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I purchased this template and several files were password protected. What’s up with that?

There was no any password protected files. Can you please tell me the files name?

This occurred during the zip file extraction. All the files were named something like jqplot.

Those are not password protected files. Here have development and compress both version. like jqplot.cursor.js and jqplot.cursor.min.js both are same file one is development version and another one is compressed version. You can use any of them. I think you are telling about .min.js version. Actually those are compressed versions not password protected.


I purchase Bingo and is really great! :) I have one question. I would try insert data to table using code behind in asp.net but if I apply runat=server in table object then table render is without jquery and css (just simple table). Do you know how to apply tables css and jquery in asp.net ? Best Regards

Thanks for purchase the template and thanks for the compliment. Sorry :( I am not ASP developer and I have no very much idea about asp.net. I am actually a PHP developer. you can check http://datatables.net/forums/ here have lots of info. I think it will be helpful for you. And you are open for ask any questions or help there. You can ask there and you will get reply from there.

Thanks for replay. I already resolve the problem by writing simple function which render the body of table :) The problem was causing by contentplaceholder (changing id name).

Hi westilian,

I have a website with the template Rocttheme Clarion, and I want to use your application Bingo, I like what I read, what are the software technical specifications to install the application Bingo?..

Regards, Ecka2

Hi, Westilian,

Bingo is the maximum, outstanding Let me know if this application BINGO , these processes lead: CRM customer relationship management BPM Business Process Management Project Management and chart Gantt

Chao, I waiting for you,


Thanks for your message. Actually it is not an application. It is a html template and you can develop any CMS , CRM or any web application by using this html template. After buy this template you have to develop it by php, asp or any language that you prefer. Hope you understand my point :) . Thanks again.

Hi westilian,

I have a question related to using the same class tables(for example “data_tbl_tools” ) many times one single html page. First Table render correctly but in next java script seems not run. How could I use many same class tables on single page? How to call js?

Best Regards :)

I applied the your resolution and it works… but the tools buttons (except Print) doesn’t works :/ What more I should change in JS?


Normally it should work. I have to test it. After test it I will inform you.

Please check your mail I replied there :)

I purchased your template last night and under Table with pagination and custom data length the buttons Copy, CSV , Excel, PDF are not working. Only the Print button is working. I am using Google Chrome browser.

I purchased your template last night and under Table with pagination and custom data length the buttons Copy, CSV , Excel, PDF are not working. Only the Print button is working. I am using Google Chrome browser.

:) its your mistake and its a common mistake ;) . I think you are not running your script in testing server. Please send me a mail form my profile email form. I am sending details there.

Hi, I bought this template yesterday and so far I just love it! The only things I don’t like much are the lack of visual indication of what icons the classes (in sprite.css) refer to (I had to test several before finding the one I needed for my menu item) and the work to be done in removing unnecessary scripts without disrupting anything. Other that that it’s simply awesome, with lots of features and great graphics. Good work!

Oh, and referring to a past comment here, you can easily keep the accordion menu open just by adding the class “expand” to the parent list (I do it server-side basing on the url, but can be done just as easy with jQuery’s addClass()) <li class="expand"><span>Pages</span> <ul class="acitem"> <li>...</li> <li>...</li> </ul> </li> Now the “Pages” submenu will stay opened; hope this helps :)

Thanks for a nice comment. I always appreciate it. You are always welcome for any suggestions. Please, feel free to mail me for any suggestions.

Thanks Again.

I already use your template. The template is great. I usually use datatable for some of my project before using another template. And no problem. But, when i use your template, the datatable can’t show the data from my database.

i usually use this code : HTML Code <table class="display data_tbl" id="griddata"> <thead> <tr> <th> Kode </th> <th> Nama Area </th> <th> Deskripsi </th> <th> Action </th> </tr> </thead> <tbody> </tbody> <tfoot> <tr> <th> Kode </th> <th> Nama Area </th> <th> Deskripsi </th> <th> Action </th> </tr> </tfoot> </table>

Java Script Code $(document).ready(function(){ $('#griddata').dataTable( { "bProcessing": true, "bServerSide": true, "sAjaxSource": "prosesgrid.php", "bJQueryUI": true, "sPaginationType": "full_numbers", "bAutoWidth": false, "aoColumns": [{"sWidth":"20%"},{"sWidth":"30%"},{"sWidth":"50%"},{"sWidth":"10%"}] } );

