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Like it ! good job ! :) GLWS !

Greate design. GLWS:)

Thank you..

Great Work! GLWS! ;)

nice work, gud luck :)

Nice job, GLWS ! ;)

Thanks Venmond

Thanks you drupalet

Thanks a lot..

Wow! Perfect. I love this work.

Thanks Aquavitae

I am having trouble with the “Team” portion of the theme. It is in the backend template yet not showing up in the front end. http://www.theadopted.org

Hello. Please. I need help. What is your email ? to contact you .

Hi There, how can i add recaptcha on this. My site is getting spammed.

Hello, how can I change the video background ? 9ffc7054-c339-40d7-9ffb-f47de25d1109


What is this number? pl explain proper about your requirement in video variant

Hello, how is it possible to change the color of the semi-transparent header? I already changed all other colors in the CSS “Style.css”. However, I was not able to change the color of the semi-transparent header… I appreciate your help! Cheers, Julian

I meant the color of the text (when it changes, it switches shortly to a green and then to white). How can I change this color?

color of text you can change from owl.carousel.css containing class ”.owl-fadeUp-in h4”

thanks :)


I Bought Birva – Creative One Page Template. Luckily there is a supportteam. When I try to install this template I receive the following message: theme is missing style.css stylesheet

I tried to fix this problem, but I couldn’t fix it. I hope you can answer me asap. Thank you for your help.

Kind regards,

This is a simple HTML theme not a wordpress theme so you do not have to install it. Just place all code file and run index file. that’s it.