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Looks great, cool layout. Good luck with sales!

Is it possible to add video between the images on single-project pages

It can be done, but the theme doesn’t support it by default.

I get by default the light-blue scheme. Renaming of color schemes (custom.css) doesn´t change colors.

Seems like there were a mistake in our last update, we fixed the issue and updated, i’ll comment again when Envato approved the update.

It takes too long to approve . Write us in e-mail from our profile page and we send you the updated files.

Case hopefully solved.

Disappointing to see 3 new updates done in less than a month. They forgot to include notes with the new changes It doesn’t include the script for the contact form. Expression themes send me an email promising they will send me a copy that so far didn’t arrive. I feel they are not professional enough.

We can’t find any e-mail with your username and i don’t remember for this case. Please send the conversation us again so we can solve this problem. For changes, please see the description (not forgotten). It doesn’t indicated anywhere that there is a working contact form. Anyway, we have already provided contact form customization to many customers, honestly, we didn’t want to exclude just you. This is a social marketplace and not a brand driven webshop service. We are doing this in our part time, it’s not our full time job (yet). We have real life to manage, not always got time. If you feel that a few days of waiting is unacceptable, than take a look at some big companies support (1 week or more). Honestly, we’re trying to do our best and we’re are really sorry for any unpleasantness especially if this was really our mistake.

I communicate with you through this email besides, It is only $ 15.00 who cares… wait one minute X 85.00 = 1275.00 not bad for a part time job…

Very nice template… Love the header :)

I emailed twice and asked for help. No response yet from the seller.

Sorry for the late reply. I understand this makes a bad reputation about me, but had some serious life issues in the past.

hi, can anybody tell me why I cant include images in the single-project page template..??

thank you

You just have to replace the URLs of the placerholder images coming with the template. Sorry for the late reply.

How can I resize the logo box on the main page?

Just search for #logo rule in the CSS files and set width there. Sorry for the late reply.


There are some big issues when you open it with internet explorere 10 in Compatibility Mode.

Can you please check and come up with a fix ?

Thanks a lot.

The next update will completly disable the option to compatibility mode.

Wonderful theme….can u please tell me how can i get 4 images instead of 6 on the home page…..

Answered in upper post…

It would be really great if i can get help from u so that i can proceed further in my work…

I’m really sorry for the late response, there were huge issues in my life which i don’t want to detail… If you still have to issue, please drop an e-mail on me, and i’ll take care of it.

I have problems with the mobile version, does not look good, the portfolios are left with little width and looks crumpled. Is there any solution?

Hi, the theme has a minimum width of 360px. However, you can set this value on the body lower, but in the case you can have less of the social icons.

Is this really a html template or done with php? In the latter case I am worried about options to direct link a project, modify seo parameters etc. Greetings