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Nice theme. Would love it if portfolio images could have some sort of flip-over action to access the project information or open a window above the thumbnail rather than a new window as I’ve seen on some.

But love the overall design.

That needs customization. You can have more content displayed in hover box.

I’m considering buying this theme. Is it possible to have a blog feed (most recent posts) on the home page? Thanks!

yes you can set the blog page as your homepage in settings -> reading

Thanks for the reply, but that’s not actually what I want to do. I want to add a blog feed to your home page design as it is shown in the demo. Is there a way to do that with a shortcode? Thanks!

well blog page is separate here however i can assist you doing that customization to show blog feed on homepage.

Hi i just purchase this theme, looks great. I’m sought of new to Wordpress, my question to you is what size does my image have to be to fit in the front tiles.

Thanks in advance

Hi, 390×240 is the size we have used in the demo :)

Hi, nice theme but we had some problems to install it in Wordpress. At the moment that we upload the theme wordpress said that the theme cannot be installed because is missing the style.css stylesheet. What can we do? Thanks.

goto tool->import and import demo_content.xml file. it is described well in documentation.

Hi, Can I put a banner on the homepage? How? thanks :D

well you can try adding your html code in a text widget like so

<img src="imagelink.png" alt="" />

Can be translated to other languages?

yes you can its fully multilingual. you just need to generate .po files using a tool such as poedit and place them in languages folder

Hello, I’ve one, small problem :) I would like to change fonts used in your template. Is it possible?

Hi Cezary, well we have chosen the fonts that fits the design well. in order to change fonts you need to drop the fonts in css/fonts folder and modify /css/fonts/stylesheet.css accordingly.

Hello, thank you :) Unfortunately I need Polish letters on my website.

Hello I just purchased your them and i’m have a bit of a problem with setup.

I would like to know how to setup the BIR template to look the same as your demo. I am able to get the portfolio images on the home page, but they do not link to anything, and they do not have the mouse over effect where the blue box with text covers the image, and provides a link. How do I set this up.

Thanks Antonio

the easiest way to do that is import the demo content using demo_content.xml provided with the package. drop me an email via my profile page along with your demo url so that i can assist you further.

Hello I just purchased your them and i’m have a bit of a problem with setup.

I would like to know how to setup the BIR template to look the same as your demo. I am able to get the portfolio images on the home page, but they do not link to anything, and they do not have the mouse over effect where the blue box with text covers the image, and provides a link. How do I set this up.

Thanks Antonio

this is more of the style. road into 3d logo fast and short

looks like your are replying on wrong item. its themeforest not videohive right.

Hello again, I’m looking for help around single blog page and the picture used as icon of the post. You use 390×240 size but putting this size picture at the end we get deformed view of this file. I’m going to use your template with people pictures so this kind of transformation looks like a mistake on page. Could you tell me what I should change in template to get proper (scaled) view of the icon post picture on the single post page? Here blog page with proper pictures Here single post page with “transformed” picture. Looking forward your replay and thank you in advance

its in inc/theme-setup.php

    add_image_size( 'single-thumb', 390, 552, true );
770×240 was the image we used in demo however you can change the dimensions above and reupload image after changing

Thank you, but still I’ve problem. Maybe I’ll ask this question in different way :)

How can I get proportional images (thumbs) on single blog side. Even on your demo page thumb is not proportional . The same picture is ok on blog page.

change 390 to 770 in the above line i mentioned and upload a bigger image.

Hello Just purchased your theme and activated it but when I go into some of the setting pages in WordPress I get the following error:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function wp_enqueue_media() in /home/wp/public_html/wp-content/themes/birWP/lib/inc/AT_Settings_API.php on line 175

I’ve downloaded the latest version of the theme from theme forest – has anyone else had this issue?

hi dwheeler1, make sure you are using wordpress 3.5 or above. we have utilized some new features wordpress added lately :)

Ok cheers

cheers. glad it helped :)

Hi, Our company just purchased your theme, but we are having trouble setting up a main page similar to your demo. How do we add the portfolio pictures to the main page and then give them the rollover effect and link them as you did?


hi, There is custom post type portfolio where you add portfolio items just like a regular post. easiest way is to import the demo_content.xml file provided with the package. Homepage is widgetized so you can drag portfolio widget in Homepage widgets section to display it there. PS : Kindly read the docs provided :)

Hi, could you tell me how or where to widen the size of the square thing that the logo sits on? Thanks and love the theme!

Hi, reverted you on email :)

I’m sure this is something so obvious, but I can’t find the slider in the editor. Where can I find this? I want to change it from saying “view all our…” to “view all my”


its in index.php on line 33

Hello, I just installed the template into Wordpress and am viewing a blog post but nothing appears in the sidebar. All the sidebar widgets appear below the post content on the left, under comments. I applied the demo_content.xml file but still can’t get the sidebar content to load properly. Thanks!

