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aleluja does not currently provide support for this item.

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Hello, I am a wordpress developer. and would like to convert your template in wordpress and sell half with you. If you want contact with me.

Sry, already working on it.

The demo is not working. Broken link.

Works fine for me, maybe it was some temporarly server error.

Great one! Keep up the good work!

Hvala :D

Great work. Love it. GLWS . :)

Tnx :D I hope it will start selling ‘till the end of the month

Great work! Good luck with sales! Samo napred :)

Hvala ^^

I cant seem to get the preview to load. I tried it in IE9 firefox and opera. Is it broken??

It’s okay now. probably hosting problem, i need a new one

Hi, How can I install this theme into wordpress?

Sorry, this is not a wordpress theme, it’s a regular HTML template. However, stay tuned, I’m working on integrating this template into a WP theme.

Perfect. I’ve bought your fantastic theme. Thanks.

You’re welcome and thank you :)

i would like to buy your theme but I still cant get to the preview. I have IE9 , Firefox, Opera and I have tried them all but no access. Just a white page as if it is loading but times out. Do you have another way I can view this theme?

Hmm, dunno what’s the problem. I’ve just made an account on another hosting service, you can view the vCard, after the domain becomes active, here: http://aleluja.3owl.com/web

Ok, it’s up now. I hope this will fix the problem.

Great Work , GLWS :)

Thank you :D

When do you think the wordpress theme will be available to purchase? ty

Great!! please post a link here when it’s ready.


They rejected it saying it’s not good enough for WP category, even tho it’s approved here. I will have to work more on it. And sorry about the delay, the review process was a bit longer than expected.