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Will a WordPress version of this be made? If so, when?


yep, working on it. Still no ETA though

Pre-purchase question. Can I change the gray boxed background to an image? if yes, could you please elaborate on how exactly I can get that done?

Great design btw :)

Hi beerobar,

Yes you can do that via CSS. The image would remain fixed though, meaning it won’t scroll when the page scrolls. I can’t post the exact instructions here but we can help you with this via our support forum once you have purchased.


Hello Pixelentity,

I bought your template some days back and well I have been able to work on some part,I would like to know how to change the colour of the overlay,I mean if you put your cursor on an image in the portfolio column,it comes up with green,I need to change it to blue.More so ,cant one just change the entire colour of the template with just one like of code.also I need to know how can I change font size or colour of a particular word or line or part of a sentence without changing all the other lettering size and colour of the template?I have noticed that once you change the size of a word or paragraph everything else changes in the template,pls help.

and lastly,I am using the full slider in the homepage,I just need to know how to make it impossible for anyone to save the images on the slider with rightclick.You know I actually bought all the 3 pictures am using on the site and I dont think I will like someone else saving the images of the slider.pls help. Thanks


please head to our support forum and create one (or more) thread there (1 question per thread), staff will answer as soon as possible (mon-fri)


how to add background on blacked area ? .


please head to our support forum http://support.pixelentity.com/

Hi, did you forgot a few example pages? :)

In the footer I see links to a left and right sidebar page, full width page and custom widgets page. Maybe it’s just to fill things up, but it would be handy… :)


that’s just a filler menu, those pages do not really exists.(except right sidebar which would be the blog layout)

Another question: I see in your navigation the icon-down-open-mini for each menu item. That’s logical, because all of them have a dropdown with sub pages. But is there also an icon for menu items that don’t have sub pages? Or should I just remove the icon if there aren’t sub pages?


check the icon_font_reference.html file, it lists all available icons so you can find an appropriate one there (or remove the icon if no submenu)

Thanks! :)

One last question: is it possible to display bullets in a full width slider? Then someone knows how much slides there are in a slideshow and maybe you can press them to go to the corresponding slide.


that’s not supported by default and would require javascript customization on your side


I intend to buy two other themes Pixelentity because I was satisfied with the purchase of one of your previous themes. But after testing, I noticed that the http://bigwig.templates.pixelentity.com/index6.html homepage was not responsive in smartphone under Android. A solution for this? thank you

Thank you for your no response :)

Hi, Sorry about that, somehow your comment slipped through the cracks. So what do you mean by “not responsive” ? The page doesn’t resize? Keep in mind that mobile OS don’t normally allow videos to autoplay like is required for that page to function like it does on desktop, and on some versions of Android, the default browser has real difficulty with video playback.

On “Video” homepage is it possible to stop video playing after one execution? Now when i strart playing video goes on loop mode. Thanks!

Hi, yes that’s possible.

Ok, can you show me how? Thanks!


Playing once and then stopping is the default behaviour. In our demo we have used a video in which the uploader (on to vimeo) has specified that it should loop, hence it loops in our demo. If you are embedding your own videos you can control that like so.

Hi. I just purchased this template and all the script CSS and JS are compressed !!! I can’t make any custom ! It’s possible to have the file no compressed in raw version. Please.

Uncompressed scripts are also included in the download package. Check the css and js folders.

Sorry ! The package is very complete. I need just to cut/copy the Uncompressed file…and it work very well ! Good. Thanks

hi how can I change the color of the google map on the contact page?

Hi, Please head on over to our support forums and check out THIS THREAD. The thread refers to the WordPress version, but the solution is the same. DOK

I’ve noticed that there’s a boxed option in your demo but not in the example files that comes with your template. Is it hidden within the folders or will you add it?

Hi, Just add class=”boxed” to the body tag. It should be described in the help docs.

I have issues in making a Facebook like button work on my site. Please guide.

Hi, Head on over to our Support Forums, check if your issue has already been answered for another user. If not, open a thread about it in the appropriate sub forum for your purchased item. A member of our support team will reply to you asap. DOK


you can send me template.min.css and template.min.js in the normal structure emplate.css and template.js?



uncompressed files are already included in the download package, check “alternate/uncompressed” folder


<!-website field-> <label for=”selectService” class=”control-label”>Service Required</label> <select name=”service” class=”span9” id=”selectService”> <option value=”services”>Available Services</option> <option value=”customisation”>Template Customisation</option> <option value=”psdToHtml”>PSD to HTML</option> <option value=”wpTheme”>Wordpress Theme</option> <option value=”wpInstall”>Wordpress Installation</option> <option value=”flashSite”>Flash Website</option> <option value=”psdDesign”>PSD Website Layout Design</option> <option value=”cssSite”>CSS & HTML Website Development</option> </select>

Not working


please head to our support forum http://support.pixelentity.com/

A required field called Item Purchase Code is missing or has an invalid value.


I know this.but still does not work.


i’m getting a “purchase code warning” email which is sent when the same code is used multiple times to register to our forum. If your code is:


Then you may already be registered to our forum. If this is the case, please contact us via our profile form.

Can I put a custom gif??

In the project-slider.html I have:

alt text

tThe gif is always a “i” with a blue background

I wanted to change the background-color and put my logo instead???



please head to our support forum http://support.pixelentity.com/

Hi, i am using the slider boxed home. As i see is a collection of differents transitions between images, but i want to use just one kind of transitions. I can’t find the file where manage that feature. Where can i manage that?

In that case, head to our support forum for that template and open a new thread with a link to your page and we’ll take a look: http://support.pixelentity.com/forums/34-HTML-Template-BigWig

I’ve found the way to make it work. Thank you!

Glad to hear it :)

Hi! Nice theme, just purchased. Is it possible to have its .PSD templates? Thanks in advance


there isn’t a psd included in the download package because bigwig was almost entirely designed in the html/css phase

We need to change the css sheets to customize the styles. We tried to enter separately the 7 CSS sheets inside the head tag <link rel=”stylesheet” type=”text/css” href=”css/style.css” media=”all” /> .... but the template does not work properly and the layout is moved.

There is a definite order to enter sheets? We also tried to unminify the file template.min.css with different software but the result is always different from the original. You can send the CSS uncompressed or documentation on how to to proceed in order to have separate style sheets and running?


the uncompressed version is already included in the package, check alternate/uncompressed-nolazy folder.

Thanks for your prompt response

hello, Your template is very nice. Would you have a question? Picture gallery of pictures in the point you want to change the letter i. How can I do this?

How do I change ?

There is one more question. Image effects in firefox does not open?

Hi, What do you mean by “image effects”? The icons change CSS would be something we could give you after you have purchased via our support forum.