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awsome!!! a wordpress version would be nice ;-)

Thanks stscorer and maybe :-)

Great as Usual! Thanks

Thanks mwilson :-)

This is another great theme! Nice one.

Thanks louiejie :-)

Wordpress, wordpress, wordpress… Please!

Great work as always :)

Hey joefrey,

thank you very much mate, thank you :-)

Really hoping you do this as a Wordpress theme soon. I’ve been wanting something like this for a long while. Will it potentially become a Wordpress theme?

Should’ve used nivo slider instead. Wow slider has a fee for business use.

it is the business edition.

It appears that your wowslider does not work if I use the latest version of jQuery… v1.7.1. Do you have a solution for that? I suspect most will want to use the latest version of jQuery.


as long as the original author of this script is not updating the source, there is no fix for this. The Source code is obfuscated. What Issue are you experiencing ?

Best Regards UnitedThemes

I actually emailed wowslider.com and this is their reply and fix.

This problem will be fixed in the next version. Now you can try to do the following.

1) Put your Jquery 1.7.1 before WOWSlider head section and remove following line:

<script type=”text/javascript” src=”engine1/jquery.js”></script>

If WOWSlider stops working, try to use method 2.

2) Put your Jquery 1.7.1 before WOWSlider head section, add following code between your Jquery 1.7.1 and WOWSlider head section:

<script type="text/javascript">

If problem persists, please send us a direct link to your website, so we can check it.

Hi, great Template!

In IE 9 is not the feedback button appears at the left margin. He is in the content area and covers the main menu. Is there a hack?



I just bought your template for a client but I read in documentation that IE7 is not supported. That’s make me afraid. What do you mean by not supported? What will be wrong?

Best Regards

The theme seems to work great – but I can’t seem to be able to slow down the wowslider – I want to increase the time between photos – please help…



thanks for purchasing, please jump in the forum for help thanks!

Thanks for the reply – are you talking about the UnitedThemes forum? I searched there for information on changing the delay of the Wow Slider and could not find anything… I would appreciate any advice…. thanks.

yes of course our support forum!

Hi United Themes,

Before i purchase your template can you tell me how it will look in IE7 . Will it be functional at all?

Fantastic template, very well documented, and the support forum is excellent :)

5 stars


thanks for your kind words and the rating, much appreciated!


Any chance of a responsive version of this theme?


unfortunately not. And we do not have any plans to convert it.

Best Regards UT

What happened to the Strange Theme????


strange has been dropped and is not supported anymore.