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everyone with erp project, crm, etc must be familiar with template like this.

really need it in my next erp project web-based. :)

You are always welcome :) . Not only that it is applicable for any type of admin. Thanks

Really great work westilian! :)

Thanks you very much Stammi.

Very great job !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Thanks for purchase. If you need any help just feel free and ask me. And I always appreciate any suggestion about bingo :)

Very nice work! Good luck with sales 8)

looks great any chance it the menu can remain in state such as on this page: http://www.bingo.westilian.com/bingo-admin/01/black/form-grid.html so that the form accordian element remains open?

Ya I am working on it. Thanks for your suggestion.

I really like it, to bad is that the menu is only vertically, and not horizontally, i’ll maybe buy it soon.

Fixed header is very easy to make here. Next update I will add a fixed header theme. In the meantime if you buy this template :) just mail me I will send you fixed header css/html file.

Thanks, i just bougth it, i’m going to take a look at the files and start working in it.

You said that in a future update it will be a version with the menu on the top, can you estimate an aproximate date ?

Thanks !

Can you please send me a mail by my profile :) thanks

So damn large website template, I can’t even run it smoothly. It will be also good if you add scrollTop function to next version. Anyway it’s pretty nice admin template

I made it for all purpose :) and sure I will add a scrollTop in next version. Thanks for your suggestion.

Oh wow! I must say this has been one of the best admin templates that I have ever noticed.

LOTs of features, specially multiple dashboard concept for the mobile versions have been tremendous implementation, I can’t ask for more here :D

This is a must buy template for me and I will be putting this product into my bag very shortly.

Thanks a million to westilian for putting such effort to develop this enormous admin template for us.

Thank you very much for your nice comment.

yes, i’m agree with jdales21. :)

Thanks @gangsar :)

Hi, which app I can use this template? Which Erp, CMS , ...? Exist any tutorial how I can configure this template?

You can use it for any types of apps, any ERP , CMS everywhere you want. Not only that you can use it for any types of WEB ADMIN . This template have a well documentation. If you buy it you will get that in documentation folder. There have details about that how you customize template.


Hi, amazing looking template. One question, does it have a css for print? especially for tables. I am considering buying. Thank you.

Yes table have css for print. Here have an example table with print button in table page.


Purchased this template. Going to use it for my cakephp app. Will rate after. Cheers!

Thanks for purchase. If you need any help just feel free to ask me.

Thanks again

Is there a Fixed header version with no left sidebar?

Ya if you remove left_bar then main container automatically fluid left with 100% width.


Great job, very nice! Can i use this template to Zend Framework or with ASP .net ?? if i bought your template, there is some manual to aplly and use your template?? if not , there is some site or youtube video to apply the themes in zend Fw or asp.net tecnology

This is html template so you can use it Zend Framework or ASP .net. And of course here have a manual in downloadable files. After buy this template if you need any help just fee free to mail me I will support you :)


His work is fantastic in this Admin. Congratulations!

I have a question on his license. I want to buy it to use as a site admin virtual store and also in some parts of the store as the shopping cart, etc. To this end I have to choose which license?

Thank you.


From Brazil

Glad to hear from you. Thanks for your compliment. Regular license is perfect for single website or web application (commercial, personal, client). You can use a single regular license for single website or web application (Single Use, Limited Licence and Single Use No Resale Licence [“Single Use”]). But if you want to include template in any redistributed template/site or any software package then you need to buy extended lisence (Single Use Conditional Resale Permitted Licence [“Conditional Resale”] and Web Service Licence [“Web Services”]). You can know more about license from here http://themeforest.net/licenses/regular_extended. If you have any more confusion then feel free to ask me. Thanks


I want to show the number of rows in the footer of each table, usually this option exists in admin templates.

How can I add it?

Thank you, Nadav

Yes it is DataTables DOM positioning. If you show the number of rows in footer then please find following lines form custom-script.js:
"sDom": '<"table_top"fl<"clear">>,<"table_content"t>,<"table_bottom"p <"clear">>'
And then add
<"length-info"i> After <"table_bottom"p
This line will add a info div with “length-info” class. Now your new code is:
"sDom": '<"table_top"fl<"clear">>,<"table_content"t>,<"table_bottom"p <"length-info"i> <"clear">>'

Hope it works. Cheers :)

I want to buy this template but confused that will it work well on touch enabled device like tablet pc of 7,8 and 10 inch screen. Will all element works smoothly ??? plz reply me if any one has try it….

Yes it is touch optimized and responsive template for any type screen size.

Il, first of all, great job ! Congratulation.

Il have a question : What class should be added to the menu to stay open and be in surbillance ?

For exemple add class in <ul class="open" /> for this menu is open and sbu menu is active -> <li class="active" />

Can you heelp me ?

Sorry for my english.


Thanks for the compliment.

I am working on it. Please send me a mail from my profile email form. I will give you update after complete.


I bought this template and i love it, love your work man will give my full review later after my project is complete :)

I bought this template and i love it, love your work man will give my full review later after my project is complete :)

Thanks for purchase. I am very glad to hear from you that you loved it :) . If you need any help just feel free to ask me.