PHP Process Code <?php /* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Easy set variables */ /* Array of database columns which should be read and sent back to DataTables. Use a space where * you want to insert a non-database field (for example a counter or static image) */ include_once '../SolConfig.php'; $config = new SolConfig(); $aColumns = array( 'kd_area', 'nm_area', 'deskripsi' ); /* Indexed column (used for fast and accurate table cardinality) */ $sIndexColumn = "kd_area"; /* DB table to use */ $sTable = "area"; /* Database connection information */ $gaSql['user'] = $config->sqlUser; $gaSql['password'] = $config->sqlPass; $gaSql['db'] = $config->sqlDB; $gaSql['server'] = $config->sqlServer; /* REMOVE THIS LINE (it just includes my SQL connection user/pass) */ //include( $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT']."/datatables/mysql.php" ); /* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * If you just want to use the basic configuration for DataTables with PHP server-side, there is * no need to edit below this line */ /* * MySQL connection */ $gaSql['link'] = mysql_pconnect( $gaSql['server'], $gaSql['user'], $gaSql['password'] ) or die( 'Could not open connection to server' ); mysql_select_db( $gaSql['db'], $gaSql['link'] ) or die( 'Could not select database '. $gaSql['db'] ); /* * Paging */ $sLimit = ""; if ( isset( $_GET['iDisplayStart'] ) && $_GET['iDisplayLength'] != '-1' ) { $sLimit = "LIMIT ".mysql_real_escape_string( $_GET['iDisplayStart'] ).", ". mysql_real_escape_string( $_GET['iDisplayLength'] ); } /* * Ordering */ $sOrder = ""; if ( isset( $_GET['iSortCol_0'] ) ) { $sOrder = "ORDER BY "; for ( $i=0 ; $i<intval( $_GET['iSortingCols'] ) ; $i++ ) { if ( $_GET[ 'bSortable_'.intval($_GET['iSortCol_'.$i]) ] == "true" ) { $sOrder .= $aColumns[ intval( $_GET['iSortCol_'.$i] ) ]." ".mysql_real_escape_string( $_GET['sSortDir_'.$i] ) .", "; } } $sOrder = substr_replace( $sOrder, "", -2 ); if ( $sOrder == "ORDER BY" ) { $sOrder = ""; } } /* * Filtering * NOTE this does not match the built-in DataTables filtering which does it * word by word on any field. It's possible to do here, but concerned about efficiency * on very large tables, and MySQL's regex functionality is very limited */ $sWhere = ""; if ( isset($_GET['sSearch']) && $_GET['sSearch'] != "" ) { $sWhere = "WHERE ("; for ( $i=0 ; $i<count($aColumns) ; $i++ ) { $sWhere .= $aColumns[$i]." LIKE '%".mysql_real_escape_string( $_GET['sSearch'] )."%' OR "; } $sWhere = substr_replace( $sWhere, "", -3 ); $sWhere .= ')'; } /* Individual column filtering */ for ( $i=0 ; $i<count($aColumns) ; $i++ ) { if ( isset($_GET['bSearchable_'.$i]) && $_GET['bSearchable_'.$i] == "true" && $_GET['sSearch_'.$i] != '' ) { if ( $sWhere == "" ) { $sWhere = "WHERE "; } else { $sWhere .= " AND "; } $sWhere .= $aColumns[$i]." LIKE '%".mysql_real_escape_string($_GET['sSearch_'.$i])."%' "; } } /* * SQL queries * Get data to display */ $sQuery = " SELECT SQL_CALC_FOUND_ROWS ".str_replace(" , ", " ", implode(", ", $aColumns))." FROM $sTable $sWhere $sOrder $sLimit "; $rResult = mysql_query( $sQuery, $gaSql['link'] ) or die(mysql_error()); /* Data set length after filtering */ $sQuery = " SELECT FOUND_ROWS() "; $rResultFilterTotal = mysql_query( $sQuery, $gaSql['link'] ) or die(mysql_error()); $aResultFilterTotal = mysql_fetch_array($rResultFilterTotal); $iFilteredTotal = $aResultFilterTotal[0]; /* Total data set length */ $sQuery = " SELECT COUNT(".$sIndexColumn.") FROM $sTable "; $rResultTotal = mysql_query( $sQuery, $gaSql['link'] ) or die(mysql_error()); $aResultTotal = mysql_fetch_array($rResultTotal); $iTotal = $aResultTotal[0]; /* * Output */ $output = array( "sEcho" => intval($_GET['sEcho']), "iTotalRecords" => $iTotal, "iTotalDisplayRecords" => $iFilteredTotal, "aaData" => array() ); while ( $aRow = mysql_fetch_array( $rResult ) ) { $row = array(); for ( $i=0 ; $i<count($aColumns) ; $i++ ) { if ( $aColumns[$i] == "version" ) { /* Special output formatting for 'version' column */ $row[] = ($aRow[ $aColumns[$i] ]=="0") ? '-' : $aRow[ $aColumns[$i] ]; } else if ( $aColumns[$i] != ' ' ) { /* General output */ $row[] = $aRow[ $aColumns[$i] ]; } } //$row[] = '<a class="edit" href="">Edit</a>'; $row[] = 'TES'; $output['aaData'][] = $row; } echo json_encode( $output ); ?>

Please help me…. This is really important for me. Thx…

Thanks for your message. Can you ensure me that your PHP code have no problem? If your php code is ok then I think you have any JS error. Please Check error console and ensure me that there have no JS error. I am sure you are making mistake anywhere in JS. Can you please send me a mail? from My profile email form . I will reply you there.

Hi there, Is there a sample SQL included or not ? I bought this a look no SQL in any folders. I am wondering how Adipurwa has tried database despite failure.

