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Hello, could you please tell me 1° wich bootstrap version does this template use? 2° Howlong would it take to change my magento base admin and how can I do it? Regards, Heather

Sorry for may late reply. Actually I was working with another team that’s why I did not reply. Now I am back again :) and from now you can get me here. Thanks

Great Theme….. Really love this… I just want to ask one question that….

How to delete calendar events once created..I can not delete it …Please help….

Thank you so much

Thanks for your message. Actually I did not work event delete option so I have to check full calendar API. I will check it and If I can do it :) I will inform you.

Does it support RTL ?

Sorry that doesn’t support RTL.

Hi there, is this offer still available?

Which offer :) ?

Hello I ve 3 probems with your template

1) input limiter I set the input limiter for some input text (default is 80) to 160 but correctly the input text show me the remain char that can I add but the field don’t accept up to 80 chars

the code: <input name=”SiteMETATitleIt” id=”SiteMETATitleIt” class=”tip_top limiter” title=”Meta titolo pagina : max 160 chr” type=”text” tabindex=”32” value=”XXX”/>

<script type=”text/javascript”> $(function() { $(‘input’).inputlimiter({limit: 80}); $(’#SiteMETADescIt’).inputlimiter({limit: 160}); $(’#SiteMETADescEn’).inputlimiter({limit: 160}); $(’#SiteMETADescRu’).inputlimiter({limit: 160}); $(’#SiteMETADescDe’).inputlimiter({limit: 160}); $(’#SiteMETADescFr’).inputlimiter({limit: 160}); $(’#SiteMETADescSp’).inputlimiter({limit: 160}); $(’#SiteMETADescCn’).inputlimiter({limit: 160}); $(’#SiteMETADescAr’).inputlimiter({limit: 160}); $(’#SiteMETAKeyIt’).inputlimiter({limit: 160}); $(’#SiteMETAKeyEn’).inputlimiter({limit: 160}); $(’#SiteMETAKeyRu’).inputlimiter({limit: 160}); $(’#SiteMETAKeyDe’).inputlimiter({limit: 160}); $(’#SiteMETAKeyFr’).inputlimiter({limit: 160}); $(’#SiteMETAKeySp’).inputlimiter({limit: 160}); $(’#SiteMETAKeyCn’).inputlimiter({limit: 160}); $(’#SiteMETAKeyAr’).inputlimiter({limit: 160}); }); </script>

PAGE: http://www.cantinebernardini.com/BACKOFFICE/SITEMAP/AggiornaSitemap.asp?VARID=112 USER: TEST PASS: TEST 2) the left menu don’t appair like your web site (is smallest) http://www.cantinebernardini.com/BACKOFFICE/html/02/black/dashboard.html 3) in form how can i place 2 or 3 input text one next the other in this page http://www.cantinebernardini.com/BACKOFFICE/SITEMAP/AggiornaSitemap.asp?VARID=112 I WANT to set Prezzo portata, Tipo di menù, Gluten free in the same line


please notify me by eamail when you answer: info@subweb.it

Please send me a email by using themeforest profile form. Then I will request to support for remove the message.

Hello I sent you an email THANKS

Hello I sent you an email THANKS

Can I use boostrap code here ? like

test1 test2 test3 test4

Sorry! unfortunately this template have no bootstrap support.

its amazing, What about autocomplete and model box?

Nice template system you have here. I just have a question, can I modify the login page? means use my own logo. I would like to use your template as a sample of a UI for an admin system but I need to be sure I can customise the images. Thanks

Thanks for your message. Yes you can use your own logo there if you purchase this template.

can’t look at live preview because of an error on the server:(

I need help send screenshots of how to configure correctly

Sorry! I did not understand what did you mean by configure correctly? It is just an HTML template so no configuration is required.

Hi! I See Your Theme Great Work but I Want Source Code With Theme .


I did not understand what you want?

I want to build a CRM/ERP Integrated project using wordpress, How can I make use of your Bingo Template