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Nice work. Congrats ;)

Excellent template! :) So clean and minimalistic at the same time.

Good luck with sales! ;)

Thanks for the kind words :)

Nice theme. Good luck! :)

Köszönjük :)

Váo, ez kellemes meglepetés, az EU jelölésb?l nem derült ki, hogy magyarok vagytok. :)

Awesome work guys. So clean and smooth.

Thanks a mill CJ :)


One question though…why not a CMS? (preferably JOOMLA – hint, hint)


thanks for your nice words, we will do a WordPress version for sure but joomla isn’t really our thing. Off-sourcing the conversion to a joomla author could be a possibility but nothing defined for now.

Smooth and great! Awesome work bud :D

this is really cool, what sliders have you used?


the only 3rd party plugin we used is isotope for the portfolio, all other js (sliders, carousels, lightbox) is our custom code.

Great looking design!

How is this shown on mobilephones or ipads etc?

Sincerely, Keno


It’s a responsive layout, so it will adapt to the available device width, you can have a roughly idea by using the mobile/tablet icons on the framebar. However, you should test on the real device because there are optimizations triggered only when a mobile platform is detected.

Hello, I want to buy this theme, but before, I have two questions: 1) Is it possible to add a vimeo playlist on the homepage rather than a single video? 2) Is it possible to add a “call to action” according to the video that is played? Thank you for your reply. Beuss


the homepages with background videos only support self host videos because youtube/vimeo terms do not allow other content (like captions) to be placed on top of them.

Ok, In these cases, it is possible to create and manage a self hosted video playlist and place elements according to the video that is playing? thanx, Beuss


not an official supported feature, you would need to customize template/slider javascript code quite a bit in order to add such functions.

Hi, can text be added to each ‘slide’ on the full page slider home page? similar to the static image on the Item Details page: INSPIRATIONAL BIG TEXT LINE WITH A SMALLER LONG TEXT LINE



not sure if i understood your question correctly but, if you mean like this


then yeah, it’s supported

yes, that’s exactly it! thx

Great template! Is it possible to take the Caption text centered? Thank you…

Hi Kumooku, Yes you can. You will need to know how wide your caption will be and then you use x & y values to position it. Like how we have done it on the 3rd slide on the default homepage in our preview. DOK

Hi, i’ve purchased the template and i noticed that on the index.html page the captions are not appearing even though I see them in the source code. <!- caption layers ->

They are not appearing on the live preview either.

Is there something missing, like a css file? or a js file? thanks


our preview works as expected here in all major browsers, can you please head to our support forum and create a new thread about it ? Staff will answer as soon as possible


back again… figured it out. I was looking at the pages on my older mac that is running Safari 5.0.6

So that version can’t render those css animations. On my newer system running Safari 6.0.4., it’s fine.

I tested 5.1.x and 6.x and all working as expected, afaik, even 5.0.x should support CSS3 animations


i’ve purchased the template, but that contact form not working “sending mail”, could you please check this issue ?

I’m getting this error in Chrome Console: POST 500 (Internal Server Error)

Thank you, and really it’s a good job.


this is most likely due to your server not supporting php, please create a new thread in our support forum


support staff will help as soon as possible

one question before purchase.. support latest version bootstrap ?

Don’t mind send me 2.2.1 files after purchase ?

All needed css/js (including bootstrap) is already included in the download package, you don’t need to add anything else

Love this template. Is there any sort of security for the forms – e.g. captcha?


not included by default, you would need to use 3rd party plugin for that.

Hello, very good work :)

I wonder if it is possible to have the code for js and css links uncompressed?



all uncompressed js/css code is already included in the download package. Just check docs, section 1.2 “Getting Started – Alternate Versions”.

if you need further help, feel free to post your question to bigwig dedicated support forum:


Thank you for your very quick response :)

Hi, Thank you for this very good job guys ! I’m trying to remove the HD by default in YouTube inline videos. Any idea ? Thank you.


please head to our support forum http://support.pixelentity.com/

Slides captions and others color option located in color.css ? so i just have to make change in the css file ?


yes, primary color can be changed in color.css file. If you need to change other colors (not primary), refer to docs section 12.4 “BigWig – Custom CSS, Finding”

if you need further help, feel free to create a new thread in our support forum


Tq for the reply. i have change the color code in the color.css but seem like not working.


then please create a new thread in our support forum and staff will help as soon as possible


can the tab and mobile version be same as the desktop version? as i dun want the mobile version.


there’s not an option for that, you would need to manually remove all the media queries from the template css