BigStream - Multipurpose Multi/One Page Responsive WordPress Theme

BigStream - Multipurpose Multi/One Page Responsive WordPress Theme

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Are you looking for a great WordPress developer to help you with your website?

BigStream is clean looking WordPress theme, suitable for agency, photographers or anyone who wants to showcase their portfolio. Best support included

  • Responsive WordPress theme
  • Multipurpose onepage design
  • Parallax layout
  • Sortable Portfolio
  • One Page Multipurpose template
  • Create your own creative website with our Options Framework
  • Easy to use Page Builder – Visual Composer
  • Clean and Modern blog
  • Masonry Gallery
  • Supports landscape and portrait photography for photographers
  • SEO optimized and multi-page
  • Suits food, cafe, restaurant, barber and bistro websites
  • Retina-ready
  • Corporate design ideal for startup company or construction industry
  • Free Plugin – Revolution Slider
  • Fresh Plugin Bundle
  • Document simple wedding events or music band history
  • Display big HD video and photo
  • Great for small business, studio or agency

First time WordPress user or beginner?

You want to get your new site done nicely, with minimum effort and overhead, as soon as possible. We know that making websites is not your core business and you do not want to spent more time on this, than neccessarry.

Video Tutorials With English Narration

We created step-by-step video tutorials, which explains you how to work with our theme. There is of course english speaker, who comments his actions, to make the instructions as clear as possible

One Click Demo Content Installation

Sometimes is good to have the example right in front of you and have option to “touch it”. Thats the reason, why we deliver 1 click demo content install. Your site will be then 1:1 (yes, exact copy) of our site. From our experience, this helps our buyers most.

Theme Usage is Intuitive

We dont have any complex theme options, or other settings. Everything is intuitive, so you will be able to design your website according to your ideas. Plus everything looks great out of the box.

Fast responding support

Our main business goal is to create returning customers. We are able to achieve this goal via great customer support. You will talk directly to our developers – this ensure that you will not be asked redundant questions and your issues will be solved asap. We are online almost 16 hours per day, covering Europe and USA time zones.

Experienced WordPress user?

Guess you created some count of WP sites already.You have pretty good idea, how WordPress works. Guess you can be affiliate marketer or just a friend helping friend with his new website.

Unlimited Layouts Combination

Yes, thats right. You can combine together every section you can see in the theme preview. Basically you can create an infinite number of layouts

Very Easy to use Pagebuilder

Our custom system is very effective. You simply drag&drop sections and stack them under each other and then fill their content. This way you will be able to create your wished site in literally no-time.

Tools for customizing your site

You often need to write custom CSS / JS codes, or customize sidebars, customize widget visibility or customize loops to achieve your wished functionality. We create sets of plugins for this purpose and we deliver them with theme for free.

Fast responding support

Our main business goal is to create returning customers. We are able to achieve this goal via great customer support. You will talk directly to our developers – this ensure that you will not be asked redundant questions and your issues will be solved asap. We are online almost 16 hours per day, covering Europe and USA time zones.

Are you developer?

Nice to meet you, we are developers too! So we know the main struggling points when creating website for client and we did our best to avoid them in our products.

Child Theme support

We know, that this is the only correct practice, how to do changes in themes. So we take double care, to be sure that our template supports child themes correctly. We delivery child theme inside, as a bonus to save your time.

Functions wrapped by “function_exists”

When you need to customize our theme fuctions, you will not have hard times. Every single function is wrapped by “function_exists” call. So if you create function of same name in child theme, only your function will be called.

Clean & Well Organized Code

Code is commented, clean and well organized. You will not have hard time, when doing customizations. We save your time & money, making the development process faster.

Fast responding support

Our main business goal is to create returning customers. We are able to achieve this goal via great customer support. You will talk directly to our developers – this ensure that you will not be asked redundant questions and your issues will be solved asap. We are online almost 16 hours per day, covering Europe and USA time zones.