Hi, Thanks for purchase my theme. First, I have to know that BINGO is not a web application. It is a html admin template and you can develop any type of web application, web site or CMS admin panel or front end by using BINGO . Here have no php or sql unless 2/3 php validation check script files. It is just a html template. And you have told about adipurwa’s problem. His problem was datatable JS related problem. He is developing an application by php mysql where he is using BINGO admin template. And his datatable data was not showing for a JS function problem, that function was written by himself. I was support him by mail and problem is solved now. Hope you got it :).

Thanks again for purchase Bingo.


When I use the “header fixed” template, the responsive menu is showed under the header. Whar can I do to solve this issue??


Its a z-index problem :) . Please go to styles.css may be line number 1735 or find
.fg-menu-container { } 
and add there
z-index: 99999;

The problem is solved :)


First I’d like to thank you for your help before. Now I’m facing another issue: Is there some way to disable some features of tables?? I have some tables I’d like to disable de “search”, “entries per page”, “pagination” or “column ordering”, is it possible? how??


Sure you can do it. Following way you can enable or disable any feature of a datatable:
$(function () {
        "bPaginate": false /*For Pagination true/false*/,
        "bLengthChange": false  /*For Length true/false*/,
        "bFilter": false  /*For Search true/false*/,
        "bSort": false  /*For table sorting true/false*/,
                /*--MORE CODE HERE--*/

Hi. I’ve just bought your brilliant bingo template and started to explore it to adapt it to a very new ASP .net project. I wonder if you or some of your previous clients (przemo1234, perhaps) could guide me in the process of placing propper code in masterpage and in contentpages (asp.net concepts). Any code in ASP .net that you or any on the community could share to give me some ideas will be very much appreciated. (and will save me some time)

Thanks in advance and congratulations for the good work !

Maynor Gamarro Guatemala, Centralamerica

Thanks for purchase BINGO and many many thanks for the compliments :) . I always appreciate it. If you need any help related on bingo please feel free to ask me.

I did what you suggested:

<script type="text/javascript"> $(function () { $('#TabelaA').dataTable({ "bPaginate": false, "bFilter": false, "bSort": false }); }); </script> . . . <table id="TabelaA" class="display data_tbl"> <thead> <tr> but I receivde the following message: <blockquote>DataTables warning (table id = 'TabelaA'); Cannot reinitialise DataTable. To retrieve the DataTables object for this table, pass no arguments or see the docs for bRetrieve and bDestroy</blockquote> Do you have any idea what's wrong???? Thanks,</tr></table>

:) just remove .data_tbl class from table because in my js file already have a predefined table style by .data_tbl class. I think your problem is solved.

Hey dear, this is very nice template, but i dont understand what the meaning of BINGO , why u named this as BINGO ?

Hello brother, i m working with ur template in my office in Dhaka to develop a inventory, Here i am facing problem using multi extender plugin. I was trying to get the value of select box setting common class returnIds such as

$(document).ready(function() { $(’.returnIds’).change(function() { var vendor = $(this).val(); alert (vendor); } }); Here, i can get the alert for the static html fields, but for dynamically appended by that plugin[ after click add more ] not showing the alert on change!

I tried to find the reason, i can see that i cant see the html elements in page view source which were created after click on add more but can be seen in browser view and fire bug. Why its that problem? Is it not due to this plugin, i also checked the plugin page, same case.

It seems to me that, as the appended elemnts cant be seen in page view source and so for that jQuery cant know the newly appended elements.

Plz let me know, i would appreciate you for the reply.

Thanks, Nazmul Hasan

Did you purchased my template? Why Purchase badge is not showing here?

Actually, i didnt buy it from my Account, but i made it bought by my office and i dont have access to that account…

And i am now working with this template…

Hello such, I wonder if it is possible to implement it with prestashop

Thanks for your comment. As you know this is a html template so you can implement anything by using it.

Awesome template. I purchased it a few months back and since then Iv’e modified it quite a bit to fit my needs. The main thing being a top menu instead of a left menu. I use asp.net and it’s been very simple to implement and modify. The documentation is awesome. For those of you having trouble impementing tables and such I suggest you look at the custom-scripts file. I don’t run that file but I use it a lot as a starting point to build my own js functions for the included plugins. It’s saved me many many hours and looks much better than anything I could do on my own as design is my weakest point.

From what I can tell, everything seems to work fine in IE 10 also except for the grid system. All grid sizes default to full screen. If anyone has any info on what to modify in the css to correct this issue it would be cool if you could post it.

To the creator: Thanks for this. I’m sure you spent many hours putting this together and it shows. Great job.

Thanks for your comments and thanks for the compliments :)

First of all I LOVE this template so easy to work with, I have two questions on the black template without the sidebars and not fixed the side NAV doesn’t stretch as the blue template does to cover the entire left side. Also how do we set a value for the STARS Ratings in the form-elements. Thanks again for such a great template.

Hi, I did not get your first point. Can you please mail me details via profile mail form? I will reply you there. Thanks

Dear sir… i have buy your template, its nice and first template that i buy.

But i have problem with detail datatable, i want insert expandable to show/hide detail data in the table.

Can u help me about the code ??