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Super ten nowy upadte. Czy można zobaczyć wersję polską online?

Nie, niestety. Póki co online demos są tylko w jednym języku, angielskim. Wystarczy że zmienisz u siebie na polski i theme i pluginy będą po polsku.


Potential bug with version 7. I just updated on 3 different sites to version 7 and now when I am trying edit or add a new post I can’t change between visual and text.


Please post it directly on our support centre: https://bringthepixel.ticksy.com/
Use the “Bimber – My support license expired” category, that is an open category for all users, for bug reporting. Our support team will check your case and I don’t see the problem on my side.

regards, Luke

I want to update what I said. The problem was I didn’t deactivate the child theme first when upgrading. I went and read the documentation and saw after the fact that I needed to do this. I deactivated the child theme and then reactivated it and it works now.

Great to heat that.

regards, Luke

Where do I see the new “collection” functionality? I can not find…


Thank you for clarification. We will take a look asap.

regards, Luke

Hello. Browser menu does not appear in mobile version. If the person wants to see what categories the site has, it does not have that option, only on the main page. It is not dynamic to the user.

It’s a matter of configuration

We decided to not show the desktop menu inside the off-canvas.But of course you can change it

One question or a suggestion for the next update.It would be nice if we could make the header “row #c” able to move as a sticky in footer. Is this possible to do now? or possible to implement in future?

Hi, right now it’s not possible, sorry. Also it wouldn’t be a good solution, a separate row for the sticky footer would be much better, but it requires way more work

Regards, Michael

Hi Micheal, i just fixed it with css and it looks pretty fine to me. If you are interested give me your email and i’ll show you how it turned out. It might be interesting to see other things i worked on, you might like it.

I know it can be done via CSS, the problem is different though :) Anyway I would love to see your suggestions. Please send us an email. Thank you in advance.

Awesome! Love the new Video demo. Oddly, Envato Market plugin on my website can’t see the new update.

YES. I have the plugin installed. Thanks Luke.


The only reason that I can think of is that you have somehow blocked the Envato API. If you open a ticket on support center and provide access data, we will try to help you figure it out. In the meanwhile, you can install the update manually.

regards, Luke

Finally updated it. It showed up after almost 24 hours. It wasn’t like this before. Thanks so much!

Thanks Luke and BTP Team for your hard work. Thx to your bookmark/collection feature I can now switch to you from Gillion which were the only ones offering the bookmark feature in Envato. NK

Thank you for kind words.

regards, Luke

Hi bringthepixel,

Pre-purchase question: I want to use your freebies demo to my website. So when my clients pay to become paid subscribers, they will pay via paypal or credit card and then, their account will become premium account, and they can download all content, right? That how it works? I’m sorry that may be a dump question but I can not see it work on demo.


Hi, yes, exactly like you described Regards, Michael

Dear author(s),

Does this theme work with the Embedly plugin? I’d like to extract more content from the links I’m posting on the Relink child theme. Thanks!


Yes, it works with Embedly. To be more precise, our Snax plugin has integration with Embedly.

regards, Luke

Awesome. I hope you will soon allow the users to create/manage their own subcategories. That will give this theme the full power of Reddit and help site owners quickly grow their userbases. Thanks!

Thank you for suggestion. It’s a great idea


Trying to use the new category blocks but when I add an image they’re turning out like this


Am I doing it wrong?


Hi, have you tried to use the “show_icon” parameter?

Regards, Michael

Thanks. When I don’t show the icon that works.

Hi, there’s a bug on up/down votes since the update.


On single posts, Safari


I just sent you an e-mail with a link about the bug so that you can check it. I think it’s more accurate like this.

Best regards,

OK, thank you we’ll take a look at it

Just an idea, it would be interesting to also add the function of how many people favored a post.

And also the button change when it clicks the “read later” and “add to favorite” buttons. Just for the user to know that he already clicked there


thank you for pointing that out. We’ll consider it while planning next updates.

Regards, Michael

I just have to say that update 7.0 is Amaaazing guys work..BRAVO! I am so glad I switched to this theme!

Thank you :)

Hi, the theme seems great, but I would like to ask a few questions before the purchase: 1) can I do a mix between a few child themes, main demo, video demo and Relink. I mean to make mix of designs, a mix of features. 2) How does the affiliate marketing shop work in the theme? Does the theme use Content EGG, Woocommerce plugin? 3)If I bought the theme, would I get Visual Composer plugin for free? 4) How does the theme work with Google Adsense? Taboola? How do they affect the loading speed of the site? 5) Does the theme support multi-languages site? 6)Does the theme have Ajax search results for Woocommerce either?

Hi, thank you for your kind words. Let me answer your questions:

1) you can mix features as you want, but some design choices are limited per “Style” each demo has got applied. Of course there are still many design options you can change, like typography, layouts, etc

2) we use WooCommerce most of the time

3) yes

4) Many of our clients use both solutions. Also we’ve got options to load ads asynchronously

5) yes, Bimber Theme is compatible with the WPML plugin

6) no, sorry

Regards, Michael

upgrading to newest version. couldnt find Collection Tab in Settings -> Snax

I have to deactivate (Snax 1.21), delete and reinstall Snax (1.3) to get the updated version. and The collection is shown up.

Previously the total tab is 16 Tabs, now only is 7 Tabs. Lists, Meme,etc.. Tab is eliminate in the newest Snax ?

Is this normal ?

Okay, I saw all other tabs is now moving into Formats tab

Exactly, all are now under one “Formats” tab.

regards, Luke

i am trying to enable collections but i have no collections tab in the setting http://prntscr.com/mxbyu9 i have just undated to the latest version

Hi, please make sure you’ve got the Snax plugin up to date too

Regards, Michael

Our snax plugin is 1.21 is that the most up to date version


Please read and follow this https://bringthepixel.ticksy.com/article/14467/

regards, Luke

Hi, what different on “follow” and “subcribe” on new update? Looking on new documention but can’t find it. Is that “subcribe” use bimber own plugin and what the features on it?

Hi, it’s the same thing. We just added really small english translation to show potential clients that’s possible to change any phrase you want via translation mechanism, even if your default language is english

Regards, Michael


Any idea why the video is going full width here:


Like it does here:




Can you please take a look at this as even when I embed a YouTube video in a post it does this


I’ve checked the theme editor and I can’t see anything in there that would stop it.



Of course, we will take a look. Please open a ticket on the support center to continue.

regards, Luke

Thanks. I’ve submitted a ticket

Promised to add, so that the user can edit their posts. and where ?

Hi, right now users can edit their post drafts, but we will soon introduce full edit capabilities

Regards, Michael

There is a bug in the 7 version. External embed videos from openload and many others sites doesn’t show in video format, only appears a blank space. I have about 1000 external embed video post and now all they are empty. I didn’t renew the support since some years ago because I’m an old bimber user and never had any problem. I think it’s fair to fix this without cost. Thanks in advance.


It’s under https://bringthepixel.ticksy.com/

regards, Luke

Thank you. I already created the ticket :)

Thank you. We will reply as soon as we can. Have a nice day.

regards, Luke

How to fix the followings:

1 – https://ibb.co/54t2xkp
2 – https://ibb.co/1QXnvQn
3 – https://ibb.co/cF6x4Ds
4 – https://ibb.co/1J22gV7
5 – https://ibb.co/tbC1wgv

Please advice (I’m setting up the website, I might ask more questions until I set up and run the website. Thanks in advance)

Hi, please post each issue as a separate ticket on our support centre: www.bringthepixel.ticksy.com and we will be glad to help you there.

Thank you in advance.

Regards, Michael

Ticket created. Thanks in advance