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Neo_Geo Purchased

Hello Dany,

I’ve purchased this theme today. But, i can’t found menu in french translation, where are they ?

All are in english ?


The demo just shows a demonstration of the multi language compatibility with the WPML plugin. You will need to translate menus, posts, pages… yourself using WPML.


raf770 Purchased


Hi, I’ve just buy the theme Biosphere but when I want to install the template Biopshere as the full demo (with picture, slides, pages, menus, links…) it seems to be empty.

I’ve a multisite wordpress and it’s very urgent.

Many thanks, with regards.


Can you send over the URL to the website, seeing it will help me understand the situation.


raf770 Purchased

Purchase Number 381b82d1-bef7-4ec7-a941-8d3cb1bb659e about my last request i resend you now .

Hi, I’ve just buy the theme Biosphere but when I want to install the template Biopshere as the full demo (with picture, slides, pages, menus, links…) it seems to be empty.

I’ve a multisite wordpress and it’s very urgent.

Many thanks, with regards.


raf770 Purchased

I’ve lost 2 days with this problem with my team. This is urgent please.


raf770 Purchased



Support is handled once per day, the support can take up to 1 business day ( 24 hours Mon-Fri ).

It looks like you have not imported the dummy.xml file. WordPress themes do not automatically come with content, they are not HTML templates. Importing is a native WordPress functionality ( https://codex.wordpress.org/Importing_Content#WordPress ).

It imports posts, pages, causes, events, menus…

It does not affect general settings. Once imported you need to set a page to be the homepage ( B ) in documentation ).

To change the layout of the homepage check B-1) in the documentation.

To add slides to the homepage slider check B-2) in the documentation.

I bought this theme Biosphere for a small and new NGO, the person who sopposs to help us run away so now I am alone with a theme and no Idea how I shoould begine… I was expecting will be easy to instal and woork with… but I couldnt even arrive to this point…

another especific question, i found now the plugins file… is just 1 plugin I upload in once or I have to go file by file… (If I finish this web someone should give me a prize)

I mean, I Already import the pruggin for the slider revolution but I cant impror from the theme the slider, there is no fine with the name they suggest

I am not, I found a doc in the file and I downloaded it and Instal, now I follow all directions but I cant found on the homepage the barr with all options like couses, events, language, staff etc etc… could you help me

Have you created a new page with the page template set to “Homepage” and set that page to be the home page ( the step by step in the B section of the documentation )?

If you did then go to WP admin > Appearance > Theme Options > Homepage. In there you can add the sections you want ( click the “Add New” and choose the options you want for that section ).

ok, I spend all morning playing and I gess I can manage to organize the estructure but I have a question. We ned the option to add member to the asociation, we need a widge or ever that in case to ask for donation , in some causes ask to be a member and open an application to registerm ¿is that posible? or I am dreaming

The donations system is the same as showcased on the demo, users are not registered when making a donation.

another especific question, i found now the plugins file… is just 1 plugin I upload in once or I have to go file by file… (If I finish this web someone should give me a prize)

We’re talking about Revolution Slider, correct? In the WP folder of the theme package is the folder called plugins, inside of it is slider-revolution-whole-package.zip file, which you unpack on your computer, it contains documentation, slider examples… and it contains the file revslider.zip, that is the plugin file, you can install it in WP admin > Plugins.

Not quite sure what the “have to go file by file” is about.

IM TRYING TO WORK WITH THE SLIDER REVOLUTION AND IS IMPOSSIBLE… I installed the plug but no way to import from the theme… reject all zip… I loose 2 days< I read all documents and directions on the files and no way… please help me, we have no Budget to buy another theme :-(

The Revolution Slider is included with the theme just in case someone prefers to use that instead of the slider the theme offers ( the one you can see on the demo ).

The slider you can see on the demo is not revolution slider, it’s part of the theme. You can manage slides in WP admin > Appearance > Theme Options > Slider.

The “Slider Type” option should be set to regular ( which is the default value ) and below that option you can add slides ( click “add new” and fill in the options ).

URGENT: I cant loose one day more… is IMPOSSIBLE to understand the directions on the documments ralted to slider revolution… so please if you can give me clear direction step by step to work with it as in the theme I bought … I really need help

Im sorry for my terrible english and my limited knowledge of WP, but I am doing my best, In the demo you have SUBMENUS, I want sub menus ….

iN THE DEMO there is a submenú, with first and second level… how i do that… and , how I choose to have 1/4 Ítem width in this … because are not cause or staff or event… are something diffferent insnt it??

When editing the page that serves as the Staff listing page, you will see a section called “Page Options” in that main area just below the “text editor”, in it is the option called “Item Width”, that’s where you can change it.


As for the submenus, if you added categories and have staff posts applied to those cateogires they should be showing up.

If not, please send over the site URL and WP admin info via the contact form on our profile page and I will take a look at that.

Do not share the WP admin info here, this is a public comments board.

Hi Dany – is this theme tested for RTL languages?


Unfortunately no. The theme does not have RTL support.

I have the follow error on my domain:

Warning: require_once(rest/class.wp-super-cache-rest-get-settings.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory

Fatal error: require_once(): Failed opening required ‘rest/class.wp-super-cache-rest-get-settings.php’ (include_path=’.:/usr/share/php:/usr/share/pear’) in /www/rr.flashmarketingsolutions.com/wp-content/plugins/wp-super-cache/rest/load.php on line 3

The error points to the WP Super Cache plugin files, not the theme files. It seems like WP Super Cache plugin files are missing which causes the problem.

