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Nice work, good luck with sales.

thank you :)

Nice, good luck with sales. You might need to check single posts featured images. They seams to be wrong size(stretched).

thanks for feedback will check it asap :)

simple theme , good luck with sales

Hi very nice template!

Do you provide also the psd files?


hi, we dont provide PSD files but we do provide style.less files so you can generate own skins on the fly :)

Good work. Congrats…

Very cool action on the teaser in the header!

thanks a lot :)

When I change a page to the contact template, it shows the default New York map rather than the address entered in the Contact Settings. Am I overlooking something?

I’m not disappointed and know it didn’t say that it did. I was just saying that it would be a nice feature.

One thing I did wonder is how to get the sub-text in the navigation. Is it simple? I probably just overlooked it.

you can add that in menu description. click on the screen options and make sure description is checked.

Hi Great Theme, Sorry but I’m a complete, amateur, a few questions; Why doesn’t the frontpage appear in the pages list ? Can you customize the size the Logo to fit indiviual logos? Is there Any further user documentation available.


Hi reggypear, documentation is included in the package. you need to setup frontpage from widgets section ( kindly look in docs ) you can customize logo size with slight css knowledge, we have provided custom.css file in css folder where you can drop your own css. Recommended logo size is 67×57

You can drop me an email anytime via profile page for support of theme :)

PS :- we are setting up our support forum as well

Nice work, good luck with sales.

thanks a lot :)

Good luck with the sales bro :)

Thanks mate :)

Yes Very nice is it possible to incorporate any type of self hosted audio/video?

Thanks It will need some customization to do that

I notice there is an update, but it doen’t show up in WP dashboard under available updates ? Do i need to download update and manual install ?

Yes you need to download again from themeforest. Template-contact.php file is updated which you can replace via ftp or cpanel.

Hi is it possible to add video ( from Vimeo ) in the portfolio ?

not at the moment but we have it on list for next update.

Nice theme! Is it possible to customize the 6 images on the frontpage? I would like to have big images.


thanks. this can be done with some customization, i can personally assist you for that if you want :)

Great, how can I contact you now?

once you buy the theme contact me via profile page so that i can assist you further.

Very nice !

any chance for rtl ?

Thanks. Making rtl compatible will need some extra css done. Not supported in current version

Clean and minimal design. Good luck with sales.


I can embed videos in this template?


sorry not in current version.

Theme Options does not run. Blank Web page is executed. What is the problem?

Contact me via profile page, alongwith the demo where you see problem. Sounds like a webhost specific problem.