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Creative and very nice theme. Good luck Abmathasuriya :)

Thanks vickystudio

Very Nice Design, GLWS ;)

Thanks 4smart

Nice and Clean job, GLWS ;)

now i do like this ;)

ohh Thanks

nps …i just purchased another of your themes its smart ;)

Thanks yes it is.

Great theme, GLWS my friend :)

thanks minhanh

Hello, i tried to change the twitter tweets but the tweets never loads.. i changed /js/scripts.js the //twitter username ..

Is there anything i forget?

Also the email script doesn’t work…



I thinks its jquery plugin issue sometimes its not loads tweets anyways i will update it soon. pl provides your email address so that i will send you php script.


The words “i think” and “sometimes” does NOT exist in IT… I hope you do understand by saying those two words you sound untrustworthy…

Anyway, here’s my mail: webpanelman@gmail.com . Please solve this critical problem soon.

The contact form works now but the problem is that you did not send me the fix for the twitter plugin. Please send me that too, thank you.

If I were to purchase a license for this BIRVA Responsive Portfolio theme and purchased a license for your Responsive Multipurpose One Page HTML Theme, is there an easy way to use components from both themes for my site?

All themes are well documented and easy to edit.. you just need to edit and place all components where ever you require.. please let us know if you need any help after purchase.. thank you..

Hi, Im trying to figure out which element makes the main slideshow image move to the left when you scroll down?

parallax header background script contains in script.js file // Parallax Backgrounds $(window).scroll(function(){ var scrollAmount = -$(window).scrollTop()/2; $('#home-slider .slides li').css('background-position', scrollAmount); });

Awesome, thanks!

Having an issue with the Contact Form – when the submit button is clicked, after the form is filled in, it re-directs to a blank page. Is there an update I am missing?


please replace code in php file with below code.

//------------change address to xxx@yourdomainname ---------------------- $address= "contact@naiknikunj.me"; //----------------------------------------------------- //----------------------------------------------------- $name = $_POST["name"]; $bname = $_POST["business-name"]; $email = $_POST["email"]; $phone = $_POST["phone"]; $subject = "Mail subject..."; $message_content = strip_tags($_POST["enquiry"]); $headers = "From: $name <$email>\r\n"; $headers .= "Reply-To: $subject <$email>\r\n"; $message = "--$mime_boundary \r\n"; $message .= "You have an email from your web site: \r\n"; $message .= "Name: $name \r\n"; $message .= "Business: $bname \r\n"; $message .= "Email: $email \r\n"; $message .= "Phone: $phone \r\n"; $message .= "Subject: $subject \r\n"; $message .= "Message: $message_content \r\n"; $message .= "--$mime_boundary--\r\n"; $mail_sent = mail($address, $subject, $message, $headers); if($mail_sent) { echo "<script>alert('Success, mail sent!');history.go(-1);</script>"; } else { echo "<script>alert('Mail failed');history.go(-1)</script>"; }

Hello, thanks for this awesome theme. I bought it and I am wondering how can I change the icons in the section “About”?


You have to just replace icon name in tag. for further deail about icon you can refer following link.


Thanks! ;)

Have you already fixed the problem with the twitter script? Cause I’ve followed all the steps and I can’t still see them.

my front page isn’t displaying correctly in Chrome anymore, any ideas how to fix it? www.loopez.com

so I take it displays normally for you :) it was strange because the error is that the text that change would come all the way on top of the browser and be unreadable.. and the view site was over the menu. normally this would happen some times only, then I hit refresh on the browser and it would display correctly. For the last month this refresh routine didn’t work and it did never display correctly – now somehow it looks perfect again everytime both on my tablet (no video but I guess it thinks its mobile) and computer also displays perfect again.

I visit your site but am not found any issue as you said…

I am curious what the latest changes are? nothing updated in the changelog

Great theme I am really liking it, but is there any chance you can send me the SASS files? Or at a minimum, foundation settings?

The php for leaving a comment is not working for me. It seems as though the isset piece is not responding.

In the discussion page there is a contact form php code above, pl find it.