Seems to be related to this support request on the plugin’s support page https://wordpress.org/support/topic/error-when-try-to-log-in-in-to-dashboard/

good morning, on the Demmo down there is a big banner that is wrote (create a nice banner like this with a few simple cliks) could you tell me if I need an pluggin or something…. again thanks for your patient we will allways remember your help

You don’t need a plugin. Go to WP admin > Appearance > Theme Options > Footer. You’ll see all the options for that banner there.

Hi there – Using biosphere theme…. I am using ultimate shortcodes to display posts. The post list is showing date and comments, which I have disabled in css. They do not display when using the theme’s blog template, but do when using the shortcode (I am trying to avoid using the blog page template due to how it displays). I realize this may be a custom request but I need help resolving as soon as possible. Thank you!

Can you send over the URL to the page with the issue, seeing it will help me understand what’s needed and get to a solution.


derkan Purchased

Hi, I purchased this theme and installed it to our website. However, there seems to be some issue with the events module. When wiewing the events calendar page, no date appears to be displaying the each event card. Any idea what can be causing this? I already tried to disable all plugins but it did not help. See more at http://iser.cloud/kalendar/


Thanks for lettings us know. We’ll release an update today to fix that problem.

Does your theme’s events feature have the ability to integrate with Eventbrite? I’m interested but also wanting to use the calendar plugins found at ‘The Events Calendar’ (by MODERN TRIBE)

It does not integrate Eventbrite, it’s a custom events functionality.

A site that I’m an admin on has recently started duplicating its homepage slider (built-in flexslider vs. revolution slider) and I’m not sure how to address this — it seems as if a second slider of slides is being generated within the first slider’s set.

URL is xxxxxx.xxx — any help is appreciated!

UPDATE — Sorry, resolved — client had left open tags within the caption field

Happy to hear it’s sorted out. Have a lovely weekend.

Dear DanyDuchaine

WE choose your theme Biosphere – Environmetal & Charity WP Theme for our Charity in Hong Kong the theme success installation in my temporary folder on my website But i don’t know how to follow, could you provide us any teaching video or other Instructions?|

thank you very much!

William Wong

Hi DanyDuchaine We follow your document Instructions and we set four items (events, causes, news & sponsors), But the main page also display one item (events) only, (causes, news & sponsors without display)

Hi DanyDuchaine

Thanks for your reply.

Another questions, we want to seek for you help.

We follow your documentation and go to manage the homepage sections in WP Admin > Appearance > Theme Options > Homepage > Home Section > Module have a “Products” option, But in the WP Admin Dashboard, we can’t find “Products” item.

So, Could you tell me, how to creative or find out this option in the WP Admin Dashboard.

Sorry for many questions.


Did you add some causes, blog posts ( news ) and sponsors? If you did but it’s not showing up can you please send over WP admin info ( site URL, username, password ) via the contact form on our profile page and I’ll check that out.

As for the “Products”, those are powered by the most popular eCommerce WordPress plugin, WooCommerce, so you need to install WooCommerce for that section.

Hello -

I am working on a clients site which utilizes this theme. I am just wondering where do I change out the icons to the left of the titles of the slides? This is for that vertical list of image/title representing each slide which scrolls in the right hand of the slider.

If you could please direct me on where to do that I would truly appreciate it.

Thank you! Carrie

Hi Carrie,

It’s coming from the icons font that’s part of the theme. In functions.php on lines 823 and 824 is the code for that:

<a href="#" id="slider-nav-prev"><span class="icon-chevron-up" /></a>
<a href="#" id="slider-nav-next"><span class="icon-chevron-down" /></a>

vs2000 Purchased

Dear Dany,

May i delete “SIGN IN” & “REGSITER” on the top bar?

Can i change the Button of “Shopping Cart” to chinese language?


vs2000 Purchased

Dear Dany,

Could you solve us another questions?

All Page and Cause webpage is not function

“Internal Server Error

The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request.

Please contact the server administrator at webmaster@xxxx.org to inform them of the time this error occurred, and the actions you performed just before this error.

More information about this error may be available in the server error log.

Additionally, a 500 Internal Server Error error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request. “


Try going to WP admin > Settings > Permalinks and just click the save button ( no need to change anything ). That will regenerate the server file that handles URL rewriting.

If that does not fix the issue then please send over WP admin and FTP info via the contact form on our profile page and I’ll take a look at it.


I replied to the message but got an automated email back saying that the email was not delivered because the recipients email address does not exist. Check your email address in the Themeforest ( Envato ) settings.

Anyway, here’s the response:

First thing I did was switch to the default WordPress theme to see if the issue still happens, and it does, so it’s not related to the Biosphere theme.

So I checked the .htaccess file to see if there’s anything wrong in there and there is.

The issue is some custom rules in the .htaccess file:

<IfModule mod_rewrite.c> RewriteEngine On RewriteBase /volunteero/ RewriteRule ^index\.php$ – [L] RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-d RewriteRule . /volunteero/index.php [L] </IfModule>

Did you add that? It conflicts with WordPress rewrite rules and causes the problem.

Hi, I see the event date displayed in the white box when I look at events shown on the homepage but if I view the events “page” itself, there is no date in the same area of the white box. Is it setup like this or is something missing on my end? Thanks!


It’s a bug, but it was fixed in version 1.1.3 back in September. You can download the latest version from the Downloads page on Themeforest.

Thanks – will do!!