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Hi sorry you took my comments the way you did. I’m not suggesting that you put anything having to do with Wordpress itself in your documentation. And there is no universal assumption having to do with the level of users. In fact, people buying licenses could be assumed to be basic users or else they’d be doing their own themes so it would be in everyone’s best interest to go with the market and not dictate at it. I am suggesting that the documentation pertaining to YOUR theme and how it connects to Wordpress and related plugins could use additions that would benefit not only users but you not a primer on Wordpress. You are charging $40.00 not $12 for a complete, functioning theme and solid documentation would be most helpful. Anyhow, appreciate your nice theme and your efforts to respond to buyers.

Hi again, Thanks for your valuable comments. We Looking forward to improve docs and setting up support forum as well :)

Hello GradStudio- I am trying to add portfolio images (not the featured image) but the pictures stretch and appear very large/magnified with part missing no matter what size the uploaded image is. Is there an optimal size and is this controlled by .css for a specific reason-can the .css be modified without hurting the theme? Also, is it possible to add a description for each image? I have the same issue with the “services” images. Thank you.

Hi, 1170×580 is recommended size for portfolio images on single page

I want to add to the above comment. If you look at the site I am working on and view the Blog page here: .... you can see the blog images are scaling badly. Click on one of the posts like this one: ... and it is now scaled properly.

I have followed the instructions in your documentation and this occurs when using the demo content right out of the box. You give no image dimensions in your documentation at all. That is “required” for a theme…not optional and/or related to WordPress.

I am a very sophisticated WP user and I consider this image behaviour a bug. In your own preview, the blog item previews are correct and the single blog page has a badly squashed image. This needs to be fixed. Thank you.


Thanks for your feedback, we have this issue to be resolved on high priority and will be fixed in next update very soon.

Hi there.

I have a question. How to change the postscript under navigation label in menu buttons?



It is menu description. If it is not visible in your menu settings, click on screen options and check the description option

Hello, I just bought this theme and am getting the “white screen of death” every time I upload and activate it. Please advise.

Also, where can I find the support documentation for this theme?

Hi, kindly unzip the package first it contains all the stuff not just theme.

Read the docs there and you will be good to go.

Hi! Congrats for your theme, it’s very good looking.

I have some presale questions:

1. Is it possible to add subcategories to portfolio categories? Will they show up in the filter selection dropdown?

2. Is the theme compatible with WPML plugin?

3. Have you tried using an image magnifier plugin on portfolio elements? Is it possible to use one?

Cheers, Adrian

Hi,thanks for your interest in the theme. Following are answers 1. Need some customization to do that. 2. Yes it is multilingual theme. 3. This needs a very little customization.

Hi, thank you for your fast answer. I wonder if you can assist me with the customizations or it is something beyond the support you are offering?

sorry to say but not all the customizations possible in the free support. support is here is to assist you with basic problems you face when you use theme.

Howdy, good theme so far. However, I seem to have some trouble getting the twitter feed to function. It seems like it may not be working on the demo site as well?

Hi, next update is on the way with this fix including others people mentioned here.

Hey there! GREAT THEME. Purchased and working great. Just one quickie: I’m trying to remove the hard coded HOME from navigation. I’ve done this with other themes, but for some reason cannot find the function in your php files. usually in header, or functions. any thoughts on this?


:) GREAT! Also, I noticed today, your img aligns are all off. Right, left do not work. any way to quickly resolve this in css? I notice some of your Text (p, em, etc) are not really set either, but i have been working with that. ...THANKS AGAIN. GREAT THEME

alignments should work by default.Also p tags are styled as well. not sure why you facing this. And for the being you can add any css in css/custom.css file as per your needs. it will work :)

GREAT! Anyway to disable the navigation arrows on portfolio slide, if There is only ONE image?

Hi there. I love this theme! 1) Anyway to disable the navigation arrows on portfolio slide, if There is only ONE image? Seems like on portfolios that I only upload one image, the images has a glitch, and the nav icons show up as well. If not, no biggie i will just make sure all portfolios have multiple images

2)Is there an EASY way to reorder the portfolios?

