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Nice and clean work.. GLWS..

Thank you..

Good addition in one page templates.

Thanks a lot..

Great design!:)

Thanks a lot matchthemes..

Congrats again! :)

Thanks a lot ThemeRox..

Hi ! It looks like an amazing theme, congrats ! Can you confirm me it’s a HTML template ?

Thanks sidiaz, Yes it’s a HTML theme

Great work, glws ;)

Thank you..

Hi just got it and so far its amazing! One quick question. The banner when changing websites, parallax and such it kinda looks weird when I add a word more than 8 characters.

Alongside that the contact formula does not work. I’ve changed it in the email.php to my email aswell.

Hi Zeec, We will update contact form and let you know..

Update : Update contact form ajax javascript in theme.js file and update PHP script.

I tried importing the theme to wordpress but it said that the style.css sheet is missing and it failed to upload… what to do ?

hi.. it is a html theme.. you have to convert it to wordpress to work.. we are releasing wordpress version soon.. thank you..

how can I convert it to wordpress?

there are many sites available to guide you through.. thanks

Template crashes the Chrome & Safari browsers on the iPad – I can’t get it to load.

it happens with your sample. I think you may need to refactor your code some. I will purchase if you can make it function at least on Safari

Please check on ios7.1 update.. works fine.. thank you..

It still crashes occasionally when using the template in Safari. It will initially load but navigating causes it to act sluggishly. In portrait mode, the header will also wrap the Contact and Features section.

I am using the new iPad Mini with Retina

Hi is it possible for you to write what you’ve changed in the recent update?

Hi, zeec Added new index variant with second type of header text effect.

I just want to know which line of coding is changed since I dont want to erase everything I’ve added now.

We added new index variant with second type of text effect in header section. You can see this variant in live demo theme from the style switcher option.

In portfolio is possible to let the web dev by default for example and not open all.

Yes its possible. You have to declare filter name in initialization script in isotope. Pl. open theme.js file and replace with below script.

// Initialize Isotope & Masonry Layout
    container.imagesLoaded( function() {
          itemSelector: 'li',
          filter: '.development',
          resizable: false,  // disable normal resizing
          masonry: { columnWidth: container.width() / portfolioColumnNumber }
I like the design very much, but the implementation is buggy. For example placing accordion elements on the single page and clicking on some of the menu items causes the accordion or the toggleables to show. Sometimes they show without the background, overlapping and looks very bad. You can easily see it in the live demo: http://naiknikunj.me/theme/6/features.html 1. Scroll down to show the toggleables and accordion widgets. 2. Click on Blog in the top menu. Observe that the toggleables will open, right before the new page loads.

On the feautures page it is not a problem, because the menu items always redirect to another page, but on the home page toggle-able and accordions are unusable :(.

Can you please check and fix the problem?

You can observed the process when you slowly click one by one more time on any one links. But when you click so fast on any links more time that it should process all the click first and than work mouse scroll.

Hi, I understand and yes, it is a script problem, which I fixed like this:

// Smooth scroll for menu links jQuery('header.navbar a[href^="#"], #home a[href^="#"], .modal a[href^="#"]').on('click', function (e) { e.preventDefault(); var jqBH = jQuery('html,body'); jqBH.unbind("scroll mousedown DOMMouseScroll mousewheel keyup"); jqBH.bind("scroll mousedown DOMMouseScroll mousewheel keyup", function(){ jqBH.stop(true); }); jqBH.stop(true).animate({scrollTop: jQuery(this.hash).offset().top}, 1200, function (){ jqBH.unbind("scroll mousedown DOMMouseScroll mousewheel keyup"); }); });

You should always think about stopping previous animations, before starting a new one :). There was a third problem, where the user was not able to scroll with the mouse wheel until the animation was over, which is also solved with the script above.

The scrolling now is smooth and works as intended.

The only problem that remains now is the accordion/toggles, which I cannot seem to be able to locate.

I found the problem:

// Navigation - Collapse (for mobile) jQuery('.navbar .collapse').collapse(); jQuery(".navbar-nav li a").click(function () { jQuery(".collapse").toggleClass("in"); });

This little callback works on all DOM elements with class “collapse”. The problem is that not only the menu has it, but also the toggles and accordions…. don’t ask me why :S.

You have the designer touch and I like the theme, but the javascript is very poorly written, inconsistent and broken. I am sorry for the little rant, but I just wasted more than one hour on fixing the problems of this theme.

Hi there, I’m setting up the birva 2 wp theme on my site. I see that the contact form isn’t it like in the demo. Can you help me please?

Ok. I will check them. Many thanks.

Hi, I see now why in the “Web Design” portfolio don`t appear nothing:

I setup in: Page Builder – Portfolio section – Show Posts “15”. And now, when see the Portfolio on www.graficabv.com we have 4 buttons:
  • ALL (where are the 15 images like I setup in Show Posts)
  • Graphic Design (where are 12 images, instead of 13 images.)
  • Logo Design (where are 3 images, instead of 9 images)
  • Web Design (nothing displayed, and I have 1 image in portfolio in this category).

I notice that gather the number of articles in each category and it should not exceed the number that I setup in Portfolio show posts from Page Builder section.

Ex: “Show Posts: 15” “ALL” = 15 images “Graphic Design” = 12 images + “Logo Design” = 3 images

15 images, cumulative… And there’s no space to show my Web Design portfolio images.

If now I set up in Show Posts from Portfolio section – to 24 images, in Portfolio from Home Page, it will shown my image from “Web design” because the number of articles isn’t greater than 24.

But what can I do when I post 50 images to Portfolio in 5 categories? :) i have to make the Show Posts to 50, to show my entire selective categories, not?

I watched the video, read the documentation and nothing found for fixing this. I created all things like in the video.

Is better if the maximum number of posts to be limited in each category, not cumulative, in my case “Graphic Design + Web Design + logo design”.

I hope you understant what I`m talking about.

Let me know your opinion, and let’s get my site to work. I didn’t understant how “to write all category in list class” – maybe this will fix this…but I haven’t do this before, so I`m noob with this :)

Thanks for your time. Have a nice day.

For wordpress related query you can submit ticket to author shinetheme on TF.

Hello -

The H1 text at the top of the page that cycles (ie we create…) doesn’t cycle in order. My site has 4 targets, but I’d like to add as many as I’d like and have them rotate in order – can you please help? my site is www.mycreativecollaborations.com


I have installed the Birva theme on a Wordpress website. However, the top navigation does not work correctly. For example I have a link that looks like this http://mydomain.com/#team-block Instead of going where it should it jumps down near the bottom of the page. Some of the other links do this as well. What do I need to do in order to fix the menu?

To clarify, the IDs for the different sections are not placed near the bottom where the menu links jump to.

For example this

is for #team-block and is midway down the page, but the link to it jumps way by it to the bottom of the page.

This is not a wordpress theme its HTML theme. You can not integrate in wordpress.