Discussion on Bikini - Shopify Fashion Lingerie Store Theme

Discussion on Bikini - Shopify Fashion Lingerie Store Theme

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Hello, I have purchased the Shopify Fashion Lingerie Store Theme and I was wondering how do I manage or change the mega menu? I dont see any options for this.

How to manage or chage the mega menu – https://prnt.sc/wml4r7

Refer the documentation link – http://buddhathemes.dtdocs.wpengine.com/dt_articles/configuring-mega-menu/

Hey there, I am having an issue with this bikini shop, I purchased the theme, however I didn’t receive an image pack, more importantly, there is also an animation in the bottom of the page that isn’t showing. Can you please inform how can I upload pictures like in a demo import?


Sorry, Downloaded package will not have demo image, those are copyrighted ones. if you need we can send source links you can purchase it from authorized seller with license.

I only need the animation presented in the bottom of the page, where can I acquire it?

I’m sorry, I need a refund. I bought this by mistake. I only work in Wordpress

We understood! Kindly send the refund request , So that we can able to approve and refund.

I am having difficulties with the currencies. I bought the App “Best Currency Converter” and it seems to be in conflict with the currency app already installed in your theme. How do I delete the currency in your theme so I can use the “Best Currency Converter ”? Thank you

Just uncheck the money options in theme settings at customisation panel.

Hello, Our does Sortable Products on the bottom of the page work? Our do I add different collections under the different tags? I can only add under the first Tag “ALL” but want to add products under ” BEST” “SALE” and “NEW” Thanks

Actually in sortable section the All tag will hold all the product and other tags will have its uniquer setup of products. It not possible to make it without all tag.

Thank you for your reply. My issue is trying to add the products under the different Tags..How for example to add my sales under the “SALES” Tag.

Could you send the store login details to the support mail support@wedesignthemes.com, we will check the setup that you have done and get back to you.

Him the upper product description strips all html and line breaks which file do I edit to change this if possible?

Edit: never Mind I already found it

Ok. Thank you.

Hi back again, I noticed that the theme doesnt work correctly on Iphone (11) the fixed background image showcasing “laura’s collection” on the preview sites homepage doesnt work. it doesnt stay fixed but scrolls and whats worse it shows the image un huge full resolution and only top left corner of the image. So on the them preview site you’ll ony see a blue sky instead of all the girls, on iphone. Same problem on my site

Edit: Never mind again, lol. I’ve read that apple ios disabled fixed backgrounds to improve user experience. idiots

Okay, Thanks!

Hey guys, I want to buy your bikini theme for my shopify store. Can you also set up the entire site so that it looks like in your demo store and how much would this cost? Thanks!


Surely we will help! Kindly send your store login details to the support mail support@wedesignthemes.com after purchase! We will send the cost, timeframe details via mail.


I’m facing a few issues with the theme nested menu. I’ve created two nested menu and they were showing on the mobile but not on the desktop.

And On the home page, One of the graphics come with Expired word at the end, and there seems no option to remove that.

https://scrappytailscrafts.com This is my store link.

Please reply asap.

When can i get revert?

Kindly send your store login details to the support mail support@wedesignthemes.com. We will help.

Hi there,May I purchase the photos?, If not Do you guys have an expert to help me finish setting up the theme plz?

Thanks Honar Mzory

While installing our theme, Images used in the demo are not included for download, these images are copyrighted, if you are planning to use the photos we can provide the links to buy the license. Kindly send mail details to the support mail support@wedesignthemes.com. We will share.

Hi, I’ve purchased a theme. To get started, I want my theme as a clone as in demo. How can I get those Images and all?

All the images used in the demo is copyrighted, if you wish to use, send email address to our support mail support@wedesignthemes.com, we will send the source details, you can purchase an image with license from the vendor.


How to get all the pictures used, as on the download file is only the sliders of the homepage, but all others are missing.

Thank you for fast response.


ou can purchase those images from https://www.shutterstock.com

Followings are the image ID:

1) shutterstock_225305386.jpg 2) shutterstock_271438907.jpg 3) shutterstock_271563011.jpg 4) shutterstock_271567085.jpg 5) shutterstock_429062389.jpg 6) shutterstock_471995944.jpg 7) shutterstock_447232657.jpg 8) shutterstock_455697298.jpg 9) shutterstock_404228566.jpg 10) shutterstock_544450867.jpg 11) shutterstock_395561161.jpg 12) shutterstock_214191898.eps 13) shutterstock_148073828.jpg 14) shutterstock_303372461.jpg 15) shutterstock_357797132.jpg 16) shutterstock_436583146.jpg 17) shutterstock_482660284.jpg 18) shutterstock_97047365.jpg 19) shutterstock_390055432.jpg 20) shutterstock_407412031.jpg 21) shutterstock_301925837.jpg 22) shutterstock_184805042.jpg 23) shutterstock_60242860.jpg 24) shutterstock_55377238.jpg 25) shutterstock_165553232.jpg 26) shutterstock_103871078.jpg

Is it not possible to purchase it from your company?


Thank yo for contacting us. Which one you need to purchase?

Regards., DesignThemes Support.

Hi,My colleague bought the subject, but couldn’t bring it to the menu bar on the phone. It was invalid.thanks.


Thank you for contacting us.

Kindly, Confirm your purchase code through the right bottom form located @ http://themeforest.net/user/designthemes

Refer : http://prntscr.com/mkev23

If you need your Purchase Code you may download it from your ThemeForestaccount>Downloads>choose the necessary product>Download>License certificate & purchase code.

Kindly refer the following links for getting clear idea.


Regards., BuddhaThemes Support.

New Updated Theme not working fine no header footer options. tabs on products page not working

We have removed the additional header and footers with updated version, due to some loading issues. so current theme comes with single header and footer. Kindly send your store login details to support mail support@wedesignthemes.com, we will check with tab issue.

I have a couple of questions, how do you activate reviews? It shows up blank. Do I need to add an app?


Also, the item qty doesn’t want to show up, it just keeps saying, “undefined In Stock”. Why is that?

Password to site is: ETUsd

Yes, you need to install the app:


Regarding Inventory status, kindly send your store login details to the support mail support@wedesignthemes.com, we will check.

Hi, I’ve installed your theme to my Shopify store and am facing some issues with the menu and more features. Please add this email in cc so I could respond maya@alphadeltas.com

Kindly send your issue details with screenshots to the support mail support@wedesignthemes.com, we will help.


I bought your theme 4 days ago. I hava a problem with the responsive as when I look to my website on smartphone the menu burger does not work (impossible to open it to see the menu).

Here is my website : www.myfitnessfactory.fr

Could you help ?

Thanks a lot !


Hi Marion,

Thanks for using our theme!

Plz send your store login details to our support mail support@wedesignthemes.com , we will check.

hello im having trouble with the theme, its fine when used on pc but when i try using the website that has the theme ive got a few problems unable to view tabs ect and some images not showing properly

Kindly send your store login details to the support mail with the issue screenshots, we will check and do whats required.

support mail: support@wedesignthemes.com

I would also like to know how to add dropdowns for main menu navigation. I added the collections under each menu item in the navigation but it doesnt show in the website

Kindly send your store login details to our support mail support@wedesignthemes.com, we will help with this.

Hi, I would like to add privacy, returns policies on the footer of my page. I also want to have the blue wave footer. However i notice that particular footer (footer 2) does not allow me to put my policies on the footer but allows me to add the animation wave. While other footers allow me to add policies but It doesnt allow me to have the wave animation/background. So how do i fix this?

Kindly send your store login details to our support mail support@wedesignthemes.com, we will help with this.


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