Main Features

  • 20+ Different Demos
  • 60+ Sections ready to be used in our drag & drop Section Builder
  • 9 Portfolio Pages
  • 5 Single Project Pages
  • 3 Ajax Project Layouts
  • 15 Color Schemes
  • 3 different menu variants
  • Ajax portfolio — SEO-friendly
  • Isotope portfolio filtering
  • Revolution Slider
  • Easy to customize: backgrounds, color schemes, content
  • Fully responsive
  • Retina ready
  • Font Awesome 400+ icons
  • Simple Line 160+ icons
  • Powered with Bootstrap
  • Parallax sections
  • Smooth animation
  • Working Ajax contact form with validation
  • Google Maps easy to setup via Fresh Section Builder
  • Blog list & grid layouts
  • 5 Posts variants (Text post, Image, Gallery, Video, Quote)
  • Visual Composer with theme custom styling, Powerful shortcodes
  • Responsive video (YouTube, Vimeo,, Viddler, Kickstarter)
  • Browser compatibility (IE9+, Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera)
  • Well documented
  • Clear & Neat design
  • FAQ Included

BigStream MultiPurpose Responsive Wordpress Theme

Our WordPress theme from FRESHFACE is clean, nice and modern. It could be onepage, or multipage, it depends on how you set it up. But you may wonder, who are the users of our theme?

Private medical clinics, who can correctly showcase their services. Also medicine doctors, dentists, surgeons and people who run business in health branche. Our WordPress theme simply offers lot of possibilities for them, how to customize it and for example show before/after photos.

We cannot forget to creative souls. Users of BigStream – multipurpose responsive WordPress themes are also artists. I mean not only dancers, pole-dancers and gymnasts, but also writers (not J.K.Rowling yet) and painters (no Van Gogh yet )” title=” :)” /> ). But keeping it in the artistic branch – BigStream is also popular choice for singers, music bands and DJ’s. One famous USA TV moderator use our responsive WordPress theme as well.

Also our users are recruited from sports stars – NBA basketball players, golf players (no Tiger Woods yet (” title=” :(” /> ), hockey players from NHL or KHL are not exception. Tennis, soccer and football players are users of our BigStream Multipurpose WordPress theme as well. Personal trainers, nutrition therapists, choreographs and other sport-related professions around the world, begining from crossfit and ending at culturistic scale, are our clients as well.

But dont worry, our BigStream Responsive WordPress theme could go to area of serious business as well. For example aircraft rent company, car rental company, taxi drivers, carpenters, bus company, construction companies, and even financial auditors, accountants, and generally a economically oriented companies are our clients as well.

It is also suitable for magicians, glass painters, theatres, actors, scuba divers, politicians, judges and senators.

Features of BigStream Multipurpose Responsive WordPress Theme

Our theme has been packed with tons and tons of features. Its not in man power to describe them all, but we will do our best to reveal you the most.

Responsive Design

Our BigStream WordPress theme is fully responsive. When we were design and coding our theme, we were testing it on various types of phones – iphones and iOS devices, android devices and windows phones, to make sure, that BigStream is responsive and displayed properly everywhere, so you wont miss any single visitor. It was also properly tested on different tables, netbooks and notebooks, so we can definitely say YES, BigStream is responsive.

Onepage WordPress Theme

Thanks to our forward thinking, BigStream could be onepage and multipage wordpress theme in same time. Onepage themes are typically used by small startups, or small firms, because you dont need to provide much of informations, so creating the website presentation is actually a joy. It’s simple, if you want to have one-page design, you add hashtags to the navigation menu, which are paired with your section ID’s.

Multipage WordPress Theme

On the other hand, our theme could be multipage as well. All the magic is done by changing the WordPress navigation menu links styles. If you need to link to multiple pages, you simply add whole url to your navigation menu

Retina Ready

Macbooks, iPads, iPhones and in these days also a lot of other electronics are having retina (IPS) panels. We, at FRESHFACE team are counting with this. We made BigStream theme retina ready, this means that images could have double the resolution, than normal images, and appear nicely at the retina / IPS displays

Ajax contact form

Our WordPress theme is not wasting your customer’s time. We created AJAX contact form, which could be easily submited just by one click. This is also a great protection against spamm-bots, because thay are not able to parse / interpret javascript. So trust us, you will not need captcha anymore! Also the contact form have validation, so you wont receive empty emails!

Built on Bootstrap

Bootstrap is common foundation at web projects. We respect your time as a client, so we are using this common-known techonolgy, where you will have the best learning curve. So yes, our Bigstream Responsive Multipurpose WordPress theme is powered by Bootstrap. This way you are able to achieve every changes and customization very quickly.

