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nice work gud luck :)

Thanks a lot :)

bird is the word! :D glws

Could you manage to get any more features in this template? ;-)

Jokes aside, A fantastic job.. Its good to see a template that ads some creativity and not just implement all the free snippets widely available on the web.

This template actually has some class about it, My only concern is this is very similar to one i already use called Limitless? Did you get the idea from that? I think i will buy this today as it is worth the $25 :)

I am a full time developer and to be honest i do really like the theme and as a developer i appreciate the effort you have made with the theme, I will buy this today as soon as i get back home from the office as i will use this on my personal project :) I don’t have my credit card on me right now to make the purchase but will be home in 3 hours so hopefully i will still be the 1st buyer :-)

100% purchase today for sure.

Thanks a lot sir :) Cheers.

Sir you haven’t bought yet?

brilliant work ! big sales to you and a nice weekend :) :)

Thanks a lot sir :)

Amazing Work, Good Luck With Sale :grin:


Amazing Work, Good Luck With Sale :grin:

Congratulations! Nice Work, Good Luck With Sale :grin:

Very great work!

Great template. Did you plan a light style version? I mean with a left sidebar in light color

Thank you sir :)

Yes lot of new themes are planned including a light version. Just let us know what theme you exactly want and we will create it for you.


clean and professional.. good luck for sales

“Integrated chat” is fully functional (PHP, js, mysql, etc)?

No sir, it is HTML and css mockup.

Hi, Just wanted to check if the charts shown in the demo are fully functional and accepts the JSON data values and would render the data? Or the theme just includes the placements. I need to worry for charting library myself?

Sir, all charts can fetch data using json. But you need to create json files yourself as the data shown is static as of now. But all chart plugins are able to fetch data from json as well.


Also please rate us, if you like our template. Thanks & Regards

hey demo contents not download ?

Sir, please use some php local server or webhosting to load demo menus.Thanks

Hello, do i need to change _config.scss to config.scss ? and there is others files to rename ?

I need to use this to a angular project. Can you help me?

Sorry sir, we do not provide support for angular as of now. Thanks

Hello, I sent you a support mail 2 months ago via “themeforest” and “https://followtechnique.freshdesk.com/support”, but there was no return. Ticket numbers #10013 and #10014. Would you please check it out now? It’s been 70 days.

Dear Sir, Sorry for the delay. Please mail us your problem at support@desmas.in and we will try to resolve the issue immediately.

Thanks & Regards