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aron321 Purchased


I’m trying to install the theme and there’s no way, I get the next mistake: ’’there is no translation file available ’’ and I can not install the theme my PrestaShop version:

Thank you

Hi you. Pls contact with me to email:

Hi, Please tell me how to work with the Megamenu. If you have a video tutorial or anything please. Thank you !

Bad buyer. You using 2 email contact with me and I has answered for you very clear. Bad buyer if you don’t remove your rate then I will never support for you more. OK! Your rate from no problem. But I happy because I don’t support more for bad buyer. Good bye.

1st I have a screenshot of how you responded to me. You have to learn to speak with respect after all. 2nd I bought another theme from elsewhere, do you think you are the only one around here? Just remove the support, you need to learn first that it is not about the money but respect, we are professionals we need professionals around us not impolite people. good bye !


Cekker Purchased

Some users are telling the truth. Unfortunately, i bought this theme too, but i had to give up. The design is very good but i’ve found some bugs in the code, non-translatable strings (i had to change the code manually inside TPL files!) and many bugs to be fixed, things not shown on the documentation … and so on. The developer tried to help, but he doesn’t speak very well english: it’s impossible to talk with somebody that can’t understand you. If you offer support, you must know at least the international language (english). Furthermore, the developer suddenly looses his patience and establishes a bad relationship with customers. I’ve contacted him a second time but never had reply. I’m switching to another theme. I can’t suggest to buy this theme, unless somebody doesn’t want to loose his patience (before the developer does it).

Hi you. You are a liar. I don’t know you because you never contact with me support. I can say with you 100% my item can translate in backend site. If you can not translate then you need contact with me. I will help you support it. But why you don’t contact? Bad buyer.


Cekker Purchased

You know that it’s not true, we talked on Skype and the first time you had to modify a TPL file to let a part of the theme be translatable, and you confirmed to me this. After this i checked and found several strings not translatable, and code to be changed in TPL files. You even asked me to write a list of all of them. I think that a theme should be translatable by default, not upon user request! The second time, however, i never received a reply. I can’t wait further, and, i repeat, it’s very hard to talk with you because you don’t speak very well english and it seems that you don’t understand 100% what people writes to you.

I talked with you by Skype? What your Skype?

Hello, this is Rakesh , I pinged you on Skype. Please do reply me once you see the message. Its about the theme installation.

The name is in skype is RaKesh Mandal.


I has reply for you

Hello, please check skype, I am facing problem regarding the cart empty.. everytime my customers are adding product to cart and goest for the checkout , it shows “Shopping Cart Empty”

Please reply me

I has reply for you

Hello, your site of support does not work.

HTTP ERROR 500 cordialy

Hi you. I don’t support to ticket. Please send email for me:

e thus made an e-mail via support of Themeforest. We wait your returns. Received him to you?

Thank you.

Ok! I will check email and reply for you soon. Thank you.

I would like to know how I can move the Dor Ajax Tab Product and Category 2 module, I have tried moving the hook to the top part, under the slider, but it does not work. Another question is where can I find the text of the account in the product module of the day, I want to change the text days, hour, min, etc … Thanks

Hi you. Please contact with me to email: Thank you.

Can this theme change to box ( not 100% width ) ??

Yes. You can do it. But you need contact with me. Thank you.

Unthinkable that the theme does not handle page 404!

Please contact with me to email: I will help you build it. Thank you.

I have already written to you the day 29 May 2018, 09:02 and the day 14 May 2018, 16:58

Hi you. I don’t get it. Please send for me. Thank you.

If you think to buy this theme, please THINK TWICE. Read the comments here and you will understand what I an talking about: Good theme, bad support, bugs in the code, non-translatable strings and many bugs to be fixed, things not shown on the documentation, bad understand english, and a really rude talk with costumers. AFTER WEEKS WITH NO RESPONSE I WANT MY MONEY BACK.

Hi you. Please check email. I has answred for you. Why I must Refund for you. You sent email for me and I has answred for you. Bad client.

You are a very liar. If you do not apologize to me for these lies, I will not support you to continue. My document very clear with video and picture demo for each step only for you have English very very bad. Bad Client LOL

Hello, can I upgrade to prestashop 1.7.4? Do you work on that version? Or are you going to launch an update? Thanks

Hi you. Please contact with me to email. My item support good latest version prestashop. Thank you.

Hello, I wish to change the pictures in the slider in the homepage. I can do so myself, but my dor_homeslider module is not showing the slides. Is that something to do with the installation? How can I change these pictures now? Thank you.

Hi you. You are using multi shop. When you want input data for 1 shop theme you must select shop you input. This is normal why you don’t know it. Pls contact with me to email and don’t use email a lot contact with me. Thank you.