Parallax effect

Is included as well. This awesome effect has been known accross the internet, so we built in parallax as weel. And there are about 5+ styles of parallax, which you can choose.

Stunning portfolio

We know how important is to presentate your work. So in BigStream WordPress theme are 9 portfolio layouts included. You can choose between portfolio fullwidth and portfolio boxed. But lots of you guys are photographers or designers, so we have also special section called portfolio fullwidth and full-height, which allows you to prestentate your images in fullscreen

Multiple color schemes

Our WordPress Responsive theme BigStream goes with 15 predefined colors. Other colors could be easily added, so basically you can have unlimited numbers of colors.

Great background options

Except of parallax backgrounds, you could set lots of backgrounds – beginning from background image, continuing to color overlays and ending with video backgrounds which could be youtube videos.

Icon Fonts with Icon Picker

Icon fonts are modern way how to develop websites. You dont have to upload / handle with all the icons, you simply choose the right one, from predefined icon fonts. We integrated more than 3000 icons into BigStream responsive WordPress theme, and created awesome Icon Picker tool, where you can search and filter the icon based on their name. So yes, if you type Umbrella, you will actually find all icons of umrella.

Browser Compatibility

BigStream WordPress theme is compatible with all modern browser. We take special care to make it work in IE9+. Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera and others are just a standard.

One Click Demo Content Install

As experienced users of WordPress themes, we know that learning new technologies could be sometimes hard. Thats why we provide demo content with our BigStream responsive theme. After installing the 1 click demo content, your WordPress site will look exactly like our demo.

Working google maps

All elegant WordPress themes, including our BigStream, have the option to insert google map. Its a great way how to show your customers, where exactly is the place of your business.

Powerful Pagebuilder

All our templates are well optimalised for developers. But if you are occassional user of WordPress, our target is to make the experience as smooth, as possible. For fulfill this goal, we created our own Page Builder, which allows you to create unlimited amounts, or better say combinations of pages and designs. Of course, its backed up by extended license of Visual Composer.

Website is divided to layouts

Since we create websites for clients too, we realised that every web presentation is created from 3 important parts. First is header, which usually contains navigation. Second is content, where all the main fight is, and the third is footer. We created unique system, where you can customize all these 3 areas, and choose where to show which. For example you can have small white menu at the homepage, but dark wide menu at the blog page. You can add huge headline before every blog posts. You can have widgetized footer at the homepage, but only a social footer at your sales page. You can achieve all this functionality just by playing with our layouts, and the conditional logic, which allows you to specifically target every single url in WordPress

Awesome support

Our support is legendary! Our customers are returnig to us, because they know, that we will help them. This means we answer every single support request, as soon as possible. We respect the fact that you need to delivery your work, and we will do our best to reach you within few hours.

The Ark – the best rated theme of all time

From our Blog


2016 April 29th – Version 1.4.4

- Improved - better backend workflow

2016 April 25th – Version 1.4.3

- Improved - better backend workflow

2016 April 21th – Version 1.4.2

- Bugfix - portfolio archive

2016 April 20th – Version 1.4.1

- Improved - the latest Visual Composer version
- Improved - the latest Slider Revolution version

2016 April 19th – Version 1.4.0

- Improvement - backend workflow is better and faster
- Fixed Project with slider section

2016 March 17th – Version 1.3.9

- Fixed Visual Composer showing custom elements in backend
- Fixed Pricing Table button

2016 January 22th – Version 1.3.8

- Removed obsolete plugins
- Bugfix featured area including

2015 October 12th – Version 1.3.7

- The latest fresh framework added

2015 October 08th – Version 1.3.6

- The latest fresh framework added

2015 October 08th – Version 1.3.5

- The latest fresh framework added

2015 October 08th – Version 1.3.4

- The latest fresh framework added

2015 October 06th – Version 1.3.3

- The latest fresh framework added

2015 October 06th – Version 1.3.2

- The latest Visual Composer 4.7.4 plugin added
- Animated scroll down mouse icon is now visible on light backgrounds

2015 September 15th – Version 1.3.1

- Fixed - user can have multiple story sections at one page
- Fixed - 404 page is now rendering layout content as well
- Fixed - Revolution slider selector at one page

