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Sdypart, I’ve been unsuccessful with getting any communication from the creator of the theme OR from their website…. so good luck. But I just tried it again and it seems to “kind of” be working. You have to go create an account on themedale. Once you activate the email link they send, you’ll have to log in. But the log in link doesn’t work! So you’ll have to google “themedale log in” and click on the search result… and THEN you have to go purchase the credits to purchase the theme and then finally purchase the theme. Ridiculous. Hope that helps, since no one else is helping.

Thanks for your reply Savriel – I was able to finally purchase and download the theme thanks to your instructions. Now I just hope the theme works better than the author’s site :)

Great theme! It is possible that click on menu title change slider image?

I want buy wordpress version i’ve you an url to that

WP version is in the pipe, so You have to wait probably 1-2 months. :)

Hi indiapart,

On my portfolio, the scrollbar isn’t working. I don’t know if I did something that broke it… How can I fix it? If you need to look at it, the website is


I notice there is now a wordpress theme link but that takes me to Themedale but themedale doesn’t even let me sign up…keeps telling me i am a spambot, which is immensely frustrating! I was wondering if I could buy the wordpress theme here as I know this site works properly.


Are you talking about me being blind?? Seriously?? There is a ruddy great link to the Wordpress version on your site and you are accusing me of being blind?

No, I meant myself of course! o.O Sorry for the misunderstanding :-/ (and to prevent any more misunderstandings, I don’t mean that ironically, too)

Wouldn’t make any sense to call You blind, would it?