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Hello! Great theme, but i have 1 question.

I’m from Russia and want use cyrillic fonts. I changed font for whole website with admin panel. But my changes didn’t apply to slider’s font. How can i change font on slider?


Thanks in advance!

Hi, Please head on over to our Support Forums and open a thread about it in the appropriate sub forum for your purchased item. A member of our support team will reply to you asap. DOK

what size should the images be on the slider for the home page?

Hi, Our images there are 1920×600px but the theme then scales/crops as required to fill the full width of the browser.


I am not sure what your license system means. I can only use the template once, for me OR for one client, that’s it?

I can’t modify the template and sell it to nay client I find?

Am I right?


Yes only one use/one client. If you want to sell it to more clients you will need to buy a new licence for each client. This is the same for all themes sold here on Themeforest.

i have purchase the theme. how can i change the hover button in read more color and the footer border color. i cant see the style in anywhere. its written in file itself.

please check my link



Please head on over to our support forums and open a thread about your issue. A member of the support team will respond ASAP . http://support.pixelentity.com

I can’t get featured images to show on pages – standard posts are fine. Can you include this functionality please because it would make this theme better.


On pages you can just insert images where ever you require, to use featured image function on pages does not make any sense, its just restrictive.

How can i open social media links in new window?

can you please share the link of that?

How can i post a comment their, i already registered ut i cant post

Before you can post you will need to activate your account. An activation email is automatically sent to you once you register. Check your spam folder if you haven’t received it.

Hello! I wanted to know which plugin to translate into different languages ??are supported by your template.

Salute! and Thanks!

WPML supports translations manuals? Any free alternative to WPML?


we only tested WPML because it’s the most used, others may work as well but also require some theme customizations, can’t really advice anything else.

Thanks for answering so fast! WPML seems the best option. Have a good day!

Excellent Job !! I like it :D Again GLWS

Can I use the Foobox lightbox and is NextGen Gallery supported?


BigWig already includes our custom flare lightbox, if you want to replace it with something else, you’ll have to customize theme sources. We didn’t try any 3rd party plugin but anything well coded should just work out of the box. NextGen may require some css tweaking to fit theme style.

I can’t complete the installation with the following message! Pls help!

Could not copy file. /public_html/wordpress/wp-content/upgrade/bigwig/bigwig/framework/php/PeTheme/FormElement/PeThemeFormElementButton.php

i’ve started all over again but got another message:

Unpacking the package…

Could not copy file. /public_html/wordpress/wp-content/upgrade/bigwig2/bigwig/framework/js/pe/jquery.mousewheel.js

what’s problem here????

omg… it almost drives me crazy :(

Unpacking the package…

Could not copy file. /public_html/wordpress/wp-content/upgrade/bigwig/bigwig/framework/js/pe/jquery.pixelentity.backgrounds.nebula.js


issue is related to your wp install: it doesn’t seem to be able to properly unpack the theme zip. I’d try to install the theme manually using ftp

  1. delete all files in wp-content/theme/bigwig folder
  2. unpack on your pc bigwig.theme.zip
  3. trasfer all files in wp-content/theme/bigwig folder


I would like to know how I can remove the layer of black and white google maps module. I want you to see regular street. Or alternatively you see the street names are not now.

Thank you!

Hi, Head on over to our support forum, your question has already been asked and answered for another user. See this thread: http://support.pixelentity.com/threads/2858-Disable-the-Google-Map-style-SOLVED DOK

Hello: One question before the buy: Can i put diferent portfolio category in diferent page?, for example i would like to put in one page the image category, in other page put gallery category, in other interiors category, etc.

Thank you very much

Hi, Yes you can make multiple portfolio pages and in each page you can insert only the projects from a certain category or with certain project tags, or manually select what to insert. So yes, its defo possible :)

Hi, Awesome Theme by the way ! Just a little question…How can i change PREV, NEXT and MORE… Where? Or can i change that manually inside a .php file on the server. Thanks so much for helping. I need to get those word in french. Thanks again !


please head to our support forum http://support.pixelentity.com/

Looks like you found the answer yourself. Please note that support threads receive a reply within a max of 48hrs but most of the time that is much lower, you posted here after 2hrs, so please be patient.

Hi can someone explain to me where i can change the word or tag “MORE” at that page on the right under the description text Lorem ipsum. http://lehavredulaclong.com/terrains-plans/ I search ut no thread tell about this. Thanks

Hi, Please refrain from posting comments here as well as threads in our forums. The forums is the best way to receive a fast answer to your question. This question has been answered already.


I’m new to wordpress. May I ask if there is any tutorial about building a fullscreen video? Thanks!!

The included documentation contains instructions on how to create all pages shown in the demo, including the fullscreen video one. Also our demo content import will create all of those pages for you anyway, so you can then just swap out the dummy content for your own.

Love your theme, great. Any update planned?

Hi, Thanks. No update planned at the moment.

Hi How to put the “logo/partners” section up? When I add a new block no option for this. Any help? or shortcode please ? That what I see http://puu.sh/53VAy.png


please head to our support forum and create a new thread there, our staff will help as soon as possible.


Hi, great theme that i would like to buy. But if i want to make the main body black with white text, or use other custom colors. Is this possible from within admin or is hardcoding neccessary?

Hi, Its possible to change the main primary color from within the admin, but its not a built-in option to switch to a black skin. That would require some custom css

hi, I cant figure out how to add full screen slider to the home page…the image is cut of or the letters are xs small….


please head to our support forum and create a new thread there, our staff will help as soon as possible


fullscreen video and full width video have pause/stop control?

Hi, No controls are available on these videos as they are designed to be backgrounds only.


did you modified also Bootstrap-core files?

Regard Firat


no, we override rules in our custom stylesheets as needed.