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Very nice! Bookmarked! Good luck with sales pixelentity.

You seem to create themes and then drop updating them in favor of something else

Not sure what you mean. Just today we’re rolling out WP 3.6 updates for our whole theme portfolio.

You most certainly did, comment was based on yesterdays data

Very nice theme. Good luck with your sales :)

Awesome work!

Congratulations Great work , Good Luck :)

beautiful, speedy, and sleek… Mmmm… I might take it :-)

Hi – Looking to see where the Analytics code sits. Usually in Theme Options?


you can paste the analytics code in the custom JS field in theme options -> General. Remove the ”<script></script>” part because it gets added automatically

ok thanks, Great theme BTW – lots of detail on build etc.

Just realised – Plugins!

I am currently trying to use the plugin wp catalogue with it but it is not being centralized.. can you give me help me out with that.

Check the preview:


I want the product listing to be in the center instead of aligning right completely. Here are the two options that WP catalogue have to modify the layout:

1. Use this area to add your theme layout divs if you’re having problems with inner pages of the catalogue.

2. Use this area to close the open divs after the WP Catalogue.

I would appreciate your help urgently


please head to our support forum http://support.pixelentity.com/

Done- thank you

I am new to WordPress and have very little experience with web development. I see others commenting about making changes to the code but that is not something I want to get into. Am I likely to be able to get good results while using your theme right “out of the box”, so to speak?


That depends on what you want to achieve. If you like how the demo looks, even with different main color, a different font, different logo, less or more pages, new images, content etc.. All of this can be done with via the admin, no code messing required. This is standard theme stuff.

The comments you are seeing are from more advanced users who are making changes to the theme’s structure, and looking for small css customisations etc. Those are optional small things which we help our buyers with.

Hope this helps, DOK


code changes are only needed for buyers who want to alter layout/functions in a way that’s not supported by theme via settings/options. As long as what you see in demo is good enough to suit your needs, you won’t have to worry about code at all.

Said so, you would still need some WordPress knowledge to use BigWig but the same applies to every other theme sold on Themeforest.

Pre-purchase question: is it possible to link portfolio item to contact page with map, pictures and coments? I want to create a page with restaurants, their locations, opinions of other people, ratings, description and some photos inside. Can it be done using your theme?


yes, as in: you can use “pages” instead of “projects” for a portfolio so clicking the ”+” icon will lead to that specific page.

Note that you can’t, however, mix “pages” and “projects” inside the same portfolio, they all have to be one type or the other.

Hi, Excellent theme – I’m just setting it up on a fresh install.

2 Questions if I may:

Should I update WP to 3.6, will it break the theme? I noticed in the right sidebar on this page it says 3.5, but read a comment above saying you’re updating.

Also, I’m having trouble with testimonials – they are always full page width with absolutely no margin, and in the content editor there’s no option to add margin, like the rest of them (added it to Homepage fullwidth slider)

Many thanks


This theme already contains any fixes which were needed for 3.6. The reason its not seen in the sideber on the sales page is because Envato haven’t added it there yet as an option.

Testimonials will need either a container block or a column clock as a parent, this way they can have margins and/or width restrictions. See the help docs for more info about these blocks.

Thank, got it sorted.

hey Pixelentity,

have just purchased your theme – great design! Still getting used to edit and add content, but I already see it’s going to be a great website!

I have noticed that the recent posts widget does not display posts excerpts correctly. There is no post title visible and also margins are off (there is no space between post excerpt and post date). Also it would be great to have an option to display thumbnails as well. Thanks!



That widget is designed to show a snippet of the post only, the content of this snippet is taken automatically from the post content, you don’t need to use an excerpt. Also its designed to show one post only, not several. I think this is why you are seeing margin issues. There is no thumbnail support right now.

If you have any further questions please head on over to our Support Forums, and open a thread about your issue in the appropriate sub forum for your purchased item. A member of our support team will reply to you asap.



About the blog-slider: Is it possible to take away rollover effect and links on the pictures? So it only be a slider and nothing else?

Regards, Tomy

Im referring to the link you just linked:) I want to keep it as it is, exept the rollover and link option when I roll my courser over the images. Just want it to be a index page with different images. And people wont be able to click on the images.

More or less like this: [link removed]

I dont need the “fade” effects on the images.

Im sorry if this sounds a bit confusing..


OK I understand. I reported your comment to have Envato staff remove the url to the other item, as they are not permitted in this area.

So to your issue, this is not possible out of the box, but would require theme customizations to achieve it. Those are projects, and its WP default behavior to link projects to their own project page, just like posts get linked to the single post page. So changing this would require a bit of work. If you decide to purchase you will need to seek the help of a freelancer to make those changes for you.

Just purchased the theme. I`ll figure it out:)

Thanks for information and good service:)

Hi, as the images are not included – are you able to point me to where I can purchase licences for them? Hunted in the usual places but can’t find them. It’s the 3 full width slider ones I’m particularly after, thanks.


1. Has been removed from fotolia where we purchased it, but just search for “Fotolia_13382869” on google images and you will find it.

2. http://eu.fotolia.com/id/12097173

3. http://eu.fotolia.com/id/35451096

Nice theme! Even though I am completely new to WordPress I got a respectable site put together with Big Wig in just a couple of days. That’s saying something! Question: I’d like to add a Flash animation on one of my pages. Before I spend time on it, I wondered if it’s compatible with Big Wig. What would be the best way to accomplish that?


Well in theory flash movie clips can be added to any page, but I wouldn’t recommend it because firstly bigwig is a responsive theme, which means your flash clip would need to be responsive also (if its containing div was to change size at smaller resolutions). Secondly, bigwig is optimized for iOS tablet and mobile platforms, which don’t support flash, so user of those platforms will not see the animation and may see an ugly broken page in its place.

Regarding embedding it in your page, you would need to get embed code, which should come with your flash clip. Alternatively perhaps a plugins may offer this functionality. We wouldn’t be able to help you with that part, because being custom work, its beyond the scope of our support.


Good answer. No Flash for me. Thanks for the guidance!

I would like to add a full-screen background image for my site. I could not find anything like this in the theme. Am I missing something? I did find Plug-Ins but was hesitant to use them not knowing if they would work nicely with Big Wig. One particular Plug-In has a comment pending that claims iPAD is unresponsive. Any suggestions for a solution that works well with Big Wig?

I found a plug-in that works well – so far. Not sure if it’s OK to mention here….


I’m not really sure where you mean exactly. The site consists of multiple sections each with a different background color, so it would not be possible to add a bg image to all of these. There is no quick and easy way, so if you are achieving what you want with a plugin, then go ahead.

Any further questions, please head to our support forums: http://support.pixelentity.com

Is there any way to add narration (audio) to a slide?

Hi, Unfortunately not.

Any plans to add a dark theme layout to this great theme in the future? ..


There are no current plans to add a dark skin version.

Hi there, very nice template! if I buy it, will I get PSD files as well? If not, could you tell me how to purchase them? Thanks in advance!

Hi, Unfortunately there are no psd files with this item. They are not available to purchase either.