Hello, Make sure you enter a title for search widget. It is specially mentioned in documentation :)

Hi, the theme is great, but I’ve got a little problem with the content, the_content is overflowing the size of the page, is there no automatic linebreak in the template? Heres the link to my case: My Page

Thanks you for your help

Best regards Roger

Hi, Are you talking about the content below roadshow title ? If yes the kindly add some real content because there doesnt exist so long word in dictionary.

Hi! Whats happend with the theme? The Link “”gets an internal server error?!

Hi, thanks for the feedback. working on it :)

I want to use the function “Short Intro” in a Blog Entry. i wrote some text in the box “Post Settings” but the Full-Blog site does always show the text i wrote in the Textbox above. How can i solve this problem? Thank you!

short intro is to display on single page below image. if you want to use it on full width blog page.


<p><?php echo at_text_trim(get_the_content(),36); ?></p>


<?php if(isset($meta['short-intro']) && $meta['short-intro']!=''){ ?>
                            <?php echo $meta['short-intro']; ?>
                        <?php } ?>

in template-blog-full.php

and in the same file replace

$meta = get_post_meta( $post->ID,'staff_meta', true );


$meta = get_post_meta( $post->ID,'post_meta', true );

Good day sirs, I bought and installed theme BIR and have some troubles.

When I visit any page at my site, index.php appeared between sitename and visited page: Does it possible to remove this?

Also I found out that when I`m inside of portfolio item and want to “Go Back” using thesamename button I come to another nonportfolio page. As example I was here after pushing button “go back” appeared here I compared original .php file from themeforest and .php file that is on server, and it is the same. Can you comment my questions?

you need to select the portfolio page in theme options section mate.

Thanks guys for help!

welcome, happy to help :)

Help. My images are not showing on my homepage. What do I need to do to get them to display? Also, how do I adjust the portfolio image size? Is there a way for the portfolio image to auto adjust based on my image size? I have quite a few pieces that are all not the same dimensions.

well auto adjust for any size is bit impractical in a theme, however you can edit or crop your images to any size using wordpress inbuilt image editor. can i see the demo where images are not shown ? in order to debug.

Sure, please go to to see what’s going on. Thank you.

looks like you havent added posts to portfolios section. kindly add some posts alongwith featured images.

Very nice looking theme. Thank you.

Regarding the portfolio tiles: I have made the Home page using the Home page selection in both ‘reading’ and ‘theme options’ (select portfolio page) and installed sample content per your documentation. I have also selected the portfolio widgets for the home page. No portfolio tiles/images appear on the page but if you mouse over around the page, each portfolio blue title box appears (but no original graphic is present as shown on your demo). Am I missing a setting or something? Also, does this them conflict with WP Super Cache?

Thank you for a very nice theme.

Make sure featured images are set for portfolio sections. They are not sold as a part of theme you need to add your own. And maybe a conflict with super cache try disabling and also drop me an email via profile page with wordpress dashboard credentials so that i can solve the issue.

Thank you for your reply. While waiting for it, I solved the issue. As a suggestion, not a criticism it is offered that you consider expanding your documentation. As you can see by the questions you receive you have people of different experience levels and you have several recurring questions.

An FAQ would be very simple to do and of great service to users. Something more than just sentence fragments that describes “how to” for key areas would make this theme a much better user experience and cut down on your support time.

For instance it would be helpful to (a.) know the dimensions of all the graphics used in the demo. (b.) to know that the tiles used for the demo are NOT included and to see tiles of any kind that the user must provide their own and set them as “Featured Images”-simply letting people know this would save a lot of time, confusion and frustration.

One can’t assume that users know what developers know, therefore clear, more-detailed documentation/explanation makes all the difference in the world. You only have to do good documentation once. Further, one shouldn’t have to give you access to their sites to have you fix things that could simply be better expanded in the documentation that they should be doing for themselves.

Good documentation puts itself in the users position and answers key questions users would need to know in full. This enhancement would further set your work apart by matching your nice design work with top notch development and support. That expanded package would further justify the fee for your solid, well developed and finished product. Better for users. Better for you.

Hi, Thanks for the feedback. There are tons of things in wordpress and its not practically possible to cover each and every aspect of it.

Further more it is assumed that buyers have basic understanding of wordpress system. Its like when you buy a car they dont teach you how to drive. Its buyers sole responsibility to learn driving. though we are not bound to provide support as per themeforest policies, Still we are always happy to help our buyers to any extent. We reply almost everyday even on weekends.