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How Can I slider like in demo site ?

Hi, can you please post from the supported account (actual customer) or provide your purchase code via email?

Regards, Luis.


5wc Purchased

Hi, love the theme, but was just wondering if it was possible to change the sticky post slider on the front page from an ‘on-click’ change to a timed changed. Happy to do a bit of surgery if required, but am guessing this may make updating the theme in general difficult in the future?

Hi, just go to theme panel and find this option

Regards, Luis.


5wc Purchased

Well that was nice and simple, now to just do a bit of CSS restyling and all will be good. Loving the theme so far

Please don’t forget to leave a review, it means a lot for us and it only takes a minute :)

Hello, I like your theme very much and it is really simple and beautiful theme idea is really healthy. Briefly I want to ask the menu block on the right side can be taken to the left side, but in general, the problem with the encore problem was pressed ahead of the menu was created in the categoride menu, the menu bar on the right side can be taken to the left side? If you have information about this topic, please feel happy.

Sorry we can’t verify your purchase, can you please post your questions from the account that made the theme purchase. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Regards, Luis.


Maicou Purchased

Hello! I’m having problems with Bird House theme. In installation has ocurred “error” with MENUS and after installed I can’t configure the menus, can’t change their positions etc.

Another thing I woul like to ask is about those social media sharing icons that appears at the end of posts. Where can I configure that, please?

Thank you!

I just answered you by email.

What is the format to embed a Youtube video on the video post format. I have sent you a mail with the purchase code.

Hi, we didn’t received your purchase code.. did you send it?. It would be easier/faster for us if you post your questions from the account that made the purchase.

Regards, Luis.


Maicou Purchased


Can you help me, please? In the Bird House Theme, how can I exclude the social media icons below the posts?

And another question, please: how can I edit/configure the homepage? I have installed Elementor (builder) and I can not edit only the homepage. Is there another way to edit/configure the homepage?


Hi, to hide sharing icons add this to your custom css via Theme Panel:

.post-single .st-post-share { visibility: hidden; }

We haven’t tested our theme with elementor so we can’t tell you how it performs. The home page is automatically build based on your posts, post types and sticky posts.. it’s blog focused. What you can do is to create your own homepage with elementor and then set it as your home page but you’ll probably need to make some css modifications to make it look “integrated”.

Regards, Luis.


ADOUZ Purchased

Hello, tell me please where I can find settings of ST Sharrre wiget like this? My wigets – Thanks!

Hi, I’m sorry to say that we dropped support for Sharrre. But I highly recommend you to use Social Share Buttons plugin instead – It’s flexible solution with extended functionality and good choice of social networks.

Regards, Luis.

Hi there, when i was setting up the Owl carousel in the front page i can’t locate the view post date option anywhere! Do you know if it’s possible do that. Thanks for your great job!

Hi, there’s no option to show the date. It is included in the meta tags though.. You’d need to use a child theme and add “the_date()” on the desired spot but you need some technical skills to do it.

Regards, Luis.

Well, it’s done. We use this PHP code to show the date on the owl-sticky-wrapper: date(‘j-n-Y’, strtotime($post->post_date)) Hope it helps. Thanks for your attention.

Glad you sorted it out :)

Pre-sale question… Where is the search?

Hi, just open the offscreen sidebar

Regards, Luis.

Hi, I really like your theme and have installed the same on my website

But, I am unable to change the title of the hompage even though I have customized it from the site identity settings, no matter what I do it always shows Birdhouse, How can I change this?

Hi, I think you need to check your yoast SEO settings . Review the information and make all the needed changes. People tends to think that yoast is an “install, activate and you’re ready” plugin but it needs some attention, at least in the beginning, to take the most out of it.

Yoast SEO interferes on the way your site title is generated so, the most probably thing is that you need to review it.

Regards, Luis.

Hi I tried changing the settings through the Yoast SEO plug-in but it didn’t work, also, is there a way I can remove the tree background from the main template? I mean the tree pattern behind the website logo and in the footer as well. I would like to make it plain white

Hey, I don’t know what else could be, because we haven’t hardcoded the title so it must be a plugin. Anyways I tried to access the site and is throwing a lot of JS errors and everything’s white.

When you have the site accessible just let me know by email and send me a login to your wordpress so I can have a look.

About the the backgrounds just add these lines on your custom css via theme panel:

#header { background: #fff; }
#footer { background: #deddd9; }

Regards, Luis.

Hello! Can you help me, please? How can I exclude the social media icons below the posts? I found your answer:

“Hi, to hide sharing icons add this to your custom css via Theme Panel: .post-single .st-post-share { visibility: hidden; }”.

