Kind regards !
Opal Support Team
Connect with us via

\\ \\ \\ \\

Hi , how can I update wpbakery visual composer , it`s not compatible with WordPress 4.5 , I delete plugin and did`t receive update version . Thanks

Dear Sir,
Please delete your current plugin then re-install on top message about install plugin require
Let us know your admin via email : help@wpopal.com if you still need help
Kind regards!

Hi Opal team

Thank you very much for your efforts and professional support.

That’s a great job done by you, as it is always friendly, reliable and fantastic

I was impressed by your hard work , and especially in dealing with the many concerns I have brought to you

Hope your company will have more and more successful for many following years

Definitely, I will always prefer all my friends to you


Thanks so much for your kind of words.
Let us know if you need any assistants
Have a great of your day!

happy new year Opal_WP Could i please ask recently one of plug in break the website, i deactivate and delete that plug in but the site still wont display properly, only code vc showing up do you know why

Happy New Year! Pls send us url website + admin account + FTP info to our email support: help@wpopal.com or create ticket on our system: https://wpopal.ticksy.com/submit/

Best regard!

Hello Opal is it possible to have the same cart in the header? Look at screenshots if you don’t know what I mean. http://imgur.com/a/fXKK8

Kind regards

Dear Sir,
We checked your photo but still missing your idea.
Please make more clear and contact with us via email : help@wpopal.com
Our technical team will check and try to help
Kind regards!

always with the theme of the problem, how much is not corrected, it is still over and over again the same thing … http://imgur.com/VccPqt3 I asked 5 times to fix the problem permanently instead of 4 bars 2 out …..........

Dear Sir,
Your support time was over and why that problem happen again and again. ?
We can not help you on this case because problem come from you. Not from our theme.
Best regards!


I bought Bigshop a year ago. I wanted to customize the product page, but i need the PSD for that template.

Do you know where i can find it?


yes, please send me email for info@wpopal.com i will send you link to download psd

Hi Im using wp Vendors pro and having display issues. I updated theme but im getting error:

Your theme is not 100% compatible WooCommerce and will not display correctly sellers shops. Thank you for showing this page ( https://docs.woothemes.com/document/third-party-custom-theme-compatibility/ ) the creator of your theme and ask them to ensure full compatibility with WooCommerce, no compatibility limited with WooCommerce currently provided using woocommerce.php instead of complete models.

Also if I go to Big Shop settings I get:

/public_html/wp-content/themes/bigshop/sub/customize/config.json): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in / home / johnegg12 / public_html / wp-content / themes / BIGshop / framework / classes / core / options.php on line 53

Warning : get_object_vars () Expects parameter 1 to be object, null given in / home / johnegg12 / public_html / wp-content / themes / BIGshop / framework / classes / core / options.php on line 60


Dear Sir,
Our theme come with fully compatible with WooCommerce. Your problem come from WP Vendors and we have no idea with this.
We do not support problem with third party plugin
Kind regards!


Where can I change the link to google maps on the contact page? The link is not loaded over HTTPS, like the rest of my site. Which is giving an error

Mixed Content: The page at ‘https://XXXXX.dk/kontakt/' was loaded over HTTPS, but requested an insecure script ‘http://maps.google.com/maps/api/js?sensor=true&ver=4.6.1'. This request has been blocked; the content must be served over HTTPS.

Google maps won’t load on the site, unless its is loaded over HTTPS

Kind regards.

Hi there. Thanks for your question. Pls send your question again + url website + admin account + FTP info via our ticket support: https://wpopal.ticksy.com/submit/. Our technical dev will check and fix your issue.

Best regard!

When will this be updates for the latest version of Wordpress and WooCommerce? It contains outdated copies of WooCommerce template files and is only supporting up to Wordpress 4.2 when the latest version is 4.7. Would love to see an update

Hi mate! We are in the process of updating these files and will inform you soon. Best regard!

HI there, my search bar in header is only returning categories instead of products http://www.abidjanbazar.com/ for example search for “COUVEUSE ” and it returns a category instead product COUVEUSE. Also COUVEUSE isnt even in that category. Help!

Hi! Pls create a ticket on our support system. Our technical team will check and fix it. Thanks


This theme BIGSHOP does not work with https, problems and problems. I’m 2 years tired, always something to repair.

yes mate, we have reported a bug on this, our developer will check to fix it. Now please give me admin, ftp account via submitting a ticket http://wpopal.ticksy.com/ for supporters helping you. Thanks

Hi! I have a problem when I want to change the image with Single Image, please see and help me. thank you! https://goo.gl/photos/2eiERUgjXQmpyohA6

Hi mate! Pls submit a ticket to our system. Our technical will check and support you. https://wpopal.ticksy.com/ Thanks

Presales question: When i view the site on mobile, the search bar is inside the menu. Is it possible to put it below the logo in the mobile menu?

Hi! When you purchase our theme, send contact us. We will fix it for you. Thanks

hi I Have problem in submitting a ticket in https://wpopal.ticksy.com/ I Have an error that says The purchase code provided was not properly validated. It could be an invalid purchase code, or the connection to Envato was lost. Double check your purchase code and try again. but I bought this them from theme forest in 2017-06-01 07:41:06 UTC can you help me please T I have a problem in my website that maybe only you can helo

Hi! Pls send us your problem via email: help@wpopal.com. We will check and support you. Remember to provide enough your website info. Thanks

Hi Can’t translate !add-to-wishlist’ and ‘add to compare’. It can’t find in ro or mo files. edit that code : themes/bigshop/sub/theme.php line 165 “add to wishlist” but not find “add to compare” Not support russian lang. view square with ”?”

where we can translate “quick view” от the shop page?

Dear mate,

Please open file themes/bigshop/sub/theme.php Then change code

public function iconWishlist($value){ return ‘ ’. esc_html__(‘Add to wishlist’, ‘bigshop’ ).’ ’; }

public function iconWishlistAdd(){ return ‘ ’. esc_html__(‘Add to wishlist’, ‘bigshop’ ).’ ’; }

Then pls install loco translate plugin and translate in theme bigshop

Thank you.

Hi , I can’t install the theme as it is in the demo. I wanted to re-install it but the sample server is not working, it is not importing all the content.

Dear mate, Thanks for your comment. Pls submit a ticket to our system then send me some screenshots with description please.. Our technical team will check and support you. https://wpopal.ticksy.com/ Thank you.