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Nice effects and looking good ;) Good luck

Thank you..

Nice bootstrap comingsoon! :)

Thank you matchthemes..

Looks amazing to me. The design is just great! GLWS!

Thanks a lot ThemeREX..

I uploaded the 03-video folder contents to my web server. The video isn’t showing though and I don’t quite understand why there are 4 index.html files (index.html, index1.html, index2.html and index3.html). I don’t know where the background image is coming from (please see http://kaizenstudio.ch)! I’d also like to know how to use this theme without the partner and features sections (would have been great to make the sections optional).

I don’t know what happened overnight! I didn’t do anything and the video is now displaying this morning! Did you do something? Anyway, thank you for this very nice and stylish theme. By the way, does it only take videos from YouTube, or also videos from Vimeo?

I’ve noticed that the video doesn’t always play when I reload my website in my browser. Would you have an idea what the reason might be?

Yes it takes video from youtube only.

Hi, great coming soon!!!

I chose “08-slider” version and index3.html, but I have a little problem with tickers: if I put this code

Contact us

it doesn’t open the contact form.

How can I fix it?

Thank you!

The code is: <a href="#contact">Contact Us</a>

sorry r u talking about this.. .. try with this.. thanks

<a class="goto" id="show-contact" href="#contact"><i class="fa fa-envelope" /></a>

How can I upload Birva this theme in WordPress? I try it every time, but it always indicates that a stylesheet is missing or a template?

Hi.. its a html theme.. you cant install it in wordpress.. thanks

Really Sweet;

Thanks GrafAS