1 ) cant understand properly can you provide a url where i can look at it. 2) yes the most recently publish appear first. change publish date as per your need ;)

Sorry for the delay. Sure! basically on this direct link, I have only uploaded 1 image for the portfolio. the navigation arrows still show, and when left or right, the image dissappears. just wondering if theres any way to disable the nav arrows for the portfolio images when there is only one image uploaded. if not, i’ll just add more images, not worries…..

try replacing contents of single-portfolio.php with this

Quick question: the upper 4 social icon blocks by the navigation. Where are those icons being generated from? I can’t seem to find the icons anywhere. I’m changing one of the icons to a CVF file, so wanted to change the icon.


These icons are font awesome icons. Just google it. You need to replace the icon class only

The only way you can get to single portfolio pieces is clicking the icon with the rollover. But, with mobile and other touch devices, this doesn’t work because rollovers don’t come into play. Where do I made the necessary changes to have the feature image also contain a link to the single portfolio as a backup?

hi just checked on mobile it woks fine.

Great stuff … I’m struggle to find the way to control little bits of text in main menu:

you see “About Me” – where do I add this bit that goes under ?

Thanks – Matt.

its under Appearance -> Menus choose the About Me and enter a description. if you dont see description box click on screen option on top right and check description

Thanks – now I feel like an idiot :-)

Hi there! Still LOVE this theme! Quick question regarding my main page thumbnails, and also the project thumbnails, when scaled down to responsive size/mobile size. They do not resize proporationally I just noticed, and seem to squeeze. is there a setting that I may be able to adjust or is this an issue that has been addressed previously?? thanks!

hi, yes it is addressed and we are working on it. will update the theme soon.

Love the theme. Two questions….

1. How do I remove the social icons on the pages, or better, move them to the bottom? I don’t see them on your pages in the demo and don’t understand why they’re showing up.

2. There are not breaks between the paragraphs. How do I make this a default?

Here’s the link:

1. you can either delete them in header.php all them are between

2. add this in your style.css

although this may break some other elements

you can use
tag alternatively where you need space.

Any news on the update you mentioned with some form of video embed feature? What are your thoughts on us integrating this ourselves, worth the effort?

we are pretty busy working on certain things. integrating on your own wont be too hard. or you can use some service like tweaky.


is ist possible tu use the ‘less’ variables in theme? If change the files ’*.less’ nothing happend.


hello, you need to compile those less files with a compiler first. Themes uses compiles css files and not less file in the front end

Hello, I enjoy working with your theme, However, I have 2 problems:

1. When adding new staff members I see that a post is created for each of them but one can’t click on the members name or image to see their profile. How could I solve this one.

2. Also on the staff creation page, it could be useful to have a text editor for a short bio on each members page. Can that be done with your theme?


Hi, As per current version of theme, staff items are not clickable. however you may hire someone to do this customisation for you. wont take too long.

Hi I’ve puchased your theme and I think it’s great. I do have one question – is it possible to get the “portfolio widget” to work with the isotope plugin as the “portfolio page template” does?

I want the portfolio images to have auto height – this works on the portfolio page ( but not on the homepage where I´ve placed the portfolio widget (


Hi, you need to have equal size images to make a nice grid on the homepage. homepage doesn’t use isotope filter. Workaround can be grabbing the code from template-portfolio.php page and pasting it in temlate-home.php page.

Hi, thanks for the reply. I’ve tried that but I cant get it to work. Which rows in template-portfolio.php do I need to copy? And where do I paste it in template-home.php?

Hi again! Thanks for nice and clean design, but I come up to you with responsive settings. Theme is responsive with laptop and tablets. But with mobile devices pictures are shown incorrect- resizes:

for iphone 5 and other phones

I checked images even with real devices. Maybe you had already solve this before?


HI. thanks for this fantastic theme. I’m really enjoying with it. Could you advise me about how insert an slider in a new page that i’ve created? The slider only appears in home page…Thanks

Having some issues with the homepage slider. As noted above I can’t seem to change the text ” View Recent Projects” I have updated this on line 33 in my index.php but nothing has changed. Also how do I control the hyperlink. When you click on ” View Recent Projects” it just stays on the home page. Please Help! If Nothing else how can I remove this slider all together and install a plugin that I can adjust easily.