2015 August 24th – Version 1.3.0

- Added - revision system to layouts and one page
- Fixed Services grid sometimes not aligning properly and jumping on a second row
- Added gravatar default image
- Closing portfolio AJAX expander now scrolls nicely back down to portfolio where the user was before opening this expander

2015 July 20th – Version 1.2.7

- Home Background Video - bottom part fixed
- Portfolio archive 5 fix

2015 July 07th – Version 1.2.6

- Portfolio Preview Sortable - fixed bug

2015 July 02th – Version 1.2.5

- Added the latest Visual Composer and Slider Revolution
- Added option to set URL where logo is pointing

2015 June 28th – Version 1.2.4

- Fixed contact form section problem

2015 June 28th – Version 1.2.3

- Fixed the less variable parser bug

2015 June 26th – Version 1.2.2

- Added the latest Visual Composer and Slider Revolution

2015 June 23th – Version 1.2.1

- Bug fix - Contact form email removed http from mailto
- Added phone and email into team section
- Right description to disable sound

2015 May 22th – Version 1.2.0

- The latest fresh framework update

2015 May 21th – Version 1.1.5

- Fixed slider initialization in ajax portfolio.
- Unnecessary white space above Home Section fixed

2015 May 13th – Version 1.1.4

- Unnecessary white space above Owl Carousel fixed

2015 May 13th – Version 1.1.3

- Unnecessary white space above Owl Carousel fixed

2015 May 11th – Version 1.1.2

- Unnecessary white space above Revolution Slider fixed

2015 May 05th – Version 1.1.1

- The latest TGM plugin

2015 April 09th – Version 1.1.0

- The latest TGM plugin

2015 April 23th – Version 1.0.19

- Javascript was adding padding to all sections - fixed

2015 April 10th – Version 1.0.18

- Section project with image slider now can be edited from section builder

2015 April 09th – Version 1.0.17

- Small fixes

2015 April 09th – Version 1.0.16

- Logos in all headers are now more flexible
- Visual Composer margins and padding in embed page - fixed
- Revolution Slider - new slides not appearing in options - fixed

2015 April 02th – Version 1.0.15

- Font Awesome newest version added.
- Disabled youtube video background on mobile devices.

2015 March 27th – Version 1.0.14

- Portfolio preview nonsortable could have black heading now

2015 March 27th – Version 1.0.14

- Possible to add shortcodes in HTML section
- Fixed missing mam parker in map section
- When featured image is missing in Blog grid 1-3 or in blog preview, post is printed with placeholder and not ignored.
- Better link logic in section Blog Preview
- User may now insert iframes into fields with HTML

2015 March 21th – Version 1.0.13

- Fixed problem with image size detection

2015 March 19th – Version 1.0.12

- Fixed problem with updating

2015 March 19th – Version 1.0.11

- Added option to include Portfolio Archives on Pages
- Added install script - now throw notice in WP admin when not writeable plugins dir
- Fixed theme Font Awesome including conflict with Fresh Performance Cache
- Fixed footer background options
- Fixed pagination occasional error
- Fixed footer social mail link problem

2015 March 12th – Version 1.0.10

- Added SIMPLE demo content (easier to use for new buyers)
- Fixed portfolio preview - nonsortable bug when selecting all categories
- Fixed portfolio preview - sortable bug when selecting all categories
- Fixed portfolio header bug, when selecting simple line icons

2015 March 11th – Version 1.0.9

- small fix

2015 March 11th – Version 1.0.8

- Visual Composer added
- Ugly font in 404 section replaced
- Ugly font in Project Benefits section replaced

2015 March 11th – Version 1.0.7

- Demo content enhanced
- Disabled JS minification on revolution slider scripts
- Fixed fresh custom code plugin

2015 March 10th – Version 1.0.6

- Navigation menu enhanced

2015 March 10th – Version 1.0.5

- Navigation menu enhanced

2015 March 10th – Version 1.0.4

- Small changes for the review process

2015 March 09th – Version 1.0.3

- Console logs - cleared logs from animations script
- Our news section - missing transparent image added.

2015 March 06th – Version 1.0.2

- Small fixes

2015 March 06th – Version 1.0.1

- Small fixes

2015 March 06th – Version 1.0.0

- Initial release