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HI, Just bought this awesome theme! Love it But is it possible to link articles by clicking the hoverContainer image instead next or previous action?

Yes, only link in the way it is now. Unless you edit layout (php code inside template files)

How good are you with php?


I’ve been trying to edit the php file in mod_myisotope and slide-portfolio.php in mod_lastworks didn’t work out :( wish you could help

I’m afraid that customization is beyond of our support scope.

If you want us to make the customization a small fee will be required.



great template ! It is possible to hide module for mobile (for one page version) ?


Hi agencewebbretagne,

Not by default but you can add your custom CSS code to hide in small devices by using media queries and then assign that same class as Module class suffix.

How good are you with CSS?


Hi. I tried to change my menu like you shows in this link http://themeforest.net/item/bismuth-all-in-one-responsive-joomla-template/4741591/faqs/16678

But I must have pasted the code somewhere wrong. Now my website is “gone” http://yoyoga.dk/

How can I fix it? and where do I put the code so the menu shows?

Hi Gehrcke,

:) Is possible have an screenshot of your site from your iphone? Here looks good.


I think its the Headers there is to big. Website yoyoga.dk http://yoyoga.dk/images/sd1.PNG http://yoyoga.dk/images/sd2.PNG

Hi Gehrcke,

Did you resized the images to use the same demo image sizes? By the way, which iPhone version and browser are you using?

I suggest clear the cache of your phone/browser after the update and see if makes any difference.


Hi, I recently bought this template and I’m really satisfied. But I have a problem – when I created new mainmenu item (External URL with Link #section-test) I cannot see position “test” in module menu. But, on the page I can see this message “You must set at least a module in the position test”. So maybe the position is already created but not in positions menu. Can you help me? Thank you.

Hi i-c-k-o,

How this web looks in your device? http://www.htmgarcia.com/themes/bismuth/

Looking forward to help you


Your demo page is working in my device well. I want to have it same on my page :) Thank you

You can use a quickstart package that includes Joomla + extensions + template + demo content. That will do the trick.

More details in the documentation/index.html file inside the zip file you downloaded from Themeforest – there we explain the step by step guide how setup the template.



I just finished setting up the template. But even if i change the mail to my email address , i can not receive mails from the contact form. Apart from this everything it’s rellay nice.

Hi AlexHB,

I replied your email asking for more details. Please take a look to our email and reply back there to track better your situation.



I would like to ask you if is possible after get in to portfolio section, set showing last gallery (content in category), not all as is now. The template is under JOOMLA 2.5.

Kind regards,

Tomas Stransky

Hi Tomas,

The template is for Joomla 3.x too. I don’t follow your first question. Could you be more specific please?

Kind regards, Valentín

please I can not install (I.e. vg-template-quickstart-x.x.x-RECOMMENDED.zip) get this message

Deprecated: iconv_set_encoding (): Use of iconv.internal_encoding is deprecated in /home1/ladobpe/public_html/condominioscusco/libraries/joomla/string/string.php on line 27

Deprecated: iconv_set_encoding (): Use of iconv.input_encoding is deprecated in /home1/ladobpe/public_html/condominioscusco/libraries/joomla/string/string.php on line 28

Deprecated: iconv_set_encoding (): Use of iconv.output_encoding is deprecated in /home1/ladobpe/public_html/condominioscusco/libraries/joomla/string/string.php on line 29

please I can respond

please I can not install (I.e. vg-template-quickstart-x.x.x-RECOMMENDED.zip) get this message

Hi wilberbarrios,

Are you installing the template in a new site or an existing one? Depending on the case, is the file to use.

Please consider reading the documentation/index.html file inside the zip file you downloaded from Themeforest – there we explain the step by step guide how setup the template, including which file to install.

Hi! In the My Pricing section, Is there a way to change the default “per month” that shows up in the table? I’d like to make it go away or be able to change the output.

How can I do this?

Thank You so much for your time!!

Hi once again, I am having same issue on mobile device.

Text and context is narrow and aligned to the left.

Can You please help me fix this?


machi84 Purchased

How do I add another currency to the pricing table? How can I translate the contact form? Thanks

Hi machi84, you can do it with language overrides. Are you familiar with the topic?