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With good selection of pictures, this one page template is looking very nice.

Thank you..

Good job!Keep it up :)

Thanks a lot ThemeRox..

Great work, glws ;)

Thank you..

looks great, very nice work :)

Thank you..

I want to buy this theme, but when I try it on mobile (both iPhone 4S and 5), Safari crashes…may you take a look? Thank you very much!

We will correct it and update it soon.

Please check on ios7.1 update.. works fine.. thank you..

Good job! GLWS :D

Thanks ThemeCafe

Hello. I’m interested in the template, but there seems to be a rather disturbing bug. The works gallery, sometimes, “shrinks” the pictures and it looks ugly, the only fix being to click on one of the filter buttons.

thank you very much for your interest.. I will update that..

Fixed.. thank you..

You’re welcome, and thank you too. Glad to see such a beautiful theme fixed. Well done. :)

I love this theme! but there´s a problem i cant seem to work out. the file custom.js doesnt seems to work correctly. if i delete the preloader on the html. the page loads fine but with no scrolling function. with the preloader it never stops loading the page. am i the only one who have this problem. on local it works fine but online it doesnt. thanks!

If you delete preloader from html file than you have to also comment or delete initialization script in script.js file for work correctly.

Hi, nice template but I found a little issue, the buyers/Birva-theme/blog-single.html file is missing. I tried to look at a single blog page and the file is missing, Thanks.

Hi.. thank you very much.. it is only a link to direct your blog details page..

Hi, Nice template and a sec ago I purchased it. After a test it seems that this template crash during scrolling on the Ipad (latest version air), I really hope you can take a look at this critical issue. Hope to hear from you soon!

Could you please provide me the IOS version ??

Hi, the IOS version is 7.1

Hi abmathasuriya, I was wondering this issue going to be fixed?

Nice Template but i cant make the contact form work, i upload the entire template only modifying the email on email.php file, but doesnt work…

i dont know the details, i upload all the files, only changing the email address on php files, but when i click to submit the form it doesnt do anything, if i attempt to go directly to the php file in the browser it sends the email, so the php works fine, but there´s an issue i think when i click on submit and call the php file…

Hi, elmamut

Sorry for late reply somehow busy with other things. ok please open validate.js file , in ajax call function i.e. $.ajax({ type: “POST”, url: “email.php”, data: str, success: function(msg){ In above code there is “url” property set to email.php file. in your code i think there is url=”../email.php” so please remove dots and simply give php file name.

let me know once done.

it works! thanks!

Hi, i am using Birva-theme Paralax. after opening google maps from the view location button, i wasn’t be able to close it, don’t see the close button. Should i consult an ophthalmologist ?


if you cant see the big white cross close button on right once map is open then there must be something wrong with your map.. thanks

Hi, I purchased this site nearly a month ago. Loved the site. Looks really nice and can be very easily customized. But I am facing a problem. Sometimes if we drag the page in horizontal direction, the page gets shifted to left hand side, disturbing the alignment which cannot be corrected later on. Below is the link for screenshot.


In the image, u can see that the page has shifted and background image is visible. Please have a look at this bug. Thanks

Thanks man. Works like a charm now.

Hello again,

The bug which I addressed earlier is still not resolved. I am seeing a much more worse bug.

Steps to reproduce the bug:

1) Scroll down where you have listed pricing section.

2) Select some text and without leaving your mouse try dragging the text towards the right hand side of the screen.


1) The whole page starts shifting towards the left hand side and after a point it disappears.

2) This behaviour is producible on chrome but not on mozilla firefox.

Please have a look at this bug at high priority.

set #portfolio-wrap class width to 100%. right now its 100.5%.

I have very big problem, I cannot remove the google maps section without messing up the entire website.How to fix this.Try it for yourself.

let me know your site url. i will check out

I’m trying to delete preloader and the google map. Could you help me. thanks…!!! :)

you can just remove div containing class preloader. and remove entire div containing class map . that’s it.

Hello I love this template but I have a problem. When I open in a new tab for example http://mydomain.com/index.html#pricing sometimes dont show the right section. Could you please help me.

we have problem with the menu in Ipad iphone , it disaparis, non tfixed, please help

pl send your site url i will check it out. Thanks

hi,can u please let me know how do i config email setting I am trying to submit form in .php files but it is not submitting there

Here is my code : <form role=”form” class=”contact-form” id=”contact-form” action=”sendmail.php”> <input type=”text” name=”name” placeholder=”Your Name” class=”form-control input-box” id=”name”> <input type=”email” name=”email” placeholder=”Your Email” class=”form-control input-box” id=”email”> <input type=”text” name=”subject” placeholder=”Subject” class=”form-control input-box” id=”subject”>

<textarea name=”message” class=”form-control textarea-box” placeholder=”Your Message” id=”message”></textarea> <!- IF MAIL SENT SUCCESSFULLY ->

Your message has been sent successfully.


E-mail must be valid and message must be longer than 1 character.

<button class=”btn btn-primary custom-button red-btn wow fadeInLeft animated” id=”submit” data-wow-offset=”30” data-wow-duration=”1.5s” data-wow-delay=”0.15s” type=”submit”>Send Message</button> </form>

Sendmail.php: <?php

// Email Submit

// Note: filter_var() requires PHP >= 5.2.0

if ( isset($_POST[‘email’]) && isset($_POST[‘name’]) && isset($_POST[‘subject’]) && isset($_POST[‘message’]) && filter_var($_POST[‘email’], FILTER_VALIDATE_EMAIL) ) {

// detect & prevent header injections
$test = "/(content-type|bcc:|cc:|to:)/i";
foreach ( $_POST as $key => $val ) {
if ( preg_match( $test, $val ) ) {
mail( "do_not_reply@jjjsolar.com", $_POST['subject'], $_POST['message'], "From:" . $_POST['email'] );
//            ^
//  Replace with your email



can you pl. send your site link.

i have solved problem