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Good afternoon. I’m ending with a web, the client asks me to put some logos in the footer, how can I put them to fit well also in responsive

Hi, With custom modifications to the theme only.

Hello, just wondering if this is PHP 7 compatible? Thank you!

Hi, Unfortunately not.

Do you have an ETA or plan on making it PHP 7 compatible? My host is going to migrate to PHP 7 at the end of January. What issues will I have if you don’t make it compatible? Thank you!!

I would recommend that you don’t upgrade to PHP7. Its quite likely that all hosts will still provide that option.

Hi is this theme ready for WP 4.7 ?

Hi, Yes it is.

Good afternoon. I want to organize a gallery by order, and when I organize the gallery, it does not appear in the correct order. What I can do?

Hi, Have you tried to manually drag gallery image thumbnails into the order you require?

Are ordered in the intrat and then on the web do not come in the same order. Can I send some image capture?

Hi, Sure, use one of the image hosting sites and past the link here for us to check out. Eg. http://pasteboard.co/