But it does not work for the homepage.

Hi, we have an easier way for you to do that, go to Theme Panel > Post and set it like this

Regards, Luis.

I tried. But unfortunately it looks like this:

Try this:

<p>P.S. Text... <a href="yourlink">link text ! </a> some more text...</p>

You’ve got an error in your html.

Regards, Luis.

I have purchased the Birdhouse theme. The social media icons located on the header disappears on mobiles screens. How can I get them to show up on smaller devices like a phone and tablet. They show on desktop and laptop before the menu breaks.

Hi, to add the social icons on the responsive menu you will need to modify this file:

includes/header/t3.php line 34
and make the code look like this:

if ( !isset( $birdhouse_Settings['layout_type'] ) || $birdhouse_Options['panel']['style']['general']['responsive'] && !empty( $birdhouse_Settings['layout_type'] ) && $birdhouse_Settings['layout_type'] != 'standard' ) { ?>

    <div id="resp-top-panel">
        <span id="menu-resp-button"><!-- Menu button --></span>

        // Icons the Social
        if ( function_exists( 'st_icons_social' ) ) {
            st_icons_social( true, true, '', 'title' ); }

        <span class="offset-sidebar-holder-button"><!-- Button --></span>


Then via Theme panel add this custom CSS:

#resp-top-panel .icons-social { margin: 7px 40px 0 0; }

Regards, Luis.

I forgot to mention that you better use a child theme for your mods, otherwise your customisations will be lost when you update the theme.

Regards, Luis.

I am hoping to get a reply. I have purchased the Birdhouse theme. The social media icons located on the header disappear on mobiles screens. How can I get them to show up on smaller devices like a phone and tablet. They show on desktop and laptop before the menu breaks.


I have a question about adding pages to menu. I have installed demo content so in the top menu I have demo menu and I would like to delete those links and add my own custom pages. Could You help me and send information how can I do it?

Hi, this is managed via standard WordPress “Menus” section. You can find it under appearance.

Regards, Luis.

Hi there, it’s a great theme that you have created here, but I’ve got two questions. I can’t seem to make the category widget work in the sidebar. At first it just didn’t show any categories and it’s gone completely and doesn’t show up even though the widgets menu for the default sidebar displays it. A further question is about future updates to come, do you plan on making your slider more adjustable? I would love to have a transparent header slider combined with your theme. Thanks in advance, Steph

Hi Steph, thanks for your comments. Are you using our ST Categories Widget? If so, what’s the output? can you post a screenshot? Try to delete the widget and add it again then force reload.

About the slider, we don’t have any plans with it yet. Anyways feel free to send me an email explaining in detail what you’d like to see implemented and I’ll put it on the wishlist queue.

Regards, Luis.

Your theme is awesome. But on the right top there is menu toggle button. if someone click on the menu icon then a sidebar opened from right side. But in my theme, when i click on the icon it is doing nothing. not working the icon. why? I had setup the widget on the offset -sidebar.

Hi, please provide a url for us to check please. I’m pretty sure is a javascript problem but we need to see the console’s output.

Regards, Luis.

Hi, a problem with a child theme. I can’t activate child theme, it says parent theme is missing. Parent theme is installed. Fresh and latest WP install + BirdHouse. Please fix this as soon as possible.

Hi, I just checked with a fresh install and had no problems at all. Try with this child theme and let me know

Regards, Luis.

Hi, nope. Doesn’t work. But, if I change in style.css in child theme “Template: BirdHouse” to “Template: birdhouse”, it works!

Hi, I have a problem with updating the title bar. I have changed the title in the backend but WordPress still showing the birdhouse title instead of my title when I am on the front page. Could You help me, please?

Hi, where did you change it? Settings->General? Are you using yoast SEO or any other plugin that may interfere with the title?

Regards, Luis.


Yes, I changed in settings -> general. There is installed a Yoast SEO plugin.

Best regards,


Well, then check Yoast settings and make sure everything is properly adjusted for the title tag.


wacom_no Purchased

Hi. How can i change the TAB-info on my site? Now its show the right icon but “BirdHouse” in the TAB.

I have put all right in the SIte Identity with the sitename and icon.

The site is: (its now in maintainsmode)

my code is: 9d05e4e3-9037-470d-8a88-2a2314a43bd6

Hi, go to Settings -> General and set the Site Title and Tagline. If you are using something like Yoast SEO check the settings there because it modifies the site title hence the tab name.

Also noticed you are using a caching plugin, purge server, local cache and deactivate the plugin while developing the site.

Regards, Luis.